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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wipe Out


Have any of you watched this crazy show called Wipe Out?  It is so silly, but what a way to forget your troubles for an hour.  People will do almost anything if they think they might make a couple of bucks.


Today we have spent the day doing chores.  I made more ice, changed the bed and washed all the laundry.  Donnie fixed the front license plate on the truck.  I forgot to mention I tore it off yesterday up in the mountains.  It looked like a good place to turn around, but wasn’t.  I kind of hit a rock, and popped the plate right off.  He put it back on with bolts, so it won’t pop off again.


When we came back through Buffalo, Wyoming yesterday, we stopped and filled the truck up with diesel.  It was $2.73 a gallon there and is $2.95  a gallon here in Sheridan.  That is 22 cents difference, and just 30 miles apart.  How do they get away with charging so much?  Looks like right now they would be trying to help people, not put them further in poverty.


My brother went back to his surgeon yesterday to get his staples removed.  The Doctor said everything was good and released him, but the Nursing home Doctor thinks he will benefit from staying with them for 1 more week.  I guess it is good that they are concerned about him, and want him to be in tip-top shape before sending him home.


I printed out some menus for my Best Buddy today, and tried to mail them to her.  I was over an hour trying to find the Post Office.  Hate to admit that, but it’s true.  Men are supposed to be the ones that don’t ask for directions, but I had my Irish  up and was bound and determined I would find that Post Office.  I finally gave up and went to Wendy’s to pick us up a couple of Spicy Chicken salads for lunch, and asked the little girl where the Post Office was.  She directed me right to it.  Sometimes its hard being Irish…


I have a couple more sculptures from downtown Sheridan that I will share with you.  The first is my favorite.










Not much going on around here today.  It was in the low 40’s when we got up, but has warmed up to the 80’s this afternoon.


I have been doing a little research on the Black Hills National Forest.  When we leave here, we will stay there for a couple of days and want to do a little exploring.  We will be staying at a small park between Sturgis and Rapid City, South Dakota.


Stay safe….


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

I know what you mean about being Irish my mother's last name was Flanagan,We are kinda stubborn.

Gypsy said...

Those sculptures are priceless, especially "Granny's Garden".

Sarah said...

Wipeout is my very guilty pleasure. I watch it online via their YouTube channel, and I cannot help but laugh out loud several times per episode.

Regarding gas prices - There are places in Georgia, around hwy 520, I believe, where there won't be a gas station for 40 miles, then the first one you see charges almost 50 cents more PER GALLON than the next gas station, which is a few miles down the road. It disgusted me to witness that. Rule of thumb in that situation: if there are cars parked out front but none at the pumps -- drive on!

Roadrunner said...

The Black Hills are great, maybe you will find some "gold"

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

I think mmy wife Donna is part Irish, she is relentless and will never give up. Be safe out there.Sam & Donna.