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Sunday, January 30, 2011

San Antonio Flea Markets


Five of us left the camp at 8:00am yesterday morning, for what we thought would be a fun day of flea markets.  It was a lot of fun being with all of them, but these sure weren’t flea markets.  We went to two, The Highway 90 flea market, and a new one that is called The Village Trader or something like that.  They were both full of nothing but new stuff, and little cheap items.  No antiques, or glass ware, or sewing supplies.  Nothing that I am used to buying at a flea market.  Al, Marolyn, Nancy, Paul and myself went.  I think Al bought a sling shot, all the guys here at the camp like to mess with.  Paul bought a gun, and a few strips of rawhide.  I don’t think Marolyn or Nancy bought anything.  All I bought was a couple of t-shirts for me and Donnie.  There wasn’t even any really good food like is usually served at these places.  Al and Marolyn both had a Funnel cake, Nancy had an ice cream cone, and I had a corndog.  We had a really good time though, and that is why we went.  There is another smaller flea market in Bandera on the first and third Saturday of every month, so we may go over and hit that one and grab a bite to eat.


We did find a couple of Antique shops and little second hand shops on the way home.  I found 4 little Carnival glass bottles for my Best Buddy, and Paul bought me a Texas sized bag of oranges for driving yesterday.  Al got his knife sharpened at one of the places we stopped; it wasn’t a complete waste of our time. I got a shot of the beautiful merry go-round at the last big flea market we were at and want to share it with you.


It was right in the middle of the flea market, as were other kid’s rides.  There were picnic areas all around the area too.  It was crowded so, I guess some people like these types of things, but just not my definition of a flea market.

On the way home we saw a very big grass fire.  The traffic was actually stopped on the East bound lane of 90, our side was open so, we skedaddled on through.  The smoke was just unbelievable.  Later in the evening, I heard on the news, that a lady had been burning trash and had started the fire.  There was a no-burn ban so, now she will not only have to pay a large fine, but for all damage and even for all the fire departments that were called.  There were 8 called so , she is looking at a big chunk of change.

This morning we put Rusty in the truck and went and hunted down some fire wood.  I have been wanting a campfire, and have really been craving some smores.  We also have a pack of hotdogs that are just begging to be roasted.  We haven’t had a campfire this year and I am really looking forward to it.

Tonight is game night so, the campfire will have to wait.  Also, another big cold front is coming and they say it won’t get over 40* for a couple of days.  We will wait till we get another warm spell for our campfire.  The guy in Leakey we bought the wood from usually has a truck-load of fire wood parked along the street, and you can just buy what you want.  We got enough for several campfires for $20.00.

I have a couple more shots of Rusty to share with you.  He turned 4 months old yesterday so, I really don’t think he is going to be very big.  We have spent oodles of dollars on toys for this puppy and he still carries sticks home to play with.  He will play fetch with us, but he mostly likes his sticks.  He also carries bones home, not to chew on, but to bury.  What a dog!!!


In this picture he was trying to help Donnie with making his lead a little longer.  We put him on a lead outside when the days are pretty, and he loves it.  He loves to watch the other dogs that go by.  This morning a big old dog broke loose from his owner and tried to attack Rusty.  Luckily I was right there and got Rusty back before he could get hurt.  The man that owned the dog was really sorry but, I know it wasn’t intentional. 


From now on I am going to save my $’s and just get him sticks to play with.  Catch you later…. :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Out With Nancy


Tuesday was the day I picked to introduce Nancy to geo-caching.  She took to it like a duck takes to water.  She jumped right in and started helping me find them.  We found 8 out of 10, so, we had a great day.  It was 65*, the sun was shining, you couldn’t have asked for a better day.  I have a couple of pictures to share with you.



I must explain that we did invite the fellows to go with us, but Nancy’s husband, Paul, and her son were in a very serious tractor verses car accident a couple of years ago, and Paul still suffers from back pain.  He had an appointment with the Doctor that adjusts your back.  The name of the Doctor that does this escapes my mind. (another senior moment)  Donnie has also been having trouble with his knees.  Rusty tripped him the other day and he fell right on his knees, and I think they are probably bruised really bad.  It was on the blacktop and that is pretty hard to go down on.


Speaking of Rusty, he is still doing very well in the potty department, but not so well in the minding.  I know I can be a little too anal retentive but, I try to be more patient with him.  All the dog-owners, here at the park, tell me to just give him time, that he is still very much a puppy but, I swear he is deaf.  He doesn’t bite me though!!  I have stopped that;  he has Donnie chewed up all the time.

Welcome to my newest follower, Erik’s RV Blog.  I look forward to reading his blog and seeing what it is all about.  Hope you enjoy the ride along with us.

I have a couple of pictures of the kids I want to share with you.  The first is of my 2 good looking Grandsons, and my adorable Great Grandson.  Grandma is very proud of all of you.


The next is of my nephew, TJ and his beautiful family.  Susan, and the 2 girls, Kayley and Hannah.  I think I spelled one of the girls names wrong, but I think they will forgive me.


I have a couple of problems with writing my blog.  I am sure they are probably simple to fix, but not for me.  The first is setting my type to a certain text, size and so forth.  I have  favorites I like to use all the time, but every time I add a picture, or save my blog, it goes back to what ever.  Can someone help me with this?

The second problem I have is with the watermark.  The very first time I used it I must have hit something, because that watermark appears on every picture I post, so, I have to go in and delete it, then add what I want.  I prefer to do like others and just have them have my blog name permanently, but just can’t figure out how to do this. Can someone help?  I am so computer challenged sometimes… :)

Yesterday was Jam Session day.  There were eight musicians that showed up.  They added a man that plays all kinds of harmonicas.  It really gave the music a better sound. It’s a lot of fun, and several of the campers got up and sang yesterday.  Frank, Carolyn, Bonnie, and Bill all showed their hidden talents.  Bonnie’s Mother, Betty also joined in on a song.  We had a great time, and during the break we all had snacks and a drink.  Winnie brought some fabulous brownies made with cream cheese.  I have a couple of shots I will share with you.




There is always lots of fellowship at these gatherings.  Mostly they sing funny songs, with a few sentimental ones thrown in, and lots of Gospel.  That seems to be the number one favorite.  Frank and Carolyn do a Patriotic song that always brings everyone to their feet.  It is beautiful.

Tomorrow a bunch of us are heading up to San Antonio to a very large flea market.  I think we will have a great day and I will let you all know how it goes.  The nights have been very cool, but the days are perfect for walking around a flea market.  It has been in the high 60’s or low 70’s every day.

That’s it for now, all you folks up north stay warm, and all you folks way down south stay cool.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Cancer Treatments


Just want to make a short post today.  In my comments yesterday I received a message from my good friend Judy in Alabama.  She has cancer and is taking cancer treatments.  Her and her Hubby would like to travel more, but are concerned about her health issues.  What I need from you is some answers.  She wants to know if anyone out there has received treatments while on the road, or away from home while traveling?  I shared my experience with my brother, Uncle Boone, that we had in Louisiana last year, but would really like to be able to share more options with her.  So, if you know someone, or have gone through this yourself, please comment here, and I will share the information with her.  Thank you so much.

We played games on Saturday night and again last night.  Part of us played Jokers and Pegs, and part of us played Golf, the card game.  We love playing Mexican Train also, but decided on the other games.  One problem everyone seems to have with the Mexican Train Domino game, is that you only get 4 trains in with a set, but up to 8 people can play at a time, so I got on line and hunted down some more trains.  I found them on Amazon if anyone is interested.  I ordered 30 because some of the other girls wanted some too.  I think they had plenty of them though.

I talked to several people this morning by phone.  I first talked to my girlfriend, Bertie.  I hadn’t talked to her since my brother passed, so we had a lot of catching up to do.  We always try to do something with Bertie and Earl when we are home.  Our favorite is going to flea markets and going out to eat.  I have a picture of Bertie to share with you of her visiting her kids and Grandkids in Florida.


Like all of us, she has been trying to lose weight, and has actually lost 10 pounds since the third.  The sad part is, I found it. :)


I also talked to my best Buddy, Willie at home.  I wanted to make sure my Girl Scout Cookie order was received, and we had some tax stuff to talk about, but she and I can talk for hours about nothing…. :)

I also talked to my SIL out in California.  She is also taking treatments for breast cancer, but fortunately it is the very slow growing type, and she only has to take meds. to control it, but she is 75 and the meds. are very hard on her.  She is also a severe asthmatic and is on several meds. for that.  We mainly were discussing the Winter family get together at home this summer.  It promises to be lots of fun.  There will only be one day with all the family there, the rest of the time there will just be a few of us, and they have plans for Santa Claus Land, Canoeing, cave touring, and lots of campfires down by the lake.  We will participate in the campfires, but will leave the rest to the ones that still have small kids.

Catch you later… :) 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Breakfast Potluck


I know I have fallen down on my blogging, but as Sue says on her blog, I just haven’t felt like we have been doing anything that was blog worthy.  We have been shopping a couple of times, and we did do a little geo-caching.  The geo-caches in Texas are a little more challenging for us old folks, so there aren’t a whole lot of them that we feel safe looking for.  We did find 3 so, I will share some photos I took of the areas.





The last one was in front of this very nice Park and picnic area in Camp Wood, Texas.

When we were in Wyoming this summer, a very nice gentleman knocked on our door and said he was a reader.  His name is Nick, and I remember he said he and his wife live in Casper, Wyoming.  Nick, if you are still reading my blog, please contact me.  I would love to know how you and your wife’s plans are coming along for full-timing. If you go to the top left-hand corner of my blog you will see about me, go to the bottom of that and click on view my complete profile, and you can contact me that way.  Looking forward to hearing how your plans are coming along..

Mac, wanted you to know I ordered one of the WiFi amplifiers you told me about.  I run in to weak signals sometimes, and I hope this will solve my problems.  I read the reviews, and with what you told me, I think it should be just what I need to solve that problem.  Again thanks!

If anyone out there can help with this question, I sure would appreciate it.  If I move my followers to the top of my blog, does that mean I will be losing my header picture or making it smaller?  I wish I had the guts to just go ahead and try some of these things, but I am so afraid of screwing everything up.

Thanks for all the answers to my going crazy question.  I was glad to hear other people leave their TVs or radios on for their dogs too.  He goes with us most of the time, but when we are going out to eat, or one of us can’t stay in the truck with him, we leave him at home.

This morning was our potluck breakfast so, I was up at 6:00am frying bacon.  There was so much good food you wouldn’t believe.  We had at least 3 different kinds of breakfast casseroles, bacon, spam, ham, sausage, sweet rolls, strawberries mixed with blackberries, biscuits and gravy, and that’s all I can remember.  Of course there was coffee and several juices to choose from.  There were probably about 40 people that came.  Yes, spam… I hadn’t eaten any of that in years.  It still tastes good…. :)



After finishing with breakfast, five of us girls went in to Leakey to do a little shopping.  There was Winnie, Darla, Elisabeth, Nancy and myself.  We hit all the Antique shops and second hand stores.  We had a great time, but agreed, if they want us older gals to come shop in their stores they need to have public restrooms. :(

We are playing games again tonight at the clubhouse.  We are scheduled to play tomorrow night too, but I could play almost every night.  I have only turned down one time since Christmas, and then because the cedar dust/pollen had gotten me down. Some days it is a lot worse than other days.

We have sure had our share of cool weather and high winds down here this year.  We are all talking about maybe going to a different place next year, but it is still in the talking stage.  We are all retired so, nothing we decide is written in stone.

I made a pot of potato soup yesterday, and think I will stick it on again for tonight.  That way I won’t have so much mess to clean up before we go play games.  Gotta run.  Later… :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lost Maples Café

I had forgotten about one of the ladies, here at the Park, teaching us to make our own noodles, and set up a lunch with Mac and Dianna  today.  Mac reads my blog and I read his.  He emailed a couple of days ago and wanted to meet, and we always love meeting our readers, and fellow bloggers.  We met these great people at noon, over in Utopia, Texas at the Lost Maples Café.   Mac is retired, but Dianna is still working, but they hope to be full-timers soon.  They have a beautiful big Motorhome so they have that part taken care of, but still have other ducks to get in a row before they can begin their adventure full-time.  We had a lot of great conversation, laughs, and some good food.  We hope to run into these fine people again.

This little restaurant is very old fashioned.  Not a big posh place, but you can tell the food is very good because it is always busy.  We had eaten here once before with Joy and Jack a couple of years ago. Thanks Mac and Dianna for suggesting this meeting..


On the way home we ran across another Armadillo.  I love watching these guys.  They don’t seem to be afraid of us at all, so I was able to get a couple of shots of him/her.

While talking to Mac and Dianna, Mac mentioned some of the big trees here in Texas, especially one on the Texas coast that is over a thousand years old, and marveled at the fact that it hadn’t been destroyed in any of the hurricanes that hit the coast.  This is a miracle in itself.  That made me think of the large tree in Rio Frio, so thought I would share a picture of it, and a little history about it.

I am still amazed every time we pass this tree.

Want to welcome my new followers to the blog.  Jeff and Sheryl are first, then Brian and Marla, last is Kathy and Robert.  They all have their own blogs, and I find them all very interesting.  Just click on their names and you can check them out too.  Welcome aboard  all, and hope you enjoy the ride.

I spent yesterday morning cleaning, and then in the afternoon we had to go back to Uvalde to pick up the rest of my heart meds.   It went pretty well yesterday, but when I got home I noticed they had my refills all screwed up, so I called them right away and got it straightened out. I got a little bit of an argument, but then they realized their mistake and corrected it.  THANK GOD!!

Do you all think I have gone a little over the top?  I have started leaving the TV on for Rusty when we have to be gone for a while.  Yes, I know he isn’t human, but it seems to me that it keeps him company when we have to be gone from him.  I would love to know your opinion's on this, or am I just dealing without a full deck?


I want to take this opportunity to invite any of my readers or fellow bloggers, who may be in our area, to let us know and we would love to meet you.  We can meet you half way or whatever works best for you.  Just send us an email and we will get together.

That’s it for today.  Later… :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Boomers


A friend here at the Park, Winnie just turned 65 yesterday.  Happy Birthday Winnie!!!  She is just from January to April older than me.  Nancy, another friend here at the Park is also 65, so there are oodles and gobs of us Boomers everywhere.  According to the news, millions of us will be retiring this year.  I got a news flash for you, a lot of us have been retired for quite a while now.  Donnie was able to retire at 60, and we were able for me to retire at that time too.  We aren’t rich by any means, but if you watch what you spend, or don’t spend, it isn’t hard to make it out here.  Some of the bloggers I read, go to these big expensive places to stay, and I am not finding fault with that.  I am glad they are able to do it, but we can get along just fine with our “not so perfect” RV camps.  Mostly if they are clean, friendly, and on the cheaper side, we do just fine.


Last night was game night again, and this week we went.  I love game nights, and wouldn’t have missed last week, if the Colt’s hadn’t been playing in the playoffs.   We played the card game golf, then they talked us into staying and playing an extra game of Mexican Train.  We found out last night that there are several versions of Mexican train, so we may play a different one next time.  Another table was playing Jokers and pegs.  We had pool players, and of course people watching the Steelers and Ravens.  Here are a couple of pictures I took last night.


I was sitting next to Donnie, then Nancy, gone somewhere, then Al, Frank( our resident Minister), Marilyn, Dave, and Paul.  This was our golf game.


This is the version we were  playing last night, but some of the guys were talking about having other trains running around the outside of the straight trains in a circle or even 2 circles.  What we have been playing is fun, but I would like to try the other game too.


I think Donnie is looking much too serious in this picture.  In the background is Linda in the orange shirt, Bob on her left, Eva across from her, Wayne not shown, Walt not shown and Winnie, the Birthday girl.  Playing pool is Mike and his sister, Crystal.  There were all kinds of snacks too, but I forgot to take a picture of those.


Bill, in front, is from Michigan, and Nancy and Paul are from Minnesota.  Bill is the one that told us about the big flea market up by San Antonio.  I am hoping we can get a bunch to go up there one week end.  No one really needs anything, we just like going, eating out, and all being together.  Nancy and Paul also ride Harley’s, and they both brought their bykes with them.  I was always afraid to drive one , but Nancy tells me there is nothing to it.  She says the only bad part is when Paul goes so fast she can’t, or won’t, keep up with him.


By reading Judy’s blog, I found out what the big black buzzard-looking birds are that I have been seeing everywhere down here.  I knew they weren’t like our buzzards at home, so glad to find out what they are. They have white markings on them and she called them caracara birds.  Thanks Judy.


Want to welcome my 2 newest followers, Kenny and Kenny Wilkes.  Isn’t that neat that they both are named Kenny?  I could not find a site for either of you, so if you have one, please contact me and I will post it.  Hope you enjoy the ride along with us.

I have been getting so many birds at my feeders lately.  I got a picture of what I think is a House Finch, but if it isn’t I think Judy will let me know.  It really has a lot of red on it.  First time I have seen one this colorful.


Gonna run and get this posted.  Later… :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rain, Rain, and More Rain


It has been nasty, rainy, and on the whole just very gray and bleak.  Very cold too.  Makes you want to just either get in bed. or in your recliner and just sleep these dull days away.  But, life goes on, at a very slow pace though.


I am so sick of Wal*Mart… We went in the other day to get our prescriptions filled, and were told it would be at least 2 hours, so I said I would be back the next day.  Keep in mind, every trip to Uvalde is 30 miles each way.  We did go back the next day, and you guessed it, they still weren’t filled, so we decided instead of making another long trip, we would just wait.  The clerk assured me it would be no more than 10 minutes.  One hour and a half later we finally got our pills, and I was shorted.  I went ahead and took what they had, but that will mean another trip back on Monday.  We probably will need a few groceries by then, but it is just the idea that they never do what they say they will do.  Why do I stay with them?  Because they are everywhere, and not all drug stores or groceries are.  I don’t have insurance for drugs, so I take advantage of the $4.00 generic program they have.  Nuff said…. :(


We did finally stop at a little road-side Taco place on the way home and got a couple of breakfast burritos.  They were filled with eggs, potatoes and refried beans.  They were really good.  It is just a little hole in the wall, but I will share a picture with you.


The highlight of the trip that day was when I saw a Road Runner, but I just can’t seem to get a picture of one.  I have tried many times, and failed each time.

I have to share this picture of my cousin with you.  I stole it off of face book.  Hope she doesn’t mind.  She is a very big Colt’s fan, so thought this was cute.  She has a whole room devoted to the Colt’s in her house.


Sam, of the 5th wheel vagabonds, put up some pictures from the past a week or so ago, and it reminded me of a picture of our dog, Cujo that I wanted to share with you.  The beautiful black Police Dog is my sister and Brother in Law,s dog, Izzy.  Cujo now lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with our son Jay, and loves it there very much.


Want to welcome my newest follower, Lake Conroe Penny TX.  I find her site one of the most informative that I read.  I always look forward to her posts.  Thanks for following mine Penny.  In case I haven’t told you for a while, if you click on the different colored words or phrases, it will take you to a site.

Want to share a Christmas picture of my daughter, Shannon with you.  She is so beautiful, and the best kid in the world.  I love you Shanny, and thanks for the beautiful card.


On our walks with Rusty we often talk to different people in the Park.  A couple of days ago Don talked to an old guy that is very familiar with the area, and they were talking about places to go and eat.  So, when Don got home he was all worked up about this place over in Sabinal.  Now if you remember, we just found a place to eat breakfast last week, but he insisted that we try this place out, so that is what we did this morning.  It is a small place, right outside of Sabinal, Texas.  It is a BBQ place to be exact, but they serve breakfast, so in we went.  It was really good, and the little lady waiting on us was very fast.  It was really cheap too, so now we have two places to choose from.


I realize those aren’t the best pictures in the world, but it gives you an idea of what it looked like.  We were only there a couple of minutes, when all of  these tables filled up.  That always speaks highly of a place.

Tonight is game night at the club house, so we will be going over about 6:00.  I want to leave you with one more picture of a crossing on the Frio River, over by the Concan Golf Club.  Very unusual to say the least… :)


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Camp Verde, Texas


Want to start today by welcoming my newest followers, Craig and Sue. They are full time wanna be RVer’s.  Check out their site.

We took a little trip over to Camp Verde, Texas yesterday.  I love wooden nickels for geo-caching trades, and was able to get some there at the General Store a couple of years ago.  The bad part is they don’t want to charge me for them; they give them to customers, so I left them a large tip.  The drive to and from is beautiful.  We took HWY 337 east out of Leakey, then hit 16 for a bit, then on to 2828, and lastly, on 173 to the General Store.

008 Stitch

History in a Pecan Shell

The post was opened in 1855 on the banks of the scenic Verde Creek.  It is most famous for the experiment with camels that was the brainchild of U. S. Secretary of War Jefferson Davis.  It wasn’t a bad idea considering the climate and terrain of the San Antonio to El Paso road. In fact, it would’ve succeeded, had it not been for one unforeseen factor-other animals panicked when they smelled the scent of the camels.


The general store opened in 1857 and served the soldiers of the Camp.  The store’s owner was mostly only open the few days immediately following payday.  The post office opened in 1887-long after the war. 

Today the store is picturesque in it’s solitude, but has lost some of its quiet dignity with all the signs and banners.  There’s a nice roadside park facing the store on Verde Creek.

004 Stitch


The camp was captured by Confederate forces in February of 1861.  They inherited the camels and a few Egyptian handlers and put them to work hauling cotton to Mexico to trade to the British for much needed supplies.  The camels multiplied and reportedly were sold to a circus.  Actually, they were dispersed to many circuses, a few zoos, and two men from Bastrop County even employed them in another failed venture to haul mail to Mexico City.

Nearby was a canyon that was used as a makeshift Prisoner of War Camp for nearly 600 Union prisoners in the early part of the war.  The post was totally abandoned in 1869, although a Company of Texas Rangers used the remains of the fort as a campground for some time.

Camp Verde was also the post for the Confederates responsible for the lynching of 8 men near the Camp in 1862. (This info taken from the Camp Verde, Texas site).

Today we had to get up very early to get Rusty in for his last shot.  We were amazed when they told us he had gained another whopping 3.5 pounds.  Our little boy isn’t so little anymore at 11.6 pounds.  He is going on 4 months old, and they said he is right on track to where he needs to be.  He sure was hyper today, but not in the truck.  He loves riding and usually settles right down.  He has also been trying to dominate us, and the Vet says we need to get a handle on it now, before he gets so large that we can’t handle him.

Want to let the family know that Shannon called and said Mark, her husband, had come through his heart test just fine.  They did find some minor blockage, but it can be treated with medicine.  Thank God.  There is a lot of heart problems in his family, so glad he had this done.  I spoke to him for just a minute, and he sounded fine.

Not much going on around here.  It is very cold, so everyone is pretty much staying inside.  Nancy brought us some movies down yesterday, so we will probably just watch movies today.  I thought about working a puzzle, but will wait on that.  I do have several that I haven’t worked that my cousin Bessie gave me.

Haven’t heard from my cousin Charlotte in a while.  I was hoping she might get to come down this winter, but don’t know if she will make it.  I miss all of you guys in Indy.

Gonna get this posted.  Catch you later…

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ofelia’s Mexican Restaurant


We started out on Saturday morning with breakfast at Ofelia’s.  We had eaten here before with our friends Cathy and Louie, but they didn’t make it back to Texas this year.  The food is excellent here, and the best service in Uvalde.  They took our order and within 15 minutes, we had hot food, cooked the way we asked for it, and nothing but smiles on our waitresses face.  So, we have found our breakfast place.  Plus they gave me a magnetic calendar.


After finishing breakfast, we had to go to Wal*Mart to pick up a few grocery items and some more Puppy Chow.  Our young Rusty is up to a couple of cups a day.  I am anxious to see how much weight he has gained in the last couple of weeks.  We take him in Wednesday for his last booster shots.

Later in the evening I watched my Colts get beat, but it was a very good game and they went farther than  what I thought was possible.  After all, a lot of their best players were on the bench with injuries.  There is always next year.

Want to welcome my newest follower, Vermily.  Check out his site, he has a lot to offer.  A teacher and photographer.

Just to do a little bragging here, I love my new purse.  It is just the right size to hold all my crap that I think I have to carry with me.  I mentioned I got it on sale, and I did.  It was just slightly over $40.00, so think I did pretty good on a leather purse.  It is made by Country Roads.  Here is a picture of it.  In case you can’t tell, it is dark brown.


Yesterday we had an early breakfast and then headed out to do some geo-caching  in the area.  I had 4 on our list, and we found 3, so it was a  pretty good day.  The first 2 were very cute.  They had hid very large candy canes in cedar/Christmas trees.  Very unique..  The last was at a Cemetery, Jones Cemetery.  I will add a  couple of pictures from  the last.




The one we didn’t find was in Garner State Park.  I had forgotten it was closed this week for some kind of hunting thing.  Every road in was blocked off.


I had packed us a lunch and had put in some Puppy Chow and  water for Rusty.  He really loved all the walking and got really upset when I walked away from him.  Do you think he is spoiled or what?

That’s it for today.  Just getting laundry caught up and a few domestic duties done.

Please,  pray for the people in Arizona.

P.S.  I will not be using that text again.  Sorry….

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sabinal, Texas


Tuesday a few of us girls got together at the club house and had a short cooking class.  Pam, one of the ladies in the office, here at the RV park, is writing a cook book, or rather collecting recipes for an RV Camp cookbook.  Some of the recipes come from the patrons of the park, and some from Pam and her family.  Anyway, she had a recipe for Spanish rice, and thought we would like to try it.  It was a little spicier than what I make, but was very good.  I think in a couple of weeks we are going to make home-made noodles.


Wednesday night we had another pot luck and game night.  There were so many good dishes.  I ended up making banana pudding, which always goes well, but we had 3 different kinds of potatoes, lots of meat dishes, several sides, and too many deserts.   Nancy made a very good dish with corn, beans, tomatoes and home made beef wieners.  It was a very good throw together dish.

Donnie has gone over to the club house a few times in the mornings.  The guys all meet over there for coffee and chit-chat.  Yesterday some body brought biscuits and gravy, and Donnie naturally had to try them, even though he had just eaten breakfast here. 

A couple of days ago when we were driving back from Leakey, I spotted a bunch of deer eating at one of the baiting stations.  The stations are everywhere down here.  I still don’t understand the sporting aspect of bringing animals in, or baiting them in, then shooting them.  Doesn’t seem very sporting to me, but that is just me.  I took a couple of pictures of them.



We took Rusty out on highway 337, going toward Camp Cook.  Some one here at the park told us that you could go up there and let your dog run loose.  We found the spot, but were afraid to let him go.  He will come to us, but there were lots of trees and lots of drop-offs, so I am thinking not a good spot for puppies.  Maybe when he is older.

Yesterday we had live music had the Club house.  Three guys from the area come in once a week and play and sing.  Some of the campers get up and sing also.  Frank and his wife, Carolyn sang a lot.  Both are very good.  They did one where Carolyn sang America The Beautiful, and Frank read the Pledge of Allegiance, as said by a prisoner of war.  It was breath-taking.

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This morning Nancy and I went over to Sabinal.  We found 4 Antique/flea market type places.  I got a very nice leather purse, which I needed, at 15% off, and a very cute little boot magnet that is also a note minder.  I have been looking for a purse for over a year, and had to come to Texas to find one.  Nancy also got one of the little boot magnet/note minders and a key chain.  She also got some pants at a consignment shop, and I found some Nora Roberts books at the Humane Society thrift shop.  We stopped and got a burger and fries for lunch and then headed on home.

Sorry it has been a while since I posted.  Having lots of fun, and not even getting on line some days.  I will try to do better though.  Stay safe all you travelers.