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Monday, August 16, 2010

Got A Hair Cut


I know this is childish, but I was afraid to go get my hair cut at Wal*Mart.  All for naught.  I love it!!  Robin, the lady that cut my hair, is really good.  I guess getting your hair cut out here in the full-timing world is just a crap shoot.  Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.  She was also a font of information on all things Nebraska.  She was born and raised there, and when she found out we are going back East, she recommended the Harlan County Reservoir.  She says the camping there for RV’s is spectacular.  Is anyone familiar with this place?


I talked to Uncle Boone this morning and he is really doing a lot better than they expected him to do.  They told him yesterday that he will probably go home in a week or 10 days.  They basically just want to know he can still do all of his little household chores that he normally does.  He does his own cleaning, washing, etc.  So that was the best news I have had in a long time.  They did send him to the hospital this morning for a couple of units of blood.  When the nursing home checked his count, they said it came back at 7.7, but when he got to the hospital it was still at 9.1, so he didn’t need any after all.


We did get to see the Bronco’s game last night, but didn’t get to see the Colt’s game at all.  They are just preseason games, so no big deal.  Our Chili really hit the spot though.


Had to make more ice today.  Our ice maker, in the RV fridge, froze and busted last year in Indiana, so we bought one that sits on the counter, and every few days I make another batch and stick it in the freezer.  We bought a new part for the ice maker, but never could get it to work again.


I am starting to hate Wal*Mart again.  I went in to pick up our medicine and to get a haircut, and spent $148.00 before I got out of there.  Granted, $80.00 was for our medicine, but the rest was just food.  Fruit mostly.  How do they get away with charging so much?  I guess we could have gone to Safeway, but I stopped in there the other day, and they were higher than Wal*Mart.  These smaller places always charge more, I think.


We took a drive up to the Visitors Center, then went across the street to the Wyoming Game and Fish Regional Offices, but there wasn’t a whole lot at either place that we hadn’t already heard or seen.  I did try my hand at another panorama picture, but the mountains in the background don’t show up very well.


Panorama 4

                                            I guess I need to call on Rick again.  I can’t seem to get these pictures right.


Next we took a drive out in the country, one of my favorite things to do, and came across an abandoned mine shaft, or we think that is what it is.  I hope this picture shows up.  I loved this shot.Panorama 5


That was the sum total of our day.  It is warmer today.  Right now in the 80’s.


Stay safe… :)


Gypsy said...

You are sure right about the dread of getting a haircut on the road and in an unfamiliar place. It can be the best you ever had, or one that makes you want to put a hat on your head for the next month1

Happytrails said...

Yep, I agree with you and Gypsy...the haircut thing is a shot in the dark. I usually only ask for a "little" bit taken off. I'm a coward.

I went in to get my meds from Wal-Mart yesterday and got so mad I threatened to transfer them to Walgreens. I had called them in and they weren't ready (two hours later than when they said they would be ready). Then one had to be done over (thats another story) and they were so slow....we ended up waiting for over an hour.
I haven't even been able to find good fruits and veggies at the Wal-Mart in LaGrange. I have been going to the farmer's market.

Glad your Uncle Boone is doing better. I know that is a relief and makes you feel so much better. :-).

Great pics today!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Sue and Doug said...

hair cuts are a scary thing for me too..even though I have been going to the same hairdresser for a while..one good thing though..it does grow back!!