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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trying Something New

This is all very new to me, so please give me time to learn this new site.  I have always read a lot of blogs that are on this site, and always thought they were very well put together and colorful.  A few days ago I asked a friend about it and she advised me to just try it and see if I like it.

I have been writing a travel blog, under the same name for over 2 years, so if you would like to see how this all began you can click on the small Frugal Travelers link to the right of this blog.  If you would, please let me know which one you like the best, and if I should stay with Mytrip or switch to blogspot.  All comments would be greatly appreciated.

My husband, Don and myself are both retired, him from the Carpenter's Union, and I worked in the food industry and owned and operated a small book store.  We decided to start this life-style after lots of thought and research on my part.  He was ready from day one.  After doing lots of reading, we decided a fifth wheel was the best choice.  We now have a 38' fifth wheel and a 2006, Dodge, Ram, dually that we pull it with.

Right now we are in Sheridan, Wyoming.  We love the mountains and this is our 3rd trip here since 2007.  We also traveled here on vacation twice while still among the working class.  We fell in love with this State, and would live here if it wasn't so bad in the winter, but both our old bodies love the warmth that Texas, Florida and Arizona have in the winter.

Although we love the warm places, in the winter,  last year we spent the cold winter months in Indianapolis, where I have a brother that is terminal with a very rare blood disease.  He has been doing pretty good for the last few months, so we took the summer months to do a little traveling.  We will be headed back to Indy in late September.  His hardest time is in the cold months, and if I am there to take him to his appointments, my truck is good and warm for him to travel in.  Cold is his biggest enemy because his blood count goes so low.

Nothing more to say.  I am really just trying this site out and so far I can't find a few things on this site that I have on the other one, so who knows where I will end up.  Stay safe.... :)

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Gypsy said...

I really like what I see. Good color background, and gorgeous header photo!

I have found that anytime I want to add or delete or change something in blogspot, there are a number of places where I have to click SAVE. For example, I will add your blog to my list, so I will need to go to the Design tab and scroll down to My Blog List to click EDIT. This is the way mine is set up, but it shouldn't be much different with any of them.

Scroll down that to where the blogs are listed and click on ADD. That brings up the place where you have to enter the blog address, in your case it is http://thefrugaltravelers.blogspot.com/. Click ADD. Then click SAVE.

Back at the Design page there are three options -Preview, Clear Edits, and Save. The note across the top tells me that my changes are saved, but I click on the other SAVE just to be on the safe side.

I think it works the same for any edits, removes, or whatever, click on Save wherever it appears and you can't go wrong, lol. On just about any page for new posts, edits or changes, there should be a View Blog option. When you have your changes saved, you can go back to your main blog page via View Blog.

I always read my blog as it appears on the main page and sometimes catch an error I didn't catch prior to publishing. I just click on the back arrow and go back to make the change, and then Publish again. I have to do that several times in one post sometimes. Keep at it and good luck!

Sorry this is so long, and if you've set controls so you have to approve comments, you can skip showing this lengthy comment if you like.