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Monday, August 23, 2010

Trouble With Live Writer


I don't know what I have done, or if I have done anything, but I hope some one can tell me.  I was trying to write my blog and wanted to add a hyperlink for Gypsy, thanking her for introducing me to several very good blogs.  Every time I click on hyperlink, I get a box that says "Live Writer has quit working, and will get back to me when they have reached a solution".  I tried to solve this problem by uninstalling the whole program and then reinstalling it, but to no avail.  It won't work, no matter what I do.  Does anyone know what may be going on?


We awoke to very cool temperatures again today.  On our walk this morning the temp. was only 57*.  My Hubby says some guys told him a couple of days ago that the snow will be flying here before long.  Glad we are leaving Friday.  Don't want to drive in that white stuff.


I had 2 birthday cards to mail out this morning.  Our grandson, Mitchell and our grandson, Jacob both have birthdays this month.  My little brother, Herby also has a birthday tomorrow.  Happy Birthday to all.


Had to go to the grocery again today.  I almost hate that job anymore.  Things are priced so high, but it seems the quality just keeps going down.  Out of a quart of strawberries, you are lucky to have half ripe, and half of those will have bad spots on them.  They are also so bitter.  When I grew them at home, you could pick them right out of the patch and they would be so sweet and juicy, not any longer.


Didn't go anywhere today to take any pictures, but have a couple from the past to add.










Two of the pictures are of my birthday grandsons and the other two from the Conservatory in Indy.


This is puzzling.  Everything else on LW seems to be working fine.... 


Stay safe.... :)


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Not sure about the Live Writer questions, don't use it and have no desire to use it at this point.

Where are you guys that they are expecting snow so soon?

Gypsy said...

If you see a local farmers' market, or even a roadside farm stand somewhere, make a quick bee-line for it. I can't believe the difference in the quality and taste, especially when the produce is organic. The don't put chemicals all over and in our food to make them taste better!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Pidge, got your comment on Our Life on Wheels. You don't need our permission to follow us -- just hop on and we'll be thrilled to have you! I'm no help on LiveWriter, as I used it only for a short time and went right back to Blogger.

Rick and Paulette said...

Hi Pidge....re your Live Writer problem, I think an autolink file has been corrupted with respect to your LW hyperlinks and that's what is causing this problem. Here's a fix for it:

Copy the following text: %appdata%\Windows Live Writer\LinkGlossary

Then on your computer click Start > Run then paste the above phrase and hit enter.

You should see, or be able to navigate to a file called: linkglossary.xml

Delete this file and restart LW - a new linkglossary file will be created.

Let me know if this works o.k.


Margie M. said...

Beautiful family you have there, Pidge. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Roadrunner said...

Please send snow to Texas!!!!

Freely Living Life said...

I'm sorry I don't have the answer for you about Live Writer as we don't use it. I'm certain someone from the RVing community will be able to assist you with this technical issue.

But I did want to chime in about the strawberries. Ugh! We cannot stand paying the high price in the grocery stores just to be disappointed with half rotten and bitter fruit. We frequent farmers markets and our local farmers road side stands often! It's the "real deal"! :) It's so sad that you cannot even rely on your local grocer to provide you with a nice ripe piece of fruit anymore. Even if it looks like the perfect apple, grape or strawberry it either tastes bitter or has no taste at all?! :( Back to basics.