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Friday, August 27, 2010

Black Hawk, South Dakota


I guess I was getting a little too smug about learning blog spot.  I got on line for a minute this morning, before getting ready to pull out.  I noticed that one of the blogs I had on my list had not come up with the right name, so I thought I would delete it and put it back in, to see if I could remedy this.  Well, what I ended up doing is deleting the whole list, so now I have to try and remember everyone I had on there.    Shouldn’t take too long, but things like this are what make the internet frustrating to us challenged seniors.


Our trip of 240 miles was pretty uneventful.  Beautiful scenery, but I was driving and couldn’t get any pictures.  Don hates taking pictures, so I don’t even ask him to anymore.


Three Flags RV Park is not a fancy park, but it is Pass Port America, so we are staying for 3 days with full hook-ups, for $58.56.  There is also free cable and free Wi Fi.




As you can see it’s pretty much a field with pull  thrus.   It is alright for a few days, but I wouldn’t want to stay here for any longer.




As you can see the back is empty, but I think there busiest time is around the motorcycle gathering in Sturgis.






As you can see from the picture the highway is not very far away.  Just hope the traffic slows some overnight.


Tomorrow we will first try to find a good place to get diesel and a few groceries.  I want to get over to the National Forest as soon as possible, but first things first.


Going to run and get us a bite to eat.   Stay safe…. 


Gypsy said...

That is a bummer losing your bloglist. It shouldn't be too hard to re-create it though. By the way, your list is showing up on my screen, so it is probably still somewhere in limbo on your blog. Let me know if I can help - I could click on all the blogs on your list and then make a list of the url's.

Happytrails said...

I can so relate with your blog issues...it seems that type of thing happens to me all too frequently. It is a learning curve and you sometimes goof when you are learning anything new...at least that is what I tell myself.
Good luck with getting things fixed up again.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

From the looks of the pictures it looks like Kansas.

Have a good time and week..