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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ho Hum Friday


We started the day out with cleaning.  That is pretty much an every Friday thing.  Not hardcore, that comes next Thursday, because we will be moving on down the road on Friday.  That’s when everything gets done, including defrosting the fridge.  I got my laundry all caught up yesterday when we got back from our walk down on Main Street.


Our first stop next week will be at the Three Flags RV Park, in Black Hawk, South Dakota.  It is a Pass Port America Park, so we aren’t expecting a whole lot, but we will stay for three days and do a little more exploring in the area.  We stayed in Hermosa and Wall, South Dakota, so we have seen the Badlands National Park.  This trip we hope to do a little more scooting around in the Black Hills National Forrest.


After our cleaning this morning we hopped in the truck and just drove.  We ended up on 87 going toward Story, Banner, then on over to Buffalo for lunch.  Lunch was nothing to brag about, so won’t go into it.


We did stop at some Historical sites.  The first was right outside of story and it was called the Box Wagon Fight.  The whole thing is much to long to write, so I will add a picture of the History Marker.


The second was the Fetterman Monument.  I will also post a picture of the history on this site.




 They are both located in beautiful surroundings, and I tried to get the best shots I could.  In case you haven’t guessed already, I am not a photographer, but I try my best.


We also had one of the smaller type deer run across the road in front of the truck.  Good thing I was only doing 20mph.  It was right inside town. 




I especially enjoyed the Fetterman Historical site.  The monument is hand made and just stunning.


I’m not sure what is going on today,  my pictures are going where they want to go.  Hope you can figure out what is what.


I think the next few are just landscape shots.



Panorama 16



Panorama 15  


 Panorama 17



Panorama 18 

 I guess I really messed up again.  Now I can’t get my picture to enlarge when clicked.  I am always doing something wrong.  Time to read Rick’s book again.

Another beautiful day spent in the country-side of Wyoming.  :)


Rick and Paulette said...

Beautiful pictures, those landscape shots are really nice.

To enlarge your photos when someone clicks on them: click on a picture in Live Writer, look over at the window pane on the bottom right hand side and you will see a “Link To” and “Source Picture” with an “Options” button right below it. Click on the “Options” button and a new window will pop up which allows you pick the picture size you want to display when a reader clicks on it. Pick the largest size or original.

Gypsy said...

I agree with Rick, the pictures are great! The deer crossing the road reminds me of Fort Pulaski (Savannah) where I worked last winter. Deer everywhere, and I went as slow as I could because they will decide at the last minute to cross in front of you. Wyoming is a beautiful state, isn't it.

Sue and Doug said...

absolutely gorgeous pictures today!!..love the header one!!!!..good job!..what kind of camera do you have!!???

Judy and Emma said...

Pidge, that header picture is OUTSTANDING! I wish I had taken that! :) WOW!!

Happytrails said...

I think your pictures are great!! Your landscape pics are great...beautiful country! Thanks for sharing the information about The Fetterman Fight...very interesting.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Roadrunner said...

Thanks for making the print darker, easier to read! I love the pictures. Blackhawk is one of my favorite stops. I also got a kick out of Wall,SD