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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Day In Wyoming


Today will be our last full day in Wyoming.  We love this State and for sure will be back.  We have spent the whole month at this neat little park of Peter D’s, and loved every minute of it.  The Wi Fi is excellent and my frugal side is happy, cause I was able to stick a few more hundred in the Kitty this month.  When we can, we always stay by the week or by the month, and when traveling from point to point we always try to stay in Pass Port America camps.  They are the club that gives you half off for a certain number of nights stayed.  Some, but not all, are even unlimited on the amount of time you can stay under the club rates.  So far, in our 3 years of traveling, they have been the best club we joined, by far.


I am going to add some pictures of our trip to Louisiana in early 09, throughout this post.  After Wyoming, our favorite place to visit.




I want to thank some of my followers that I can’t contact by email from this site,  for riding along with us.  Thanks to Dot, Charlotte, LaPlaya, Gail, Charlotte Dawn, Teresa, Lynn, Michael, Maglaveer, and Theresa M.    Some of you I could contact, but want you all to know how much I appreciate you following along!!




We did get all of our cleaning out of the way today, except the windows.  I love clean, sparkling windows, but Donnie brought to my attention that it would do little good to wash them when we are staying in a park with dirt and gravel lanes.  He is right of course, but maybe we can get them done at the next stop.  I also got the fridge defrosted.  Do they make self-defrosting fridges for RV’s?  I would love one….




Thanks again Gypsy, for the advise on produce.  I was just thinking about it again this morning.  I bought a bunch of green bananas, (I know it’s dangerous at my age) but I thought they would be ripe by Friday morning when we are leaving.  They are ripe alright, they are rotten.  In two days they went from green to rotten.  I guess what Gypsy was saying in her blog the other day is true.  I just can’t imagine what they are putting in fruit and vegetables to get them to this point so fast.




Hope you enjoyed the pictures from Louisiana.  We loved our time down there and will surely go again.


Next time I speak to you will be from South Dakota, providing the Wi Fi is good enough, if not, it will be from the next stop.


Stay safe….


Rick and Paulette said...

Great pics from Louisiana, thanks for posting them. Scenery will sure be different in SD!

Gypsy said...

Wow, what a contrast in favorite states! I guess you couldn't get more unalike than Wyoming and Louisiana.

I hope you find some good places to stay in SD - always on the lookout for those because one of these days (or years) I'm going to stay there for at least a month or more.

Happytrails said...

Beautiful pics of Louisisna, quite a contrast from where you've been in Wyoming.
Hope you enjoy SD. Be sure to stop by Wall Drug.
Take care and safe travels.
Mike & Gerri

Roadrunner said...

Enjoy reading your blog. The pictures are great!

Sue and Doug said...

safe travels as you move on to the next stop...!!!

Judy and Emma said...

I like clean windows too. That reminds me, I'd better get all the road dust and bugs cleaned off of the rig pretty quick. :)