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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stay Put for the Week End


We decided a long time ago that we didn’t like being out among the hordes of people on the week ends.  When we were still working, we had no choice, but now we do and we choose not.  Too many people running helter-skelter trying to get everything done.


We did have to run out for a minute and pick up some beverages for my Hubby.  He has a game tonight and that calls for a cold one.  The Bronco’s play the Lion’s tonight in another preseason game.  I also have a race tonight, so I will be playing switch-back on the boob tube. 


I’ve been making more ice today.  It is unbelievably hot here today.  It is 97* as I am writing this blog.  I guess we are paying for our cool weather a week ago.


My cousin Charlotte called this afternoon to let me know about Uncle Boone.  She said we would all be surprised how good he looks since his surgery. He is breathing much better and his little paunch of a tummy is all gone.  She said he also walked clear around the whole Nursing Home without his cane and did just fine.  They are still having  trouble getting his platelets back down within range, but she says he looks great.  Thanks again Charlotte.  We owe you a lot!!!


My niece, Charlotte called me and explained that her Mother (My best Buddy ), does have Leukemia, but it can be controlled with meds. and she will be alright.  She has the opposite of Uncle Boone.  She produces too much blood, and he doesn’t produce any good cells.  She is on 2 chemo pills a day and is doing very well so far.  Please keep my family in your prayers.


Since we stayed in today I thought I would add one of my favorite pictures of “Trapper’s Lake”, and a few more pictures of the sculptures here in Sheridan.


Panorama 19








That’s it for today.  We may get out and scoot around again tomorrow.  I would love to go back up into the mountains just once more.  :)      


In The Wind Adventures of William and Mary Ann said...

Hi Pidge. Thank you for following our blog and thank you for your kind words. You have some really beautiful photos here on yours and I'm looking forward to reading more.
I've included your family in my prayers.
- Mary Ann :-)

P.S.- We are the same way about crowds (well, most of the time anyway).

Margie M. said...

Thoughts and prayers for your family, Pidge. Maybe the heat will break for you guys soon. Nice post today.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Pidge thanks for following us and we love reading your blog and dream.

We will keep your family in our Prayers.

Judy and Emma said...

It hit 100* here today, in the shade. A little too hot for me even if it is dry heat! Good thoughts sent your way for your relatives. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks soooo much for the bold print. Goes in the same category as blogs that have yellow letters on a bule background. (Geeze, Ive beome a cremudgen.) BTW thanks for not telling us when the meals are not so good. I've alway thought what is the point of that ?


Happytrails said...

We will certainly keep your family in our thoughts and prayes. So glad to hear your Uncle is doing so much better and hoping to hear more good reports about your mom.
I don't blame you for staying in on weekends...it can really get crazy at times.
You all stay as cool as possible...maybe cool weather will be here eventually. :-)

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Rick and Paulette said...

Beautiful photos, Pidge - nice job!