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Sunday, January 30, 2011

San Antonio Flea Markets


Five of us left the camp at 8:00am yesterday morning, for what we thought would be a fun day of flea markets.  It was a lot of fun being with all of them, but these sure weren’t flea markets.  We went to two, The Highway 90 flea market, and a new one that is called The Village Trader or something like that.  They were both full of nothing but new stuff, and little cheap items.  No antiques, or glass ware, or sewing supplies.  Nothing that I am used to buying at a flea market.  Al, Marolyn, Nancy, Paul and myself went.  I think Al bought a sling shot, all the guys here at the camp like to mess with.  Paul bought a gun, and a few strips of rawhide.  I don’t think Marolyn or Nancy bought anything.  All I bought was a couple of t-shirts for me and Donnie.  There wasn’t even any really good food like is usually served at these places.  Al and Marolyn both had a Funnel cake, Nancy had an ice cream cone, and I had a corndog.  We had a really good time though, and that is why we went.  There is another smaller flea market in Bandera on the first and third Saturday of every month, so we may go over and hit that one and grab a bite to eat.


We did find a couple of Antique shops and little second hand shops on the way home.  I found 4 little Carnival glass bottles for my Best Buddy, and Paul bought me a Texas sized bag of oranges for driving yesterday.  Al got his knife sharpened at one of the places we stopped; it wasn’t a complete waste of our time. I got a shot of the beautiful merry go-round at the last big flea market we were at and want to share it with you.


It was right in the middle of the flea market, as were other kid’s rides.  There were picnic areas all around the area too.  It was crowded so, I guess some people like these types of things, but just not my definition of a flea market.

On the way home we saw a very big grass fire.  The traffic was actually stopped on the East bound lane of 90, our side was open so, we skedaddled on through.  The smoke was just unbelievable.  Later in the evening, I heard on the news, that a lady had been burning trash and had started the fire.  There was a no-burn ban so, now she will not only have to pay a large fine, but for all damage and even for all the fire departments that were called.  There were 8 called so , she is looking at a big chunk of change.

This morning we put Rusty in the truck and went and hunted down some fire wood.  I have been wanting a campfire, and have really been craving some smores.  We also have a pack of hotdogs that are just begging to be roasted.  We haven’t had a campfire this year and I am really looking forward to it.

Tonight is game night so, the campfire will have to wait.  Also, another big cold front is coming and they say it won’t get over 40* for a couple of days.  We will wait till we get another warm spell for our campfire.  The guy in Leakey we bought the wood from usually has a truck-load of fire wood parked along the street, and you can just buy what you want.  We got enough for several campfires for $20.00.

I have a couple more shots of Rusty to share with you.  He turned 4 months old yesterday so, I really don’t think he is going to be very big.  We have spent oodles of dollars on toys for this puppy and he still carries sticks home to play with.  He will play fetch with us, but he mostly likes his sticks.  He also carries bones home, not to chew on, but to bury.  What a dog!!!


In this picture he was trying to help Donnie with making his lead a little longer.  We put him on a lead outside when the days are pretty, and he loves it.  He loves to watch the other dogs that go by.  This morning a big old dog broke loose from his owner and tried to attack Rusty.  Luckily I was right there and got Rusty back before he could get hurt.  The man that owned the dog was really sorry but, I know it wasn’t intentional. 


From now on I am going to save my $’s and just get him sticks to play with.  Catch you later…. :)


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

At 4 months he still has some growing to do,wait a year and see what he looks like.Other dogs is a concern that every dog owner has to address, luckily with Rigg's being so big and strong he usually isn't bothered, but we had one smaller dog that bit him when he was playing tug with another dog, and Rigg's ran him off. This was at a County Doggie Park, but we never did find out who owned the other dog, we always watch our boy when he is at those parks, we don't want him to be a nuiscance to somebody else. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Judy and Emma said...

Sticks for dogs, and big cardboard boxes for kids. They always seem to get more enjoyment out of those than the store bought stuff! :)

Gypsy said...

What a beautiful merry-go-round. I still love them after all these years, and it's the only ride I would go on.

Sue and Doug said...

great photo of the merry go round!..and of Rusty!..glad to hear that he is enjoying the great outdoors..sticks and all!!!

heyduke50 said...

how come no one ever sells fleas at a flea market?

Mac said...

We saw a sign for a flea market on our way back to Austin from Brackettville and wondered if you would find the market.

Sounds like you found it and then some. If you venture far enough north look for Busby's on I-35 north of San Antonio in Schertz. Then if you venture far enough got to Gruene (Green) Market Days. Third weekend of the month.

Gruene will be a long trip but worth it. Lots of antiques and neat shops to visit. Gristell Mill is the place to have lunch while you are there.

We are headed for Rockport this weekend for another getaway and visit with friends.

Mac & Dianna

Rick and Paulette said...

Love the merrygoround pic too! Haven't seen one of those in years. Glad you were able to rescue Rusty before she got hurt!

Vera said...

That beautiful merry-go-round brings back great memories. Your Rusty sure is a nice looking dog. It seems that all dogs love sticks and can play with them a lot longer than a person can throw them!

~~Mike~~ said...

Sling shots are fun :) Heidi and I have a few we keep with us. The merry-go-round is beautiful! They are always fun to see.

Pups are so much like kids! I remember spending lots of money on gifts when the kids were little then watching the play all day with the gift-wrap instead :) Learned that lesson quick!

97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

Anonymous said...

Rusty looks and sounds like joy. It's wonderful to see a puppy grow into a dog, both physically and in personality. Enjoy him, and hopefully (a) he'll stick to sticks and avoid socks, and (b) future flea markets will be more flea market priced.