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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Boomers


A friend here at the Park, Winnie just turned 65 yesterday.  Happy Birthday Winnie!!!  She is just from January to April older than me.  Nancy, another friend here at the Park is also 65, so there are oodles and gobs of us Boomers everywhere.  According to the news, millions of us will be retiring this year.  I got a news flash for you, a lot of us have been retired for quite a while now.  Donnie was able to retire at 60, and we were able for me to retire at that time too.  We aren’t rich by any means, but if you watch what you spend, or don’t spend, it isn’t hard to make it out here.  Some of the bloggers I read, go to these big expensive places to stay, and I am not finding fault with that.  I am glad they are able to do it, but we can get along just fine with our “not so perfect” RV camps.  Mostly if they are clean, friendly, and on the cheaper side, we do just fine.


Last night was game night again, and this week we went.  I love game nights, and wouldn’t have missed last week, if the Colt’s hadn’t been playing in the playoffs.   We played the card game golf, then they talked us into staying and playing an extra game of Mexican Train.  We found out last night that there are several versions of Mexican train, so we may play a different one next time.  Another table was playing Jokers and pegs.  We had pool players, and of course people watching the Steelers and Ravens.  Here are a couple of pictures I took last night.


I was sitting next to Donnie, then Nancy, gone somewhere, then Al, Frank( our resident Minister), Marilyn, Dave, and Paul.  This was our golf game.


This is the version we were  playing last night, but some of the guys were talking about having other trains running around the outside of the straight trains in a circle or even 2 circles.  What we have been playing is fun, but I would like to try the other game too.


I think Donnie is looking much too serious in this picture.  In the background is Linda in the orange shirt, Bob on her left, Eva across from her, Wayne not shown, Walt not shown and Winnie, the Birthday girl.  Playing pool is Mike and his sister, Crystal.  There were all kinds of snacks too, but I forgot to take a picture of those.


Bill, in front, is from Michigan, and Nancy and Paul are from Minnesota.  Bill is the one that told us about the big flea market up by San Antonio.  I am hoping we can get a bunch to go up there one week end.  No one really needs anything, we just like going, eating out, and all being together.  Nancy and Paul also ride Harley’s, and they both brought their bykes with them.  I was always afraid to drive one , but Nancy tells me there is nothing to it.  She says the only bad part is when Paul goes so fast she can’t, or won’t, keep up with him.


By reading Judy’s blog, I found out what the big black buzzard-looking birds are that I have been seeing everywhere down here.  I knew they weren’t like our buzzards at home, so glad to find out what they are. They have white markings on them and she called them caracara birds.  Thanks Judy.


Want to welcome my 2 newest followers, Kenny and Kenny Wilkes.  Isn’t that neat that they both are named Kenny?  I could not find a site for either of you, so if you have one, please contact me and I will post it.  Hope you enjoy the ride along with us.

I have been getting so many birds at my feeders lately.  I got a picture of what I think is a House Finch, but if it isn’t I think Judy will let me know.  It really has a lot of red on it.  First time I have seen one this colorful.


Gonna run and get this posted.  Later… :)


Mac said...

Yes, it's a house finch. Fairly common around here.


Judy and Emma said...

You were right, Pidge. The red bird is a male house finch, and the female is across from him. I would have liked to have seen all of the bird in the bottom. Looks like some kind of sparrow to me. It's certainly not a house finch.

I'm feeling like a spring chicken here since I won't be 65 until next year! :)

Carol K said...

I'm glad to hear that you and Donnie didn't have to wait until you were 65 to retire. So many people have to wait and then something happens to one or the other and they don't get to enjoy their time together. That's what happened to my folks, only my dad was a farmer and couldn't retire until he sold his farm. A few months after that, he died.

Maybe Donnie was taking the game VERY seriously? :)

Malone said...

I love it that Judy knows all the birds, and bloggers just say "Judy knows" and up she pops with the answer! too cool

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Good blog, expensive is not all ways being happy.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I think there are quite a few of us boomers out here that retired early. I managed to start full timing at 59. I agree that wise financial behavior makes that possible. I must say I am beginning to worry that the current administration is lining a big bulls-eye up on the baby boomers.

Rick and Paulette said...

Paulette and I were lucky as we both retired at age 55 and have never regretted it. Everyone's situation is different and if folks can afford to go to 'big expensive places' then more power to them. As long as folks live within there means then things usually work out.

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Yep, we like staying at the cheap/safe spots and we boondock a lot. We also have a less expensive 5th wheel. Works for us!

Kathy and Robert said...

Yay, I found you! I don't know how I got on that other site...Oh well, at least I'm caught up with you now!
I reposted your name on my last post so the web address would be right.
My hubby would love Mexican Train!

Me and My Dog said...

I plan to be frugal, too. Didn't used to be, but I am now, and will be when I retire. I always ended up paying for all the amenities, then didn't use them.

The domino game looks like fun. I used to love playing. I don't know that game, though.

Anonymous said...

That's how we're doing it at 25. Lowering expenses does wonders.

Gypsy Trails said...

glad you are finding ways to have inexpensive fun with friends :)

Thanks for posting on my blog

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing you insights!

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