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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pipes Froze


Yes, it got down to 17* according to the internet and my weather widgets I have on the computer.  Not only did our pipes freeze, but the electric also was off this morning.   Of course we didn’t know this when we were sleeping, so the electric blanket went off and didn’t come back on when the electric did.  When the electric did come back on, we were able to listen to the news enough to find out that there will be rolling outages in our area until further notice.  It will be this way, the weather, for at least a couple of more days, then a small warm-up, and then cold again.  What a disappointment this year has been for weather here in South Texas.  It is never really warm at night, usually in the 40’s, but this year is certainly colder.

I made chicken noodle soup the other night, and a big pot of bean soup last night.  Nothing tastes better on a cold evening than a big bowl of steaming soup and warm cornbread.

We passed on playing cards last night.  I hated doing that, but I guess with all the high winds, the cedar or whatever that pollen is called, was blowing around.  I had a splitting headache all day yesterday.  I love game nights, so won’t be missing very many.

We did play Sunday night and we had the biggest crowd that I can remember ever showing up.  There were 13 of us playing golf, and six playing Joker and pegs.  Hopefully we will get to play Mexican train again before we leave. 

Right now our plans are to leave the 5th of March.  Probably stop and visit with the kids in Louisiana for a day or so, then hit the panhandle of Florida to visit another friend in Pensacola, and maybe on to Carrabelle for a month or so.  Nothing in concrete, but that is the plan right now.

Want to welcome my newest follower, Alan McMillan.  I couldn’t find a site for you, so if you have one, please contact me with the address and I will add it here.  Hope you enjoy the ride along with me and Don.

I did get the laundry all caught up yesterday, and went to the grocery on Monday.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get out of the grocery for under $100.00.  You would think with just two of us it wouldn’t be so much, but it is.  Don’s beer also comes out of the grocery, so that is in with it.

Going to make this a short post.  The internet keeps going off and on too, so want to get this posted before it goes back off.  Later


Can you find the man is these beans?  If you click on the picture, and make it larger,  he is easy to find.


Judy and Emma said...

Cool beans!! :)

Say, as you make your way to the Florida panhandle will you be taking I-10?

meowmomma said...

found him!

hope it warms up for you guys! and the power stays on! this winter seems to be a real mess for many people in its' own special way! yesterday here in AZ was terrible windy with dust and really bothered me too. windy again today, but not gusting as strong! and chilly, in the 40's and 20's during the nights.

pidge said...

Yes, we probably will. Are you near there?

Carol K said...

Well, I'm sorry to hear about your frozen pipes, lack of electricity and internet, and your generally cold weather this winter. Your soup will definitely taste good during this cold spell. I hope you make it back to game night soon!

Mac said...

Sorry you had frozen pipes. I have our rig here at the house plugged in. So hopefully I won't freeze.

We also have those rolling blackouts. This is just too cold for TX.

We will be headed for Rockport tomorrow. Weather report for there isn't much better than here. Maybe we'll get to play in the sonw while on the coast. :-)

Stay warm.
Mac & Dianna

Rick and Paulette said...

Too bad about the frozen pipes. I read about the rolling blackouts, not much fun in that for sure. Soup sure sounds good though!

Carol and Johnny said...

Sorry to hear about the pipes. Hope they thaw quickly. We've been dealing with the "rolling blackouts" here at the house. Since 6 am that has meant 15 minutes of power followed by 30-45 of no power. It's actually been on for over an hour now. Hope they've figured things out! Stay warm!

Carol and Johnny said...

Oh, forgot... It is cedar and it sucks! Should clear out by mid-February.

Me and My Dog said...

My lot in Pollock Pines, CA was covered with Cedars - I remember the yellow dust on everything. We used to let our faucets drip when it was going to freeze. Do RVrs do that to keep the pipes from freezing? Of course, it would be a loss of water, not good if you are boondocking. Soup and cornbread sounds so good! :)

The Bright's said...

Sorry to hear your pipes froze. Its even colder here in SE New Mexico, so we wont know the extent of any damage for another day or two. Our fresh water tank froze but it wont thaw out until temps get above freezing, and that isnt until Friday.
Game night sure sounds like fun. We enjoy playing Mexican Train.
I too have been shocked at how much we spend at the grocery store, just with the two of us.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Sorry about the pipes,I'm just froze all over..

Vera said...

Hope you can keep warm. It has been cold here at night too but so far our power has not gone off.
I absolutely cannot see the man in the coffee beans! Darn :-)

Kevin and Ruth said...

One of the many reasons we head to Mexico is the weather. Where we are is 86F during the day and 68F at night. Each and every day and night. Oh, and don't forget the clear blue sky. Hope it warms up for you soon!


Roadrunner said...

My fresh water tank froze too! Can't pump water, but I do have some in gallon jugs and bottled water. I didn't think Texas ever had "rolling black outs", I talked to a friend in Denton TX and she said they are having them too!Picture didn't load for me. Stay warm.

BamaGurl said...

Hi Pidge, So sorry to hear about the pipes but especially the headache. Hope it's all gone now. Do y'all wrap ur pipes? Just curious on how to survive in this kind of weather in case I can ever get DH to travel in it. lol They have such blowing snow in PA where his family is...he refuses to take the motorhome up there. Hope it warms up for y'all soon. Take care.

Wayne and Roberta said...

It certainly is an unusually cold winter every where. We also had frozen pipes and blackouts here in Tucson. Suppose to warm up in a few days.

Stay Warm!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Pidge -- hope your pipes are now thawed. We have drop lights in holding tanks & where the water pump is to keep from freezing -- so far, so good. Our blog is www.blessourvoyage.blogspot.com -- enjoy your blog -- TX is really having strange weather -- as are other places. We have sons in Dallas & OK -- both are freezing. We're ready for spring.

Take care, Marilyn McMillan

Eldy and Jeannie said...

I know what you mean about the grocery. Some of the stores are so big and have so many things that our grocery stores back home don't have, we are like kids in a candy shop! Especially when it comes to CHEESE!


Greetings from Southern California, USA

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You, ~Ron :-)

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Pidge, so glad you found us. You do such a good job on your blog...I'm still learning.

Hope you've thawed out by now & are ready for the next event tomorrow:(

Take care,
Marilyn McMillan


We are into our second day of frozen pipes with the temperatures set to finally get above freezing today. Guess we'll find out how much damage we have when things begin to thaw....