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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Breakfast Potluck


I know I have fallen down on my blogging, but as Sue says on her blog, I just haven’t felt like we have been doing anything that was blog worthy.  We have been shopping a couple of times, and we did do a little geo-caching.  The geo-caches in Texas are a little more challenging for us old folks, so there aren’t a whole lot of them that we feel safe looking for.  We did find 3 so, I will share some photos I took of the areas.





The last one was in front of this very nice Park and picnic area in Camp Wood, Texas.

When we were in Wyoming this summer, a very nice gentleman knocked on our door and said he was a reader.  His name is Nick, and I remember he said he and his wife live in Casper, Wyoming.  Nick, if you are still reading my blog, please contact me.  I would love to know how you and your wife’s plans are coming along for full-timing. If you go to the top left-hand corner of my blog you will see about me, go to the bottom of that and click on view my complete profile, and you can contact me that way.  Looking forward to hearing how your plans are coming along..

Mac, wanted you to know I ordered one of the WiFi amplifiers you told me about.  I run in to weak signals sometimes, and I hope this will solve my problems.  I read the reviews, and with what you told me, I think it should be just what I need to solve that problem.  Again thanks!

If anyone out there can help with this question, I sure would appreciate it.  If I move my followers to the top of my blog, does that mean I will be losing my header picture or making it smaller?  I wish I had the guts to just go ahead and try some of these things, but I am so afraid of screwing everything up.

Thanks for all the answers to my going crazy question.  I was glad to hear other people leave their TVs or radios on for their dogs too.  He goes with us most of the time, but when we are going out to eat, or one of us can’t stay in the truck with him, we leave him at home.

This morning was our potluck breakfast so, I was up at 6:00am frying bacon.  There was so much good food you wouldn’t believe.  We had at least 3 different kinds of breakfast casseroles, bacon, spam, ham, sausage, sweet rolls, strawberries mixed with blackberries, biscuits and gravy, and that’s all I can remember.  Of course there was coffee and several juices to choose from.  There were probably about 40 people that came.  Yes, spam… I hadn’t eaten any of that in years.  It still tastes good…. :)



After finishing with breakfast, five of us girls went in to Leakey to do a little shopping.  There was Winnie, Darla, Elisabeth, Nancy and myself.  We hit all the Antique shops and second hand stores.  We had a great time, but agreed, if they want us older gals to come shop in their stores they need to have public restrooms. :(

We are playing games again tonight at the clubhouse.  We are scheduled to play tomorrow night too, but I could play almost every night.  I have only turned down one time since Christmas, and then because the cedar dust/pollen had gotten me down. Some days it is a lot worse than other days.

We have sure had our share of cool weather and high winds down here this year.  We are all talking about maybe going to a different place next year, but it is still in the talking stage.  We are all retired so, nothing we decide is written in stone.

I made a pot of potato soup yesterday, and think I will stick it on again for tonight.  That way I won’t have so much mess to clean up before we go play games.  Gotta run.  Later… :)


Gypsy said...

It's good to see you posting again. I agree about the public restrooms!

Donna aka Froggi said...

Pidge, you can move the followers and use the PREVIEW button to see how it looks. If you like it, save it. If not, move it back to where it was and save it. It's easy to do and hard to mess up. Honest!! ;-)

Carol K said...

I like Spam--the food, not the mail. Your potluck breakfast sounds like it was very tasty. We hope to look for some geocaches while we are here in Pismo Beach. I'm not interested in finding the hard ones, just the easier ones.

We bought a wifi amplifier and it does help us get a signal sometimes when we are bit far from the wifi antenna. We also have a cell phone signal booster that works for us when we need it.

Judy and Emma said...

Last place I had a sticks and bricks was fairly close to the SPAM museum in Minnesota. Never ate SPAM as a kid, but have come enjoy it now and then. :)

Vera said...

Being a child and in school during and after the 2. World War we used to get school lunches. Sometimes they came from the occupying forces and contained this oh so delicious type of meat. I loved it and always looked forward to it. When I moved to Canada I found out that it had been Spam. I still buy it once in awhile. Mostly I try to stay away from prepared food.

Rick and Paulette said...

You can move your 'Followers' to the top of your blog and it won't affect your header at all as it is a completely separate 'Gadget'.

I haven't tried Geocaching but it sure seems like a lot of RV'ers are hooked on it.

Anonymous said...

What makes the caches in Texas tougher? Are they on rougher terrain?

Mac said...

I'm sure you will get good usage with your alpha.

We will be pulling out of Bracketville today. Have had a good time with the group. Lot of history here at Ft. Clark.

BamaGurl said...

Sounds like y'all r having a good time in a really good place. I'm thinking more and more that I'd like to fulltime but haven't convinced DH yet. Also I have cancer treatments once a month that might be a little difficult to do on the road but that may be worked out later. If any of ur followers are experiencing the same thing I would love to hear from them and how they work it out.
We also take Killer with us everywhere we go except when we go out to eat or grocery shop...then I leave the tv on the food channel for him and he does great. We walk him good before and as soon as we get home and make sure never to be gone more than 4 hours total.
Also want to try geo-caching again, have only done it once before but with some mobility problems now, don't know if that's an option or not.
What kind of set up do u have for internet? Where we camp in PA, there is absolutely nothing anywhere close by so I've been looking at other options. Also about satellite...what do u do for tv? Or is it offered where u r camping. Is this an rv part, state park...?
So glad things are going well for u both. And please do keep up ur posts, what may seem mundane to u is interesting to those of us who can't do it yet. Hope y'all stay warm and safe and continue to enjoy good health. Love ya!

Sue and Doug said...

nothing like some geocaching to see the sights that you wouldn't normally see!..good for you!!!..a great blogworthy day!!!