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Monday, January 24, 2011

Cancer Treatments


Just want to make a short post today.  In my comments yesterday I received a message from my good friend Judy in Alabama.  She has cancer and is taking cancer treatments.  Her and her Hubby would like to travel more, but are concerned about her health issues.  What I need from you is some answers.  She wants to know if anyone out there has received treatments while on the road, or away from home while traveling?  I shared my experience with my brother, Uncle Boone, that we had in Louisiana last year, but would really like to be able to share more options with her.  So, if you know someone, or have gone through this yourself, please comment here, and I will share the information with her.  Thank you so much.

We played games on Saturday night and again last night.  Part of us played Jokers and Pegs, and part of us played Golf, the card game.  We love playing Mexican Train also, but decided on the other games.  One problem everyone seems to have with the Mexican Train Domino game, is that you only get 4 trains in with a set, but up to 8 people can play at a time, so I got on line and hunted down some more trains.  I found them on Amazon if anyone is interested.  I ordered 30 because some of the other girls wanted some too.  I think they had plenty of them though.

I talked to several people this morning by phone.  I first talked to my girlfriend, Bertie.  I hadn’t talked to her since my brother passed, so we had a lot of catching up to do.  We always try to do something with Bertie and Earl when we are home.  Our favorite is going to flea markets and going out to eat.  I have a picture of Bertie to share with you of her visiting her kids and Grandkids in Florida.


Like all of us, she has been trying to lose weight, and has actually lost 10 pounds since the third.  The sad part is, I found it. :)


I also talked to my best Buddy, Willie at home.  I wanted to make sure my Girl Scout Cookie order was received, and we had some tax stuff to talk about, but she and I can talk for hours about nothing…. :)

I also talked to my SIL out in California.  She is also taking treatments for breast cancer, but fortunately it is the very slow growing type, and she only has to take meds. to control it, but she is 75 and the meds. are very hard on her.  She is also a severe asthmatic and is on several meds. for that.  We mainly were discussing the Winter family get together at home this summer.  It promises to be lots of fun.  There will only be one day with all the family there, the rest of the time there will just be a few of us, and they have plans for Santa Claus Land, Canoeing, cave touring, and lots of campfires down by the lake.  We will participate in the campfires, but will leave the rest to the ones that still have small kids.

Catch you later… :) 


Judy and Emma said...


This should get you to a blog where the husband, Doug, has to have chemo treatments, and they still manage to travel (fulltimers)

Gypsy said...

Judy beat me to it - Doug and JoAnn's blog is well worth looking into, and I'm sure he would be glad to share his experiences. They are in Arizona now and he is undergoing chemo; they also spent some time in Asheville a couple months back and he had treatments there. Before that he was getting treated in Florida.

Carol K said...

Dave has a theory that all the weight in the world stays the same, so if one person loses weight, another person gains it. ;-)

Phillis said...

Here is another cancer survivor that continued to travel. Laurie ^ Odel


Sue and Doug said...

we wish your friend well!..hope the cancer treatments are successful and they can travel soon!!

Doug & JoAnn said...

I see that a couple people have already posted our blog site. We are happy to encourage anyone facing these issues that it is possible to continue traveling. www.mytripjournal.com/ourdream

Rick and Paulette said...

Like the others have said, I sure hope your friend responds well to treatment!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Cancer is the biggest worry, in the world today, I wish they could find a cure in all of our lifetimes. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

Wayne and Roberta said...

I too hope your friend Judy's treatments are successful and that they find a way to travel. Sending prayers their way.

Me and My Dog said...

Best wishes to your friend, Judy. There are so many cancer survivors out there, including me. I hope she has a wonderful, optimistic attitude, which I believe really helps, and that she will get through her treatments with a great outcome.


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