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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ofelia’s Mexican Restaurant


We started out on Saturday morning with breakfast at Ofelia’s.  We had eaten here before with our friends Cathy and Louie, but they didn’t make it back to Texas this year.  The food is excellent here, and the best service in Uvalde.  They took our order and within 15 minutes, we had hot food, cooked the way we asked for it, and nothing but smiles on our waitresses face.  So, we have found our breakfast place.  Plus they gave me a magnetic calendar.


After finishing breakfast, we had to go to Wal*Mart to pick up a few grocery items and some more Puppy Chow.  Our young Rusty is up to a couple of cups a day.  I am anxious to see how much weight he has gained in the last couple of weeks.  We take him in Wednesday for his last booster shots.

Later in the evening I watched my Colts get beat, but it was a very good game and they went farther than  what I thought was possible.  After all, a lot of their best players were on the bench with injuries.  There is always next year.

Want to welcome my newest follower, Vermily.  Check out his site, he has a lot to offer.  A teacher and photographer.

Just to do a little bragging here, I love my new purse.  It is just the right size to hold all my crap that I think I have to carry with me.  I mentioned I got it on sale, and I did.  It was just slightly over $40.00, so think I did pretty good on a leather purse.  It is made by Country Roads.  Here is a picture of it.  In case you can’t tell, it is dark brown.


Yesterday we had an early breakfast and then headed out to do some geo-caching  in the area.  I had 4 on our list, and we found 3, so it was a  pretty good day.  The first 2 were very cute.  They had hid very large candy canes in cedar/Christmas trees.  Very unique..  The last was at a Cemetery, Jones Cemetery.  I will add a  couple of pictures from  the last.




The one we didn’t find was in Garner State Park.  I had forgotten it was closed this week for some kind of hunting thing.  Every road in was blocked off.


I had packed us a lunch and had put in some Puppy Chow and  water for Rusty.  He really loved all the walking and got really upset when I walked away from him.  Do you think he is spoiled or what?

That’s it for today.  Just getting laundry caught up and a few domestic duties done.

Please,  pray for the people in Arizona.

P.S.  I will not be using that text again.  Sorry….


Judy and Emma said...

My sister carries a purse that I swear has everything in it but the kitchen sink! Since I've been on the road, I've switched to only using a small fanny pack. I just have the essentials, and I carry my water mug. :)

Gypsy said...

I don't see anything wrong with the text. That's a very nice purse - glad you said the color was dark brown as it almost looked blue on my screen.

That is just so sad about what happened in Arizona.

Gail Durham said...

I just love that purse! That is so sad about the tragedy that happened in Arizona.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

We are in Arizona, and since we have come here for the last three years running, we are almost the people of Arizona. Definitely winter Arizonians anyway. Our flags are at half staff today and our hearts are heavy. We wonder why, but I am not too sure that the Pima County Sheriff's appraisal that it is because of the News Media stirring up the fanatics with salacious reporting is accurate.

~~Mike~~ said...

Pidge, Rusty is adorable! :) I am sure he makes a great geo-caching buddy! You have my sympathy about the Colts loss, I was rooting for them too.

The tragedy is AZ heartbreaking, my heart and prayers definitely go out to the victims families.

97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

Me and My Dog said...

Great purse - don't you just love getting a new purse? It's like a haircut, goes with you everywhere, so you'd better like it!

The Arizona shooting is a tragedy, so many victims, such a loss. I wonder where it will all end.

Rusty is so cute - I wonder how much he weighs, too. My Katie is pretty steady at 10 or 11 pounds. Just right according to the vet, but she doesn't get many treats, two a day, and one is usually baby carrots.

Carol K said...

I'm with Judy, I use a fanny pack as a purse, but that doesn't mean that I don't admire other women's purses. Yours is a dandy!

We haven't done any geocaching since last fall, but hope to get back into it during our current trip to California. I really like geocaching at cemeteries. The gravesites are so interesting that I forget to look for the geocache.

I am definitely praying for the people in Arizona, and I wish that the media would put all the blame on the shooter and blame no one else.

Sue and Doug said...

what a great geo-caching buddy Rusty will be!..nice purse!!

Rick and Paulette said...

Rusty is such a cute looking little pup!

Arizona, at least to me, seems to be a hotbed of anger and discontent right now. That's why we're giving it a skip this year and staying on the west coast.

As for the media reports, it looks to me like they're just "calling 'em as they see 'em". One only has to turn on the usual loud mouth radio talk show guys to hear what the problem really is.