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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sabinal, Texas


Tuesday a few of us girls got together at the club house and had a short cooking class.  Pam, one of the ladies in the office, here at the RV park, is writing a cook book, or rather collecting recipes for an RV Camp cookbook.  Some of the recipes come from the patrons of the park, and some from Pam and her family.  Anyway, she had a recipe for Spanish rice, and thought we would like to try it.  It was a little spicier than what I make, but was very good.  I think in a couple of weeks we are going to make home-made noodles.


Wednesday night we had another pot luck and game night.  There were so many good dishes.  I ended up making banana pudding, which always goes well, but we had 3 different kinds of potatoes, lots of meat dishes, several sides, and too many deserts.   Nancy made a very good dish with corn, beans, tomatoes and home made beef wieners.  It was a very good throw together dish.

Donnie has gone over to the club house a few times in the mornings.  The guys all meet over there for coffee and chit-chat.  Yesterday some body brought biscuits and gravy, and Donnie naturally had to try them, even though he had just eaten breakfast here. 

A couple of days ago when we were driving back from Leakey, I spotted a bunch of deer eating at one of the baiting stations.  The stations are everywhere down here.  I still don’t understand the sporting aspect of bringing animals in, or baiting them in, then shooting them.  Doesn’t seem very sporting to me, but that is just me.  I took a couple of pictures of them.



We took Rusty out on highway 337, going toward Camp Cook.  Some one here at the park told us that you could go up there and let your dog run loose.  We found the spot, but were afraid to let him go.  He will come to us, but there were lots of trees and lots of drop-offs, so I am thinking not a good spot for puppies.  Maybe when he is older.

Yesterday we had live music had the Club house.  Three guys from the area come in once a week and play and sing.  Some of the campers get up and sing also.  Frank and his wife, Carolyn sang a lot.  Both are very good.  They did one where Carolyn sang America The Beautiful, and Frank read the Pledge of Allegiance, as said by a prisoner of war.  It was breath-taking.

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This morning Nancy and I went over to Sabinal.  We found 4 Antique/flea market type places.  I got a very nice leather purse, which I needed, at 15% off, and a very cute little boot magnet that is also a note minder.  I have been looking for a purse for over a year, and had to come to Texas to find one.  Nancy also got one of the little boot magnet/note minders and a key chain.  She also got some pants at a consignment shop, and I found some Nora Roberts books at the Humane Society thrift shop.  We stopped and got a burger and fries for lunch and then headed on home.

Sorry it has been a while since I posted.  Having lots of fun, and not even getting on line some days.  I will try to do better though.  Stay safe all you travelers.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Sounds like a very busy and fun schedule.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Looks like your enjoying your self.

Gypsy said...

I need a purse and definitely need some fridge magnets, but don't think I'll come all the way to Texas to get either one!

Roadrunner said...

I am glad you are having a good time. I like Nora Roberts also!
Now, I know that header picture is NOT in Texas????

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

I have also been looking for a purse for almost a year and we are in Texas...hope I find one too!


glad you are having a great time!

Judy and Emma said...

So, why didn't you get up and sing?? :)

John and Carol said...

It sure looks like you are having a great time Enjoy!

Rick and Paulette said...

Great to hear from you and to see that you're all doing well and having a great time - Rusty too!!

Anonymous said...

We need video of the music!

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

I love that you get out and make friends out there. I need to try to find a group to hang out with. Love the idea of having a cooking class.

Thanks for always being around on my blog :) Even when you don't have time to comment, I'm happy to hear you still stop by!


Barney (The Old Fat Man) said...

I agree that using baited locations is not sporting. I normally refer to it as harvesting. The deer crop grows too fast for the forage available. The herds need to be thinned sufficiently every year to keep the herd healthy. Before the deer herds were managed the die offs were horrible to view.