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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rain, Rain, and More Rain


It has been nasty, rainy, and on the whole just very gray and bleak.  Very cold too.  Makes you want to just either get in bed. or in your recliner and just sleep these dull days away.  But, life goes on, at a very slow pace though.


I am so sick of Wal*Mart… We went in the other day to get our prescriptions filled, and were told it would be at least 2 hours, so I said I would be back the next day.  Keep in mind, every trip to Uvalde is 30 miles each way.  We did go back the next day, and you guessed it, they still weren’t filled, so we decided instead of making another long trip, we would just wait.  The clerk assured me it would be no more than 10 minutes.  One hour and a half later we finally got our pills, and I was shorted.  I went ahead and took what they had, but that will mean another trip back on Monday.  We probably will need a few groceries by then, but it is just the idea that they never do what they say they will do.  Why do I stay with them?  Because they are everywhere, and not all drug stores or groceries are.  I don’t have insurance for drugs, so I take advantage of the $4.00 generic program they have.  Nuff said…. :(


We did finally stop at a little road-side Taco place on the way home and got a couple of breakfast burritos.  They were filled with eggs, potatoes and refried beans.  They were really good.  It is just a little hole in the wall, but I will share a picture with you.


The highlight of the trip that day was when I saw a Road Runner, but I just can’t seem to get a picture of one.  I have tried many times, and failed each time.

I have to share this picture of my cousin with you.  I stole it off of face book.  Hope she doesn’t mind.  She is a very big Colt’s fan, so thought this was cute.  She has a whole room devoted to the Colt’s in her house.


Sam, of the 5th wheel vagabonds, put up some pictures from the past a week or so ago, and it reminded me of a picture of our dog, Cujo that I wanted to share with you.  The beautiful black Police Dog is my sister and Brother in Law,s dog, Izzy.  Cujo now lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with our son Jay, and loves it there very much.


Want to welcome my newest follower, Lake Conroe Penny TX.  I find her site one of the most informative that I read.  I always look forward to her posts.  Thanks for following mine Penny.  In case I haven’t told you for a while, if you click on the different colored words or phrases, it will take you to a site.

Want to share a Christmas picture of my daughter, Shannon with you.  She is so beautiful, and the best kid in the world.  I love you Shanny, and thanks for the beautiful card.


On our walks with Rusty we often talk to different people in the Park.  A couple of days ago Don talked to an old guy that is very familiar with the area, and they were talking about places to go and eat.  So, when Don got home he was all worked up about this place over in Sabinal.  Now if you remember, we just found a place to eat breakfast last week, but he insisted that we try this place out, so that is what we did this morning.  It is a small place, right outside of Sabinal, Texas.  It is a BBQ place to be exact, but they serve breakfast, so in we went.  It was really good, and the little lady waiting on us was very fast.  It was really cheap too, so now we have two places to choose from.


I realize those aren’t the best pictures in the world, but it gives you an idea of what it looked like.  We were only there a couple of minutes, when all of  these tables filled up.  That always speaks highly of a place.

Tonight is game night at the club house, so we will be going over about 6:00.  I want to leave you with one more picture of a crossing on the Frio River, over by the Concan Golf Club.  Very unusual to say the least… :)



Carol K said...

The tree in the middle of the road makes a great picture for your blog!

I am one of the few people that like WalMart. Of course, since there's one less than 2 miles from our house, it's very convenient for me. I get all my prescriptions there and the prices are, for the most part, very good. Our WalMart has started a new system of calling me when the prescription is ready--it's handy.

Costco just built a new start which is also located less than two miles from us, so I may have to investigate them, but WalMart is more readily available when we are traveling.

Stay dry, if you can! ;-)

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Pidge, your family is beautiful, also the dogs, we stopped using Wal-mart for the same reason, never ready, always crowded and wait, wait ,wait, We do have insurance, but most of the stuff we take wouldn't be covered under the $4.00 generics except for one. So Walgreens has been our choice, they have a card that gives you a discount and also another discount if your Doctor will write a three month supply. That is what we do.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Gypsy said...

I use Costco pharmacy and am very happy with them and their prices. It might be worth your checking them out one of these days when there is one nearby.

You can always go to any pharmacy - doesn't have to be a Walmart, and have them transfer the prescription, although it usually takes extra time because they have to phone the pharmacy you last used and get the Rx faxed to them. Still, you probably wouldn't have to worry about anyone taking longer than Walmart. You can transfer prescriptions as many times as you like.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Wal Maart is so big, that they don't have to try and please anyone anymore! Yet they have the moto of satisfaction ALWAYS! Mr Sam would roll over in his grave.

Dizzy-Dick said...

You have a very nice blog. I see that you are just on the other side of San Antonio. Texas has a lot of nice areas and some are so much different from others. Nice to live in a state like this. Is the State Park near you nice?

John and Ellen said...

Hi Pidge. Your header of the Frio River is gorgeous. Ellie and I still think about our time along the river last season. Sorry to hear about your Walmart escapade. We also use Walmart for prescriptions and generally find them to be very good. However, it only takes one bad experience (employee or store) to sour a customer. If I had gone through the turmoil you experienced, I am certain I would feel the same. When at home, we order our prescriptions via the internet, and we “generally” receive an e-mail letting us know the prescription is ready. While traveling, I simply give them a call ahead of time and order that way. So far, so good.


Roadrunner said...

We are in the cold rain too. I can't seem to get warm. I use Wal Mart too for some of my meds. they call me when they are ready to pick up.

CeiPui said...

Nice header picture, and nice picture of Shannon!

That road with the tree in the middle, is each side of it wide enough for a vechicle to go through?

Sometimes I don't mind the cold rain, give me an excuse to just stay home and be cozy!

Sue and Doug said...

nothing wrong with a rainy, relaxing day..sorry to hear about your adventures at Walmart!..maybe next week will be better!!

Judy and Emma said...

I'm glad I have mail in prescriptions for now through my last school district. No hassle at all. Don't know what will happen when I reach 65, though. :(

Glad they didn't cut down that tree for the roadway! :)

meowmomma said...

Hi Pidge!
You might consider Walgreens? I keep saying they're going to be the new Walmart. They're putting in so many stores everywhere and they have everything in them, just not so much as Wally. I dislike Walmart too, but it is where we get our meds. Haven't ever encountered such a mess as yours though! That would be very disgusting!

Finally had a good day here ~ We got to meet Laurie and Odel!!! We're staying in the same park as them in Tempe, AZ!

Rick and Paulette said...

You can never have enough places close by for a good breakfast! Those breakfast burritos sure sounded good!

The Bright's said...

How many times have I walked through Wal-Mart mumbling "I hate this store... I hate this store". But I keep going back!
The title of your blog caught my attention because we are trying to do this full-timin thing for as little as possible. We too would rather find the less known treasures in our States.