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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

White Castle Hamburgers


If you are not familiar with White Castle Hamburgers, when you come back East, you have a surprise in store for you.  I crave the darn little things, but Donnie doesn’t really care for them.  So, he had  something else, and I headed for White Castle.  I have been eating them since I was very young, and I must say, they are about the only thing in my life that has stayed the same.  They are a little, tiny burger, but they fry the onions they put  on it, and it makes the little buns all warm and gooey.  Really good, you need to try them.






That picture is a little blurry, but as you can see they are very small.  I usually polish off about 3 of them and an order of mozzarella cheese sticks.  I like those a lot better than fries.  Whose counting calories?  Not me….


I spent the whole day with my brother yesterday.  We first saw his Hematologist, and then had to go to the Bone Marrow Unit, where he receives his transfusions.   He had to get another 2 units yesterday.  That makes 178 units of blood since all of this started.  The Doctor prescribed muscle relaxers for his stiff neck, and hang on to your hat, marijuana for his appetite.  Yes, that is pot!!!  He is giving it to him in pill form though.  The Doctor told us that it has worked for millions of people who have lost their appetite.  I just hope it works.  He did gain 3 pounds last week, but we think it might be fluids.  The Doctor didn’t say.


After getting through with the hospital, I ran the 2 prescriptions over to Wally World and dropped them off.  My brother went and picked them up later.  They wouldn’t give him the pot yet; it has to be cleared by a board or something.  Whatever…


I was so tired when I got home yesterday evening that I actually sat down in my recliner and went to sleep.  I spent very little time on the computer, so am behind on all the blogs I read.  I will get caught up today though.


This morning Donnie and I went to the grocery, and filled the truck up with diesel.  I kept my eyes peeled yesterday for diesel prices and they all seemed to run around $2.98 a gallon, so was very pleasantly surprised this morning when we only had to pay $2.85.  I still can’t figure out why the people in Indy let them get away with charging different prices for things, in different areas of town.  We didn’t need a whole lot from the grocery, so were back home pretty quickly.


Just got back from Charlotte’s house.  She offered to let me borrow an outfit to wear on Saturday.  I hate buying clothes just to wear once, and then they just hang in the closet for ever.  She had to wear a lot of dress clothes for her job, so has lots of nice outfits.  I picked some fall colors, so am all set.  Thanks again, Charlotte.


We got our bird feeders back out today.  I am probably a little late for the hummers, but the other birds are still around.  I love watching them, so I don’t care if they are just the little brown ones, or the really pretty Cardinals or Goldfinch.  I love them all. 


Going to get off here and get this posted.  My Hubby just cleaned a big bowl of grapes and sat them in front of me, so I guess I need to get busy on those.  Stay safe.


Gypsy said...

There are many, many medical issues that are relieved by the use of marijuana, and it's hard to know why so many people are against it. I was raised in the era where the establishment frightened us to death at what would happen if we even tried it once, and what a pack of lies that turned out to be!

I absolutely detest prescription medicines such as vicodin and tylenol 3, and if I ever have to have an operation again I will use marijuana as a pain reliever, but I understand the therapeutic effect is best when smoked. I hate the smell and taste of it, but would prefer it to all the side effects you get from manufactured drugs. Of course, the pharmaceutical companies are the ones who are dead set against it because they can't make money on it.

Right now, about 4 White Castles would have fantastic therapeutic value for me!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

I love a good White Castle we use to have them here in KC but they moved out.

I sent you a e-mail hope you got it.

Judy and Emma said...

I also sent you an email a week or so ago about the fence pictures. Did you get it?

I liked the original Whopper, but was never crazy about White Castle. :)

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

That's why they call them belly bombers,A St Louis area tradition, people even have them catered to wedding receptions, imagine that.Never had them out East when I was growing up in PA. When I moved to the St Louis area I was initiated on the Police Dept, they used to feed us for free. Hope you brother does better, it is hard on everyone in a situation like yours.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Gail Durham said...

God bless your brother. Cheese sticks are one of my favorite foods, but I also love fries, I have to stay away from both of them. Only once in a while I will treat myself.

Rick and Paulette said...

Those little hamburgers look pretty good - but, they'd be dangerous for me as I'd probably eat them like nachos and that wouldn't be a good thing!!

Interesting on the marijuana pills as I'd heard about the benefits of smoking marijuana for pain relief but didn't know they came in pill form. I don't see anything wrong with that at all as there are much stronger narcotics used in hospitals every day to treat folks who are suffering - morphine is just one.

Sue and Doug said...

white castle burgers look interesting!..we saw a show here about how they are made!..Hope your brother had a good day