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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Grand Daughter


My grand daughter did come out and spend the night with me last night.  We had a lot of good talks and fun.  That made getting up early and running her back to town this morning all worth it.  She was on her phone texting a lot, but show me any 15 year old that isn’t.  She has been grounded from it a few times, but has learned to tow the line, if she wants to keep it.  I am proud of my son and his wife.  I think they are doing a good job with her. Its hard for me to believe that in less than a year she will be driving, and I’m sure have her own car.




I love this picture of her, but not sure Mom and Dad feel the same way.  They think it makes her look to grown up.  I just think she is adorable, and I might add, has a personality to match.


I made our reservations in Indy today.  The lady at the park really acted like she was glad we are coming back.  That always makes you feel good.


I had to run back to town later to pick up my meds. that the Doctor ordered for me yesterday.  Geez, you need a college education to know how to take all of this stuff.  Since I am supposed to start taking it before breakfast, I will wait and start it tomorrow.  I just hope it works.  I am not one to handle illness well.  I like to be on the go and feeling fine. 


After leaving Wally World I stopped by my baby sister’s house.  I had picked up some knitting patterns for her, and wanted to drop them off.  We usually try to go out and eat or something, while I am home, but we will not be here long enough for that this trip.


After leaving her house I went back to see my Best Buddy and my little brother.  She helped me figure out how to take my meds.  I am glad to report that she looks really well, and seems to be doing good with her condition.


After leaving their house, I stopped at the County Court House to pick up 2 applications for our absentee ballots.  There wasn’t much to that, but do have to get them mailed back in, so they can send us our ballots in time for them to count.


The leaves here in Perry County are already starting to turn.  Not unlike a lot of other places, they have had a drought this summer, so don’t know if that is why they are already turning or not.


Want to welcome my new follower, Chelsi.  Since I mail her alerts when I post, she didn’t even know she could be a follower, so we added her last night.  She doesn’t care much about reading it, but likes to see all the pictures I post.


Donnie is with his brother and brother-in-law today.  They will be playing cards and having a few cold ones.  I don’t know how they can stand the heat.  The garage they play in doesn’t have air, but it doesn’t seem to bother them.  It is in the 90’s here today.


The girls are coming out tonight and bringing a pizza for supper, so I am going to run and get things ready.  You all stay safe.  :)


Gypsy said...

Your granddaughter is a lovely young woman. I hope you two are always close.

Freely Living Life said...

You have a very beautiful granddaughter! She looks like she is full of energy and has an excellent personality! I'm sure you are proud of her and her parents. =)

Hope those meds started to kick in for you. We are sending you some warm get well soon wishes! {{hugs}}

Did Donnie win at cards? :) Drinking cold ones in an open garage...ahh that brings back some great memories of my family when I was younger. We would always gather in the garage and have a wonderful time visiting, eating and playing cards.

Hope you enjoyed your pizza with the girls last night!

Great post. Thanks for the update! =)


Me and My Dog said...

Chlesi is a real cutie! Granddaughters are great, aren't they? Mine are 3 and 7, and cute as can be, too!
Good luck with the meds...