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Monday, September 27, 2010

Indianapolis Wins


Let me start by saying it was one of the better matched games they have played in a while.  We weren’t sure till the last few seconds if Indy was going to pull if off or not.  The Broncos have an excellent team this year, and they really gave us a run for our money yesterday, but Indy won in the end.  I love the Colts, but I also love my Husband, so it was a hard game to watch.


We got over to Charlotte’s house a couple of hours before the game started so we could play some cards.  Uncle Boone loves playing Euchre, and always says he would rather play cards than just about anything.  Makes no difference how he feels when we start, he always seems to forget his illness while we are playing, and we are grateful for that.   We played 2 games and then had some very good BBQ and potato salad.  We also had some chips and dip and an Italian Crème Cake.  It was good, but very, very rich.  Thanks Charlotte for a great time.


Took my brother down to the hospital this morning, but his count came back at 8.8, so he didn’t need a transfusion.  His biggest problem now is the pain in his neck and back.  The Doctor called him a little while ago and said he was going to up the medication he is giving him for it.  If he can get it under control, maybe he would feel like eating more, and getting out more.


When I got back to the RV Donnie and I went for a real long walk.  I forgot to take my camera with me, so didn’t get any pictures.  I wanted to get a picture from the other side of the lake, but I will do it next time.  I’m hoping we can get back into our routine of walking every day.  We both feel a lot better when we do.


After getting back from our walk,  I made us a tossed salad for lunch.  I like to cut up some Romaine Heart leaves, add a few grape tomatoes and some sliced mushrooms, for lunch.  I also had a cantaloupe that needed eating, so I cleaned that as well, and we both had some of that too.  A veggie and fruit lunch.  My favorite kind of lunch.


I finally broke down and bought some of the un-caged, chicken eggs that Judy and Gypsy had told me about.  They are a bit pricey is why I hesitated.  A dozen eggs were almost $4.00, but I must admit they sure look good.  I have some ham left from some ham steaks, so I am either going to make omelets tonight or maybe just some of the eggs scrambled with ham on the side.


Fall weather has certainly hit Indiana.  No pretty colors, but the weather has cooled down a lot.  It was 49 when I got up this morning.  It is 65* degrees as I write this at 4:25 pm.  Really unusual weather for us.  It is usually hot right up till winter, but not this year.  I don’t think there will be any pretty color here this year.  The leaves are just falling without turning.  Bummer!!!


You all stay safe…


Judy and Emma said...

That lunch sounds good to me! :)

Rick and Paulette said...

Sure hope those eggs were good. At that price, I'd be afraid to 'break' them!!

anne and tony said...

Do hope your brother feels better. We have the most marvelous chiropractor who also practices kinetics and he works wonders on us. He's Canadian originally. Both of us are fossilizing in that area!

Gail Durham said...

I hope your brother feels better soon.

meowmomma... said...

Hi Pidge,
Thanks for visiting my blog! I've added the followers deeliebob so if you'd like to come back, it's there. I didn't realize it wasn't there...duh. Which comment did you like the other day, just so I'm clear? I left two!

thanks again!

meowmomma... said...

=o) I was hoping that was the one!