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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Laura Ingalls Wilder Site


Ok, I am going to jump right in on the debate about font size.  I didn’t know this before, but according to Rick and others, you can change the font size easily by hitting the ctrl key and the + key.  If you want to make it small again, just hit the ctrl and hit the – key.  Simple, yes?  Thanks again Rick.


We started out pretty early this morning to go see the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum.  It is located in the small town of Spring Valley, Minnesota.  It is in a very beautiful, old, Methodist Church that her and her husband, Almanzo attended in 1890 and 1891.  We had a very young Docent, John, that took us around the church and was very knowledgeable about the Wilder family.  I have to admit  that I never read her books, but did watch the TV show with my father.  It peaked my interest enough that I bought the book “The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder” by Donald Zochert, in the gift shop at the Museum.  I was told this was the best biography of her life.


There were no pictures allowed in the old church or in any part of the Museum, but I did take a couple outside.







Here is the site for Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum.  I haven’t checked the site out myself, but this is the address they gave me.


After going through the Museum we headed on over to Don’s Family Grocery and picked up a few things.  For such a small town, this was a really nice store.


We brought our food home, fixed a  pizza for lunch and then headed out for the Forestville State Park.  We drove around for quite a while and checked out the camping sites.  They have some that look pretty good for RV’s, but most are primitive.


While in the park we wanted to check out the  Historical site.




It was actually closed today, but we were told we could wander around and take all the pictures that we wanted to.  That’s what we did.  Even the General Store was closed.  Bummer!!!  It is a very pretty area and sits right along the South Branch of Root River.  All these places are so picturesque.










We had to pay a $5.00 day fee, but we could have stayed till 10:00 pm if we had wanted to.  It is a pretty little park and worth the time and effort to see.


We are going to throw some chicken on the grill and have some potato salad and a few green beans for supper, then just kick back for the rest of the evening.


Tomorrow we will spend the day doing a few chores and getting the laundry caught up.  I also want to take a very long walk around the grounds here and check the river out.  I am sure this is also Root River, but I still want to check it out.


Stay safe… 


Gypsy said...

Looks like a good place to just relax and go back in time.

Not to get into any disagreements, but if a person uses a larger font on his/her blog, isn't it just as easy for another person to do a Ctl- to reduce it.

In The Wind Adventures of William and Mary Ann said...

Nice post Pidge.
- Mary Ann :-)

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We love going to old towns and church's like that. We had the samething for dinner!!

Rick and Paulette said...

Welcome to the "Bear Pit", Pidge!!

Love all the photos today too - especially those old barns!

We were pretty close to the Laura Ingall's place in 2007, but for some reason or other, we weren't able to squeeze it in.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Great photos...especially the church steeples...love taking those type photos!

Margie M. said...

I loved the Little House on the Prairie TV show. Great family entertainment with a message. We've been to MN but have never gone to see this museum. Thanks for sharing about it.

mikki said...

love the picture pidge, can't wait till the leaves change color here in colorado. t think fall is my favorite time of year. love your new site. mikki