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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home Depot


After getting up and eating a big breakfast of fruit, oats and toast, I jumped in the shower and then tried on the clothes that Charlotte had loaned me for the wedding this week end.  Good thing I did, cause the top was way too small.  So, that meant a shopping trip today.  I hate those, but sometimes you just can’t get around them.  We knew Donnie needed some pants too, so we struck out for Penny’s.  He found some pants, and after looking the whole store over, I finally found a blouse that is presentable.  I have a problem with all the clothes now days.  I am sorry, but to me, they look slutty.  I am a mid-west, pastel type of person, so all of these fancy doo dads, are just not my cup of tea.


After getting through with that, we needed to find a hardware store.  That is not a simple thing in Indy.  All of the smaller hardware stores have been run out of town by Home Depot and Lowes.  We did finally find a Home Depot over on 135 or Madison Ave, and Donnie was able to go in and get what he needed.  Our tripod that he sticks under the fifth wheel hook-up, on the front of the rig, had a bolt missing and he needed to replace it to use the tripod.  It does help stabilize the fifth wheel.  Keeps it from rocking in the wind so bad.





When we got back to the RV Park, we noticed this cute little RV had pulled in and parked.  I think they are adorable, but can’t for the life of me figure out where everything is in one of them.    As near as we can tell, this one only has an electric hook-up, so don’t think it has a bathroom or even a water hook-up.  I could be wrong though.





It has tanks on the front of it, so it must have a stove and some kind of furnace, but we could see no a/c anywhere on it.

Late in the night last night the Heaven’s opened up and it was raining really hard.  It was hitting the roof of the RV and almost sounded like hail, but wasn’t.   There has been a bad drought here, so any moisture is very welcome.  Just a few minutes ago we had another downpour.   It still looks like we could get a lot more.  It sure has cooled the temperatures down.  It was in the 90’s yesterday at this time.  Right now it is 72* outside.  What a difference a little rain can make.


Stay safe… :)


Gypsy said...

You are lucky to not be in that A-liner during a downpour. I don't know how tight they are, but it could get claustrophobic.

I will agree with you on women's styles. I especially hate lo-rise pants and jeans. I like the straight leg though, because the relaxed fit looks like I'm wearing 4 sizes too big! For some reason most skinny leg jeans & pants are lo rise.

Rick and Paulette said...

Well, I'm glad you found a suitable top as it simply wouldn't do to wear a 'slutty' one to a wedding now, would it!

That's a neat looking little trailer but I sure wouldn't want to have to spend a lot of time inside in that thing. It looks a little cramped!

Margie M. said...

We've seen those little A-frame trailers from time to time. At least they don't have to sleep on the ground in a tent.

Judy and Emma said...

When I was at Balcones NWR last spring, there was a fellow volunteer that lived in one of those A liners full time! I can't imagine doing that! :)

meowmomma... said...

hey Pidge,
I was checking out some of your older posts and since you mention going to Home Depot in this one, I thought I'd tell you ~ our youngest son that just graduated from commercial photography school in July works at the place in NC that shoots all their paper ads! Right now, OCT. if their ad has a pumpkin in it, he shot it!! And btw, they're done with Christmas now... just sayin'.

Susan said...

I agree with the style of clothes. I have better luck at the thrift stores and save a lot of $$$$.