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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Turtle Bayou RV Park


Wednesday we had made plans to meet with Ali and Ron at their Park.  I do realize I spelled it wrong in the last post, so, I wish to correct it now.  It is called Lone Star Corral, not Coral.  Anyway, we did meet them, and right away I really liked them.  They are very down to earth people, and very easy to talk to.  We had to wait around for a short amount of time so Ron could escort a late coming RV to their spot.  Ali and Ron are managing an Escapees Park, and this is part of their duties.

When Ron had finished we went to a place in D’ Hanis, Texas for supper.  It is called Bill and Rosa’s Steakhouse.  Let me tell you, we had some of the best food that we have had in months.  Donnie and I couldn’t resist ordering the Liver and Onions, and when it came, we were really surprised at how good it was.  Usually we are very disappointed, but not this time.  We ordered the 1/2 orders…  Ali had already warned us about their very large orders.  She was right.  There is no way I could have handled a full order.  Everyone’s food was delicious, and of course the conversation was great.  If you have a chance to meet these wonderful people, you should.  I know we will come across them again in the future, and will be looking forward to it.


I was taking a picture of them while Ali was taking a picture of us.


Can you believe the size of these drinks?


Ali and Ron, a wonderful couple.


Inside of Bill and Rosa’s.  A really nice place and the prices were right too…. Smile

Thursday I spent a little time doing some cleaning and getting things ready for our move.  Thursday morning Nancy and I did run into Leakey for a little while to hit the Thrift shops.  I didn’t find anything, but Nancy picked up a couple of books.


This picture is of the signs outside of the Humane Society’s Thrift shop.  They now also offer a Vet in house.  They sure were busy on Thursday, when we were there.  They brought in one little dog that had gotten too friendly with a Porcupine, and he had quills all over his nose and mouth.  Poor little pooch was really in a lot of pain.

Friday we spent the day filling up with fuel, picking up last minute groceries, and in general getting ready to pull out.  I also had some laundry to catch up and a number of things to put back in their traveling spots.

We left early on Saturday morning and had a very uneventful trip.  We traveled 321 miles to reach our stop here in Wallisville, Texas.  We are at a very nice Park, or I like it.  I had read some reviews that weren’t too favorable about this park, but I really like it.  It is a Pass Port America, so we are staying right on Turtle Bayou, with full hook-ups, and free wifi, for $18.00  a night.  I took a bunch of pictures, and will share them with you.



We are staying here for 4 days.  I wanted to make sure the Mardi Gras was all over with before we go to Louisiana to see the kids.  Haven’t heard from them so not sure if we will connect or not.  We will just have to see.

We played games with the gang for the last time Thursday night.  We will miss all the great people down there, but will be looking forward to next year.


Starting with the lady in blue blouse, Margie, Elizabeth, Elaine, Donnie, Paul, Bob, Rory, Bill, Nancy and Rudy.  A great bunch and we will miss them all.

Talk to you in a couple of days.  Stay safe… :)


Gypsy said...

You either love liver & onions or you hate it. I never even wanted to be in the house when my Mom used to cook it once in a while for herself and my Dad. Glad you enjoyed it.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

We did not meet Ali & Ron but we spoke plenty when we were making arrangements for them to receive our brake system with tow package. We look forward to eventually meeting them in person. Hopefully since they are in an area we will be passing through when we head west in the fall, we might just be able to then.

As for Liver & Onions, love it now...hated it as a child when my mother forced us kids to eat it along with spinach and beets, but now they are among my favorites.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

I remember my dad making us as kids eat liver..YUK

Have a good week..

Gail Durham said...

We love liver & onions. Those drinks are enormous!

Carol K said...

Your latest park looks great! So glad you were able to meet up with Ali and Ron. They are a great couple of people!

About the liver and onions meal--since I can't say anything nice, I won't say anything! :)

Rick and Paulette said...

I even liked liver and onions as a kid. I still love it but hesitate to order it in restaurants because of all the strange looks it brings!

Judy and Emma said...

You like liver and onions?? Egad! Gag me with a spoon. :)

meowmomma said...

I'm with Judy on that one...but you are the second ones to order it that I'm aware of recently so you're not alone.

Like all the pictures!

Continued safe travels!

Kelvin Coleman said...

Hmm, people shouldn't just rely on reviews! After all, we all have our own preferences. Good thing you liked the place and didn't actually care about the reviews. But, in a sense, they were helpful because they gave you an idea about the place.