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Friday, March 18, 2011

Lake City, Florida


I know I have been very lax in telling you about the RV Parks we have stayed in so, will take this opportunity to do so. 

Montgomery South RV Park is where we stayed when visiting with Judy and Dick.  It really was the nicest Park we stayed in on our 12 day journey.  It is a rather new Park and the young fellow running it, Jim is a delight.  Very helpful.  Not a big park, but has all the amenities that are a must for us, at a decent price.  $26.00 a night I think is a pretty good price, tax was included in the charge.  We would definitely go back there.

The next Park on our trip was at Milton Florida, where we met with some childhood friends of my brothers, Harry and Kay.  They came over to our site at Pelican Palms RV Park.  The park was apparently an old KOA, but it was clean and had very good wi fi.  Also full hook-ups. No cable, but when we are just staying a couple of days, we just watch what we can get on the antenna.

Harry and Kay arrived about an hour after we did.  I had gotten some chicken, potato salad, and baked beans for lunch.  Harry brought us a big batch of smoked cheese.  It is made with pepper cheese, cheddar, seasonings, and bacon bits, then he smokes it.  It is delicious, and Don and I have really enjoyed snacking on it.  Thanks again, Harry.  We talked for a couple of hours and got caught up on everyone at home.  The guys had a few cold ones, then it was time for them to leave.  Kay, Harry’s wife has to get up at a very early hour to get to work so, she must go to bed very early.  She has been a cook at a local Nursing Home for a lot of years, and seems to love the work.  Harry is retired from the service so, he keeps the home fires burning. It was fun and we hope to visit with them again.

While in Milton we had also made plans to meet with some old friends we made in Indiana 2 years ago, while I was taking care of my brother.  Bob and Elsie also write a traveling blog, but don’t post often.  You can find their site at the bottom of my list with the other blogs from trip journal.   We met at Cracker Barrel, and it was like our last meeting was yesterday, cause we both read each other’s blogs.  They are originally from New York, but are full-timing now.  Elsie will be flying back to New York next week to spend time with a new grand baby, then, their plans are for out west, with their first stop at the Grand Canyon.  Elsie also shared with me some of her new projects.  She is making, or I should say weaving, a beautiful little basket.  She also made a quilted billfold.  I envy her the craft classes she has been taking.  We just didn’t have anything like that this year in Texas.  I had my camera with me and did remember to get a picture of them and us together.



Since Donnie’s back has been hurting for the last few days, we didn’t get to spend as much time with them as we wanted, but I am sure we will meet up again.  They stay in Foley, Alabama for the winter, and have asked us to come down in our RV next winter and check their park out so, we might just do that.  Thanks for a great meal and conversation Bob and Elsie!!   

The Park we are staying in now is not a fancy park at all.  From what they advertise on line, I thought it would be great, but I have learned that they take all their pictures to their advantage. It is called Inn and Out.  It has everything we look for in a camp, but there are lots of permanent RV’s here and scores of kids.  That would be ok with me if they respect our space, but so far that isn’t happening, and it really keeps Rusty going.  Oh, well, we paid for a month so, will just have to get through it.  We plan on doing a lot of sight-seeing so won’t be here a lot.  The couple right next to us are friendly and have a great sense of humor so, maybe we can talk them in to playing games or something.



I walked over to the little pond that is on grounds and took a gazillion pictures of what I think is an Egret, but not sure.  It sure was pretty, but had black feet so, I could be mistaken on what it is.  I am sure Judy will straighten me out on what it is.  Let me warn you, I took a ton of pictures, but you can just ignore them if you want.





I honestly think this bird was posing for me.  It hung around forever.  It finally had enough of me stalking it, and flew to the other side of the Lake/pond.  There was a little black looking duck swimming around when I first got there, but it wanted no part of me and escaped right away.  I hope to see lots of birds and other creatures while we are here so, stay tuned.

Forgot to mention that the rent here, for the month, is $434.50, that includes all utilities, 70 cable channels, and very good wi fi.  May be a little high for the type of park we are in, but we will make do.

Later… :)


Gail Durham said...

That's a real good rent price for the month with cable and wifi. I won't tell you how much this campground charges.

Carol and Johnny said...

No monthly charge for the free book with the NOOK. You just need to be able to connect to wifi. Magazine subscriptions have a monthly fee just as a paper magazine would.

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Great pics & great info on the CGs... Enjoy your stay in FL & be safe.

Rick and Paulette said...

Lots of great pics, thanks! The campground info was great too, it'll come in handy if we ever make it down that way.

Judy and Emma said...

That was a great egret in your pictures, Pidge. Also, the black duck you asked about in Anahuac is an American coot. :)


Great photos! The birds do look like they were posing. Maybe they ate some "ham" for lunch :-)

Take care Pidge and have a great week :-)


Mr Mrs Crafty said...

Our blog just got posted to HitchItch and wow everyone here has great blogs. We are the shy ones from the RV world and still learning the do's and don'ts to RVing. Been on the road since 2009 and haven't looked back. I'm just getting into bird watch (lol a hitchitch blog member was so sweet emailing me tips). Currently we are in Rufus, OR till May work for sight kind of thing and then we head to our summer work for the first time in ID - we are so excited. I love your blog and look forward getting to know you and your adventure better.