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Friday, March 25, 2011

Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center


We started the morning out with a trip to Big Lots.  Do any of you shop there?  I like to check their grocery isles.  They have Campbell's soups in the large cans for a $1.00 or sometimes $1.25.  Best price I have ever found on it.  Sometimes we just feel like a bowl of soup and salad or sandwich.  I stocked up and won’t have to buy any for a while.   After leaving there I ran on to a mural that I thought was cute, and a couple of old buildings, on the way to the Culture Center.2011-03-23

I really loved those old buildings.  It looked to me like they may have some kind of old time gatherings or something there.  If they don’t, they are missing a good chance.  The little one with the chairs on the front porch is right down the street from the other two.  All look to be from the same era.

Mr. and Mrs. Crafty are my 2 newest followers, and I just want to say welcome to you and hope you enjoy the ride.  I looked at some of your crafts and really liked them.  If you all get a chance, check out their site.

We had decided to go out and visit one of the Parks on this day and thought it was a good idea to take Rusty along.  WRONG!!  I don’t know what was the matter with him, but he was so wild.  He wouldn’t settle down in the truck, and when we would get him out to walk, he would jump all over the place and want to go in the opposite direction from where we were going.  We were really sorry we brought him on this day. 

We did finally make it out to the Stephen Foster Culture Center, but Rusty was not allowed in any of the buildings so, we didn’t get to tour the beautiful museum or gift shop, but it was fun just driving around and seeing all the beautiful buildings and  Memorial Carillon Tower.

The Park is located in White Springs, Florida and offers camping, canoeing and hiking along the beautiful Suwannee River.  Since Rusty was acting up Don stayed in the truck with him and I got out and got only one picture with the River in it.

The centerpiece of the park is the Stephen foster Memorial Carillon Tower.  The carillon, the world’s largest tubular bell instrument, plays concerts daily featuring the music of Foster and music for special occasions.  The music can be heard all over the park, but we were not lucky enough to hear it.  We did hear it chime though.

The museum is housed in an antebellum style mansion typical of those that existed in Foster’s era.  I think the most famous song that Stephen Foster wrote was “Way Down Upon the Suwannee River”.  You can tell by this park that he was very well loved.  I took lots of pictures and will share them with you.

It was a $5.00 fee for day use, and they offer lots to do and see.  The flowers, as you will be able to tell by the pictures, were really pretty on this day.  Hope you enjoy the photos.


You will have to click on the picture to enlarge it and then you can see the big green wire balls hanging in the tree.  The other is the back of the museum.

041 Stitch-2

This is the front of the museum.




The tall box on 4 legs is a bat house, and from the looks of the bottom of it, they have been using it a lot.  The rest of the picture shows the walk down to the large gazebo and river.


A beautiful park, and not the smartest move to take our puppy, but we did enjoy it and highly recommend it to you.

Later… :)


Carol K said...

You got some fabulous pictures during your trip to the museum. I especially enjoyed all the flower pictures. We have a Big Lots store not too far from where we live, but I rarely go there. I have found some bargains there, though, including some slippers which I am still wearing.

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Wonderful, wonderful pics. I like Big Lots as well...don't shop there often but maybe I'll go more often now that you mentioned the soup bargain. Rusty's prob is he's a puppy & a very excited one -- everything is new and he's curious about everything -- just like a 2-yr old...LOL

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Today Annie and Max have been wild must be something in the air. Love the pictures and tour.

Mr Mrs Crafty said...

OK I am sold on the flowers... I too love old old buildings. We haven't been to a Big lots since 2009 just before we started RV full time - weird.... My little SnowPea is nuts all the time and our Milita is sleeping all the time waiting for us to hit the trails. You do great photo work!!

Happytrails said...

What a beautiful place! Great pictures....thanks for the tour.
We love soup and sandwich or small salad. I'll have to check out Big Lots thanks for the heads up!

Donna K said...

I enjoyed your photos and the tour. Thanks for the post. Sorry Rusty is misbehaving - guess even the fur faced kids have their off days.

Judy and Emma said...

After a three mile hike through the woods this morning, Emma was pretty calm for the rest of the day. Lots of exercise may be the key for Rusty, too. :)

Malone said...

So much fun seeing the azaleas in bloom in Florida. Gorgeous.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Ya Loyce takes Biscuit on long walks with her when she does her morning exercise. This tuckers her all out, and she is the perfect sleepy lady after that. Otherwise she is a wild one on a leash, if you try to go anywhere where people are gathered.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

We used to have a Big lots in Wentzville MO. but I think it closed,I like them and would walk around and just look at stuff. Finding something you couldn't live without almost every time. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Anneke use to love big lots, but we have not been in one for quite a while.

meowmomma said...

The photo's are beautiful this time ~ especially the flowers!

Randy and Terry said...

We visited this park a few years ago and really enjoyed it, too. There are several dioramas in the museum depicting Foster's songs. And the grounds are beautiful. Thanks for the reminder!

Kevin and Ruth said...

Love your header picture. Sure looks like a nice park.

Kevin and Ruth