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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Osceola National Forest


We haven’t been doing much, just kicking back and enjoying life.  I did stalk another big bird, over by the pond/lake.  It is a beautiful bird and I think it is a Heron, but not sure.  Hope Judy can enlighten me on this. I guess to save a lot of wear and tear on Judy, I need to get myself a bird book.  That way I won’t have to keep asking her what they are.  I saw some little white birds, but before I could get a good shot of them, a lady and her dog scared them away.  I think they were Ibis. 


When I was through fixing supper, and cleaning the dishes and kitchen last night, I decided to go ahead and get my nightie on.  Not too long after sitting down to watch TV there was a knock on the door.  Donnie answered, because of my being indisposed, but my curiosity got the better of me so, I stood behind our stove and talked to the gentleman.  Turned out he was a reader from when I still had my blog on my trip journal.  Bill said he had been reading my blog forever and just wanted to stop and say hi.  A really nice guy.  He is staying at  the Ocean Pond campground out in Osceola National Forest and was telling us about it.  He didn’t stay but just a few minutes, but it is always nice meeting my readers.

Of course, he got me thinking about the campground so we took a drive out that way and drove through it and some of the forest.  I thought we might see Bill and stop for a minute and talk, but we didn’t see him anywhere so maybe he has already pulled out.  We loved the Park and I took a few pictures to share with you.



We loved this park.  It only has water and electric and of course doesn’t offer Wi fi or cable, but for just a few days I could do without both of those things.  It seems like more and more we want to be away from all the hustle and bustle of the towns.  This just gives us another option when traveling from place to place.  We also have the Golden Age Pass card that allows us to stay for half price.  This park would cost us $12.00 a day with this pass.  Not bad, and the surroundings are fantastic.

Tomorrow I may get out and visit a few thrift shops.  I went out yesterday and visited the Chamber of Commerce office and picked up some info about the area.  There is plenty to do and see around here, with several State Parks very close to where we are. We plan on visiting as many as possible. I also checked out the groceries and other places we will be utilizing.   They have a very large Publix grocery here, but I was not all that impressed.  May go there to get my meat though.  Do any of you use this store?  This is my first experience with them..

Want to welcome my newest followers, Allen and Connie.  Please if you have a blog, share it with me, and I will share it with my readers.  Welcome to you both and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Later… :)


BamaGurl said...

Hi Pidge, Glad y'all r enjoying urselves. I have used Publix some, find it to be somewhat higher than surrounding stores but quality food and they carry some things other stores dont. They have a good number of buy one get one free and do good things with coupons. My daughter has stumbled upon a coupon system that is working great for her and several other friends of hers. I'm not usually into coupon clipping but she promises me that if I spend 30-45 minutes in the beginning, it will be worth it in the long run. Her last visit to Publix here in Montgomery netted her $173 worth of groceries for around $80. We're looking forward to getting on the road if we ever finish this house across the street. Take care, safe travels.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

We lived in Florida for 14 years. We shopped at Publix often. I bought canned or packaged goods at Wal-Mart or Target because Publix was a little higher. I liked their meat, seafood and produce.

birdwatchers digest.com has a good online guide.

Lots of great state parks in Florida. We camped at swanee river st park and be sure to check out one of the springs like blue springs or Ichetucknee Springs- crystal clear cold cold water.

I.M. Vayne said...

Glad to find someone besides myownself that has as they're sum knowing of birds, the fact that has feathers and fly

Gypsy said...

I shopped at Publix last year when I worked at Fort Pulaski near Savannah. It was the best grocery chain I have ever shopped in. It is the only chain that I found has a great bakery. I liked their produce (and you know I only buy organic); I don't buy canned goods except a can of soup every once in a while, so I don't know about those kinds of prices. Every Publix I shopped at had a wonderful, friendly staff in all departments. Someone I worked with told me Kroger's had cheaper prices, but I didn't like them at all. Anyone who thinks Kroger's is great is looking for something way different than I am. I wish we had Publix in California!

Judy and Emma said...

Definitely shots of a great blue heron you've got there. If the beak of the white bird you saw curved downward, it was an Ibis. If it didn't curve, it was probably a snowy egret or cattle egret. :)

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Sounds like you are having a great time & learning birds too -- good for you. Golden Age Pass is a great thing to have. Have never been anywhere where there was a Publix:( Great pics!

Rick and Paulette said...

I've never run across a Publix! Nice pics of the birds whatever they might be!

Sue and Doug said...

The state park collages look really good Pidge!..as for a visitor while wearing your nightie?..I say get some 'happy pants and a t-shirt instead!..then you are always ready for 'company'!! :)

Kevin and Ruth said...

We really like the out of way places. We don't really like the normal kind of RV parks and generally stay away from them. We don't watch TV but Kevin is addicted to the internet. If you can do without the TV, you could purchase an internet stick or a Verison Mi-Fi device that will let you hook up to a cell signal and then it sends out a Wi-Fi signal that up to 5 devices can connect, then you could go to a lot of these out of the way places that are quiet and peaceful. Just a thought for you.

We have used Publix in the past and were quite happy with them. They had quality food and lots of choice.

Kevin and Ruth

John and Carol said...

Glad to see you are enjoying your time in the Sunshine State. Your collages are great! The Golden Age Pass offers such great savings at some really wonderful campgrounds.