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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Day Trip


We took a very fun day trip yesterday.  Nancy, her husband Paul, Donnie and myself.  We first headed back to Bandera.  They have a really nice RV Camp there, Skyline Ranch RV Park, and we wanted to talk to the folks that run it.  Please do not take me wrong.  We love the park we have stayed at here in Concan, Texas for two different winters, but the cedar pollen is really making me sick this time.  Several others have also been affected by it, so some of us may try to stay at this other park next season.  They don’t have any cedars in their park,  and don’t expect the owners here to cut down their beautiful trees, just for a few of us. I am having nose bleeds a couple of times a day, and I constantly sneeze and feel stuffed up.  We have one lady here that is taking 3 different medicines, with no relief.

Skyline Ranch RV Park is a very nice Park, and is priced about the same as Parkview.   They also have game nights, bingo, potlucks, craft classes, and 3 club houses for patrons use.  An extra perk is across the fence from the park is 2 longhorn cows/steers, and some adorable miniature donkeys.  I took a few pictures that I will share with you of the park.



After talking to the owner of the Park and looking around we decided to give it a try next winter.  We will miss everyone here, but it can’t be helped.

We left Bandera and headed a little North.  I wanted to see the Stonehenge II  that is near Kerrville, Texas.  It is cute, but I thought it would at least be in a nice setting.  There were a couple of statues copied from the Easter Island statues also.  A bit of a disappointment, but it was a fun trip.  I got a shot of Stonehenge, but it looked like it was in front of some kind of Art School, so we didn’t tarry.



It was getting close to lunch time when we left Stonehenge II,  so we went on the look for a nice place to have some lunch.  We found it  on 39, right on the Medina River.  It was a very pretty little place called “Elaine’s Plate”.  Where we were sitting we could see right out over the river, and at one time 3 deer walked across the dam, but I wasn’t quick enough to get their picture.  I had soup of the day with a half sandwich, Nancy and Paul both had turkey sandwiches, and Donnie had the special: a taco pie made with Fritos.  It was all very, very good, and we all plan on going back.  They were served with some potato skins that were slightly scorched, and believe it or not, they were good.  That is the way they are made and a first for all of us.  My soup was the best I have had in forever.  It was a creamed pepper soup, can’t remember the French name.


We left after lunch and were on the hunt for the Motorcycle Museum.  We did find it on 187, but it is closed through the week.  I had looked on line, but couldn’t find a number to call and check when they are open.  They are just opened on the week ends, so we will go back later.

We did run into a bunch of snow flurries yesterday.  We are very cold down here again.  Nancy and Paul’s water froze again, but ours survived.  We let it drip every time it even gets close to freezing temps.  It only got up to 40* yesterday and just the low 50’s today.  I am sick of it!!!

Still playing games on several nights a week, and Sunday night we have a dessert night.  We all eat dinner at home, then go to the club house for dessert.  I think I will skip dinner. :)

Welcome to my newest follower, Donna K.  She writes a very good blog.  If you get a chance, check it out.  Hope you enjoy your ride along with us.


Stay warm and I will catch you later….


Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Enjoy your blog...love the pics, as well as Maxine -- she always says it like it is...lol.

Gypsy said...

Just think that in a few months you will be wishing for this cooler weather! The summer will probably be a real scorcher.

Carol K said...

How did Maxine get so smart? :) Snow flurries--oh no! Is the Bandera park any further south than where you are now? I gather it's not too far away or you wouldn't have been able to get there so quick. I think it's good that you have some options about where to stay next year. Allergies are no fun!

Donna K said...

Love the Maxine comic...I hear ya on the cedars. We have many on our property and the pollen drives me crazy in the spring. Good luck with your new park next winter.

Mac said...

We have stayed at the Skyline Ranch. It is a nice park run by some wonderful people who take pride in their park.

Bandera is a nice town with some neat shops in it.

When left Tarply after visiting with you we say a cedar explode with all of the pollen. It was so thick we thought the tree was smoking from a fire.

Stay warm

Judy and Emma said...

I'm beginning to think global warming means freezing winters. Going to be in the 20's here in MS tonight. Hope the dripping faucet works tonight for me.

Hope you enjoy the new park next winter...

John and Carol said...

I'm so glad you found such a great place to stay next year.

I love Maxine too! She is so funny.

Randy and Terry said...

Very sorry to hear you are suffering so badly from the pollen. That just isn't fun. We're coming out of our cold snap here - at least for the next few days. Who knows how long it will last! We're gonna enjoy it while it's here. Take care!

Gail Durham said...

Spring and Summer will be here soon. I can't wait, I will never complain about the heat!!


Hang in there! Springtime is right around the corner. Maybe? :-)

Take care and have a nice day :-)