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Friday, February 4, 2011

Heading To Bandera


On the first and third weekend of the month there is a flea market at the Legion in Bandera, Texas.  Seven of us from here are going to run over and see if we can do any better than we did last week in San Antonio.  It will be fun and get us all out.  I don’t know about everyone else, but we have been holed up in our RV since Tuesday.  We missed both game nights and a potluck this week.  Once we got the pipes thawed we were afraid to leave for fear something else would freeze, or break.  I know some of the campers had their drain hoses freeze and break, so needless to say, we have stayed right on top of things.


We did run to town earlier and pick up some snacks for tomorrow nights games, and also a snack tray for the Super Bowl Party here at the park.  It actually got up to 39* here, but is supposed to go back down into the 20’s tonight.

One of the ladies, here at the park has been carrying a beautiful carry-all every time we play games or go shopping.  I finally asked her if she made it and she did, so naturally I had to know what she sold them for.  She sells them for $20.00 a piece.  They are so nice.  They are pretty large,quilted bags, have a zipper/pocket on the front, so if you want to run into the grocery and pick up a couple of things, your wallet and keys will fit in the front pocket, and items in the bag part.  I could see my girls names all over these, so ordered 3 of them right away.  Marolyn also makes a jewelry carrier.  You place your earrings in the little pockets on the sides and your necklaces and bracelets in the middle.  All of my girls wear lots of jewelry too, so these will come in handy also. Jennifer has a Birthday in a few days and this will make a nice gift for her.  Jen’s is green, Angie’s is reds, and Shannon’s is fall colors.  I will share a picture of Jen’s with you.  Marolyn does all the work in these pictures.





It is hard to tell in these pictures, but all of these materials have a green background, so they all contrast well.

I had another woodpecker at the feeder this morning.  When that happens, it just makes my day.  I get scores of other birds too, but I think the woodpeckers are my favorite to watch.


I also got a picture of this beautiful dog.  I have seen him several times, but Donnie is never with me when he is out, so I stopped and took a couple of pictures of him to show to Donnie.  I think his coloring is very unique.


Want to share Alan and Marilyn’s site with you.  I welcomed them as a new follower the other day, but didn’t have the address for their site at the time.  Check it out, it is very interesting.  And, again, welcome…

Also want to welcome Luci and Loree to my blog.  I have read some of her site and find it very interesting too.  Hope you enjoy the ride with us. 

And, welcome to The Old Geezer.  His site is very habit forming, and very informative, so please check it out.  Hope you enjoy your time with us.

I have another question for you.  I am taking fish-oil pills 3 times a day, 1,000mgs each.  My question is can I take flax seed pills with these, or do you know of a site where I can find this kind of thing out?  I have high cholesterol, but refuse to take statins.  My ratio is 2.6, so I think my main concern is trying to lower bad cholesterol.  Can someone help?  Thanks…

We did finally remember to stop and get a tag for Rusty that has our info on it.  It is very cute.  A little bone with his name on one side and our info on the other.


Stay warm you all….. :)


Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

When you find out about the fish oil and flaxseed combo, please pass it on. I love the bags Marolyn made. We love flea markets too -- hope you enjoy your trip to Bandera. I really enjoy your blog.

Have a great shopping day!

Carol K said...

Pidge, I hope you have a great time in Bandera. My aunt (my father's sister) has lived there for many years. I've never had a chance to visit her there. I like following your adventures!

Gypsy said...

Several years ago when I was taking the liquid cod liver oil, I also took flaxseed oil, and it was recommended by the owner of the health food store. If you take the flaxseed in oil form it should be kept refrigerated. I don't take the flaxseed any more (can't remember why I quit) but I do take a 400 I.U. capsule of Vitamin E every day now. Good luck in getting your cholesterol lowered.

I love those bags! Would they hold much in the way of a few groceries? I guess they would hold several grocery bags at least. I've really gotten away from plastic. I even pick up after the dog using paper napkins and then placing it all in a brown paper lunch bag. I'm not contributing to the larger-than-Texas size island of plastic debris floating in the middle of the Pacific!

Sue and Doug said...

nice quilted bag!!..pretty colours!

meowmomma said...

Cute dog and nice shots of the flicker!

I take a fish,flax and borage capsule that I get at Walmart. My Dr. also takes the same thing. After taking it once a day he recommended me taking it twice a day, so now I take one in the morning and one at night. And, since we're out here in the desert and my skin is very dry, I'm considering taking one in the afternoon also.

Hubster's had two stents, at seperate times, and he's had niacin recommended to him by his heart surgeon. It has the problem of causing heat flushes though with some people and it did with him, so he doesn't take it anymore.

Hope that helps you out!

We went over to Bandera from Kerrville when we bought out motorhome a few years ago because someone had told us about all the cowboys riding their horses into town. We saw several tied up in front of the bars and some also some buckboards in town!

Thanks for the compliment about my watermark!!

Rick and Paulette said...

After having cod liver oil forced down my throat as a kid, I'd never go near another fish oil product!! Have fun at Banderas.

Roadrunner said...

Fish Oil and Flax?? Hope you have plenty of TP~
I take fish oil caps. they are coated, so you don't taste the fishy coming back up! Flax seeds don't do any good until they are crushed. Flax powder is Ok, taste "nuty", don't know about Flax Oil. I think u can go to Puritans Vitiams and find out a lot about this stuff. They will send you a little "book".

Donna K http://therapytravels.blogspot.com/ said...

Just found your blog via Carol K and the McMillans. That looks like a great bag and such beautiful detail work. Enjoyed the photo of the dog too; never met a dog I didn't like (well, almost!).