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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday!!


Hope I am not stepping on any toes here, but I am backing “The Pack”.  I really like their Quarter back , and hope he goes all the way.  He was also my brothers favorite new quarter back, so hope they win in his honor.app_full_proxy

Ok, enough of that.  We are having a Super Bowl party at the club house tonight and everyone is just bringing whatever they want in snack foods.  I am taking a tray with pepperoni, hard salami, Colby jack cheese, and cheddar cheese.  And, lots of Ritz crackers .  We had a good time a couple of years ago.  Everyone usually plays games till the last quarter, then all eyes are on the game.

It turned out to be an all-girls-day yesterday.  Winnie, Nancy, Marolyn, and mysellf.  We started out by going to Bandera.  The flea market we intended to go to must have been canceled, because we couldn’t find a soul around the Legion, where it was being held. There was also supposed to be one at Pipe Creek, a little place not far from Bandera, but it was also canceled.  Just too cold for these Texans.

So, we decided to hit the consignment shops in Bandera, I think there were two.  We found a few items, but not much.  While we were driving around looking for others, we noticed a sign that said Kerrville 24 miles, and since we had all day we went.

The very first place we hit after getting to Kerrville was pretty nice, and I think it was just called The Family Thrift Shop.  I got 2 very nice nightgowns for $7.00.  One was new and one was like-new.  The other girls got some sewing items, clothes and books.

After leaving this store we decided to go to Denny’s for lunch.  Winnie had breakfast, Nancy and I had  a lunch pizza on flat bread, and Marolyn had their nacho’s .  Everyone agreed the food was very good, and the waitress headed us in the direction of another consignment shop.

It was another really nice one, and Marolyn really hit pay-dirt at this one.  She uses lots of zippers, and materials to make items to sell and was able to get a lot of both here.  While there, Marolyn struck up a conversation with two older, very well-dressed ladies, and asked them if there were more stores of this type, and they laughed and said, “ Kerrville is full of them”, so we all hopped in the truck and followed them to the next one.  They were so sweet to do this for us.  This store is called Rerun, and I think it was the nicest store I have ever seen for a thrift shop.  Everything was neat, clean, and very organized.  Marolyn was able to get more sewing supplies, Winnie got a new basket for her fruit, and Nancy got more books.  The night gowns were my only purchase for the day.

After leaving that one, we stopped at a couple more, then made tracks for the RV Park.  Last night was game night and since it was already going on 4:00, we thought we’d better high-tail it on back, but I am sure we will go again.  We all had a ball, and made it back for game night.

We played Mexican train last night, another table played Pegs and Jokers, and the third played Golf, the card game.  We have so much fun down here, and I thank God every day for the opportunity to do this.  I wish you all could be here with us.



You all stay warm and I will catch you later… :)


John and Carol said...

We went to a rally in Kerrville with RV Dreams. We had the best tine and really liked the Buckhorn RV Park.

I'm backing the Pack too. They have played so well.

Donna K http://therapytravels.blogspot.com/ said...

That sounds like a really fun day! I'm a Packer Backer too but my reason is pretty silly - they wear the same colors as my favorite college team LOL! I love college football but don't follow the pros that much. I'll be watching the Super Bowl though. Have a good day.

~~Mike~~ said...

I am going to be backing the pack too today. Close call though! Golf is a great card game :) Always play that one with my Mom when we are in her area. Enjoy the game!

97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

Malone said...

Sounds like ya'll are having just too much fun! So great.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

I am with you- Go Pack and we can't wait to join you - not much longer :)

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Great game -- happy the Packers won & quarterback got MVP. Have enough fun at all the thrift stores for me too:)


Rick and Paulette said...

The Green Bay Packers - Super Bowl Champions! Yeahh!!!