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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pot Luck Night


Tonight is the Pot Luck supper at the club house, but I am going to have to pass on it.  I want to go so bad to see everyone I haven’t seen yet.  My back is not cooperating at all.  We did at least get the windows washed this morning, but I would have to wash a couple, then sit back down on the hot pad. I am also taking ibuprofen every six hours or so.  Nothing seems to be helping though.  I may have to sleep in the recliner tonight.  I couldn’t get comfortable at all in bed last night. Normally it is not this bad, but I think a few days of pampering it, and it will be well again.  I sometimes think that when we don’t get to do our walking, my muscles break down in my back or something.  I offered to go ahead and make a vegetable for Donnie to take over, but he hasn’t decided yet if he wants to go without me.


I am getting so many different kinds of birds coming to my feeders.  It’s like heaven.  I am going to post a few pictures of the birds and the squirrel trying to feed from one of the feeders.  I am hoping “The Bird Lady'” of blog-land will be able to tell what the little green/yellow bird is.  I only got a look at the back, so it may not be enough for her to tell.  There is also a crazy Gray/Grey Jay that has been trying to get into our RV all day.  I never could get a picture of him trying to break in, but he would fly away when I got my camera up to take it.







I have also seen House Finch and Cardinals today, but couldn’t get any pictures of them.  I must have missed the little Deer this morning, but I will keep trying to get a picture of them.


Want to welcome my 2 new followers.  The first is Jincr.  I couldn’t find a site for her, but if you have one, please let me know and I will post it for you.  The second is Marion.  She has a very interesting site.  Check it out; I think you will like it.  Hope you both enjoy riding along with us.  It amazes me that I have 70 followers.  Thank you each and everyone..


We heard something hollering last night after dark.  I think it was probably a Screech Owl, but not sure.  It was a very eerie sound.  I have been hoping to hear some coyotes at night, but haven’t yet.  Do you think we were hearing a Bigfoot?  That would just be great…  I would love to see one of them.. :)


I really got a great surprise yesterday.  The RV Park we stayed at in Indy, Lake Haven RV Retreat, put money back in my account yesterday.  It clearly said on their rules that there were absolutely no refunds, so even though we had only stayed 1 week of the month we had paid for, I didn’t ask for anything back.  It was our choice to leave early.  Just another reason why I will always stay at this park when we are in the Indy area to see family.  Thanks Sarah, it is much appreciated.


Don’t know what is going on, but I have been trying to post for over an hour and either Live Writer or Blog spot won’t let me.

Catch you all later… :)


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Great bird photos...hope your back gets better soon!

John and Ellen said...

Pidge - hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for sharing your great bird pictures.

meowmomma said...

Feel better soon please!!! Have you ever tried doing pelvic thrusts for your back? They are very similar to what that back2back machine they sell on TV does. I have one of those and it really helps my back when it gets riled up!

Sit back and enjoy your avian friends!!!

Judy and Emma said...

Hi Pidge, Bird Lady here. Your crazy jay is actually a Northern mockingbird. They are very territorial, so that explains it's attacking it's reflection in your windows! Looks like you've got a black-crested titmouse there and a Carolina chickadee. As for the mystery bird, it will remain just that until you snap a picture of a front view. :)

Back problems are a pain in the asparagus! Hope yours improves soon...