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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting Some Rain.


We knew on Friday, since Donnie had washed all of the outside windows, that a rain was bound to come.  We were right, we got up to cloudy skies and in not too long a time, the Heavens opened up and down it came.  Indy needs rain so bad, it is really a very welcome sight.


I received this video in an email from my cousin and I thought you all might like it.  Just click here.  I really thought it was pretty.  Hope you enjoy it too.


As you can, or maybe not, tell, I am having lots of trouble with the new Live Writer I just downloaded.  I think I may go back in and delete this one and download the older version.  I type 3 or 4 words before they even show up on the page.  Don’t know what is causing that.  Maybe I will get the bugs out, but I don’t have a lot of patience with this kind of thing.


I have a couple of people in my family celebrating Birthdays in a few days so want to give them a shout-out while I am thinking about it.  My SIL, Mark will be 46 on the 6th and my BIL, Mark Van Winkle will be 60 on the 11th.  Happy Birthday guys and drink one for me.




This is my daughter, Shannon and her Hubby, Mark, the Birthday boy..


Want to welcome my newest follower, vision quest.  Check this site out, it is brilliant. 


Thanks to all the comments yesterday concerning “Tioga and George”.  It is very plain to me that a lot of people are concerned about him, in his time of deep stress.  I sure hope they can get it all worked out, and George is able to get some much needed sleep.


Going to make this a short post and play around with Live Writer a little more and see if I can come to an agreement with it…. Smile



I much preferred the format of the old Live Writer but I have heard once you download the new version into Win 7....there is no going back. Haven't had any delayed typing with the new LW though.......

Carol K said...

I can't tell that you are having trouble with the new Live Writer, but I wish you well.

I really liked the video that you provided a link for. That kind of inspiration is nice to share! Thank you.

Have a nice weekend, Pidge, and enjoy the rain.

Rick and Paulette said...

Strange problem re the new Live Writer. It would probably be best just to download the file again, reinstall the new version, then make sure you restart your computer and give it another try.

Gypsy Trails said...

I am enjoying your blog Pidge and thanks for sharing comments on my blog :)

Have a good weekend!

Judy and Emma said...

I haven't tried loading the new Live Writer yet, and with your comments, I think I'll wait a bit. :) Go outside and have a free shower! :)

Sarah said...

Oh, rain. Isn't that how it always goes? Wash the car - rain. Clean the windows - rain!

Regarding LiveWriter and similar programs - it seems like so many bloggers have issues with the program. What redeeming qualities does it actually have that people keep using it? It seems like it's just hard drive clutter. :|

I love love love the new blog header picture!

meowmomma... said...

Love the halloween picture up top!!

IDK this live writer thing everyone is talking about! My wonder is, if I go to that what will become of my bloggerdy blogs?

Margie M. said...

Hope your rain is just enough...but not too much. You have a beautiful daughter and a handsome SIL, Pidge. :)

~~Mike~~ said...

Thanks for the kind words about my blog and the welcome Pidge! I very much appreciate it! My OS is linux so I don't use livewriter, but wish you luck on making it work. I do have a plugin for my firefox called scribefire that is okay, but really most of the time I just use the blogger editor and do the blogs when I am online.

Happy Birthday to Mark and Mark! I hope the rain is perfect to fill the need! I love rain :)

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