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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Columbia County Historical Museum


The building that houses the Columbia County Historical Museum dates from about 1870. An unusual example of Southern Italianette  Style, it features the typical square shape and low pitched roof as the notable architectural features.  Typical of the homes of this period, the rooms are arranged symmetrically off of a broad central stair hall.  The upstairs bedrooms are arranged in a similar fashion.  a rear servants staircase leads to the kitchen wing and the back porch area.  Wrapped on two sides by a two-tiered veranda, the exterior features are balanced with simplicity of design.

John Vinzant Jr., the first Clerk of Court of Columbia County, and a disabled Confederate Veteran, bought this house in 1880 for $450.00.  His daughter, May Vinzant Perkins, lived here until she was 92 years of age.  She was a widely respected and published poet, plus a feature writer for local newspapers.  May Vinzant Perkins was named Poet Laureate of the State of Florida and a founding member of local service and social organizations.  She continues to live through her poetry that is on display at the Columbia County Historical Museum.

We enjoyed this museum and especially liked the story of how they got the guns for their exhibits.  Apparently some time after the war ended a party of black soldiers entered town looking for someplace to eat and to rest.  None of the towns people would have anything to do with them until they came upon this one lady.  She said she would feed them, but they must leave their guns outside.  The men of the town decided the guns should be locked in a tool shed for safe-keeping.  After the men finished eating they went outside to find the men of the town had a change of heart and beat the soldiers and ran them out of town without their guns.  Later they disposed of the guns in Desoto Lake, here in town.  Sometime later the people of Gator, (Lake City before it’s name change), decided to drain the lake to see if they could recover the guns, and sure enough they did.  While they were doing this an older gentlemen came by and stated that there should also be a lot of pistols in there.  He said for years the Sheriff and his deputes had been dumping guns into the lake that they had confiscated from criminals.  They looked a little longer and came up with all kinds of pistols.  Some of these same guns are now on display in this museum.


This is the outside of this pretty little museum.  There was no charge for visiting, but we always make some kind of donation.  This is run by volunteers only, and I must say it is in very good shape.  I took quite a few pictures and will share them with you.  Hope you enjoy them.





Wanted to thank all my friends and family for all the Birthday wishes I received on Friday.  Yes, I am officially on Medicare now.  I can barely believe I have reached 65, but here I am.   My Hubby got me a beautiful ring for my B-day and I know a lot of people say the romance is out of a marriage after so many years, but not so.  Thanks Honey, I love it.


Let me welcome my newest follower, Lila.  She doesn’t have a blog yet, but they hope to sell their business and start full timing soon.  Her husband does not want to sell the business and put their people out of a job in these hard times.  I can understand that, and we will all be out here rooting for you when you can start.

Hope you all have had a great week end… :)


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Happy Birthday to you and the ring is beautiful.

Don is making some of us men look pretty bad...

Gypsy said...

(Belated) happy birthday to you, and welcome to Medicare! That is a gorgeous ring!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

You have a thoughtful Husband and share a birthday with me, I hope it was the Best Birthday ever. Be safe out there.Sam & Donna...

Carol K said...

A belated happy birthday to you! You do a great job with your collage photos.

Evielynne said...

What a wonderful husband you have. You must be the greatest women alive... LOVE LOVE LOVE the ring. Happy Birthday! Love the photos - a lot of work goes into collage pics and you do them well...

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Happy Belated Birthday...the ring is beautiful...thanks for the history lesson as well. Great collage!

Sue and Doug said...

happy belated birthday!!.the ring is lovely!..

Donna K said...

Want to add my belated wishes to the rest and welcome you to Club Med(icare)! What a beautiful ring and so ♥romantic. I think romance just gets sweeter the longer you are married.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Like the story about the guns. Glad you had a happy birthday and what a lovely ring you got for your wonerful husband.

Kevin and Ruth