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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Magic Chef Party.


There were about 30 of us girls, and 3 or 4 guys that attended the party today.  They are always interesting, and I love some of their products.  I ordered about $40.00 worth of stuff.  Clips, to close bags, a tomato knife, a small cook book, and a mix and chop tool.  I like their stone ware, but it is so heavy, not a good idea for carrying in an RV.


I did get to see some of the girls I hadn’t seen since arriving.  Winnie, Nancy, Sue, Barb, and many more.  I found out that Winnie broke her back last year while here.  She is doing very well, and doesn’t seem to have any lasting affects from it.

It was really chilly this morning.  27* when we crawled out of bed.  It warmed up to the 60’s though, and I think it is supposed to be in the 70’s tomorrow.


We took off for Uvalde again this morning.  Donnie needed to get a haircut, and he went to a guy over there when we were here the last time that he really liked, so back we went.  After getting done with that we headed on over to Wal * Mart.  They had some TV’s on sale, so I went ahead and picked one up.  A 26” Vizio, HDTV.  On sale for $258.00.  Guess that was pretty good, cause I paid almost $400.00 for the one that just went bad.  I was told today that it might be an easy fix, so I may look into that.  The sound in the old one will just go off for a few seconds and then come right back on.  We will see… :)


We stopped at What A Burger for lunch, on the way home.  Those are the biggest hamburgers, but it’s their fries that I love.  We both had a sandwich, fries and medium drink for under $10.00.  You just can’t beat that.


I got a note from the Blog-land Bird Lady, and she tells me the bird I thought was a crazy Jay is actually a Mockingbird, and she says they are really territorial.  Thanks Judy for the great info.


I took a couple more pictures of the beautiful Frio River on the way home today, to share with you.  There is a place where you can drive across it, and I took these from in the middle of the River.



I am going to get off here and get supper on the table.  I will be going over to the club house in the morning to help with Christmas decorations.  Stay safe.


Rick and Paulette said...

Looks like you got some good deals today, congrats! The water in the river is crystal clear - nice pics.

Judy and Emma said...

I really like those pictures of the Frio River! What a peaceful scene.

I haven't been to one of those party things in decades. They're nice once in a while.

I wish I had the Vizio that I put in my last rig. The reception was much crisper than what I get in my present rig. Oh well, won't replace this one until it dies. :)


nice pictures of the river!..crystal clear perfection!

Roadrunner said...

Nice pictures. Did you get your senior free drink at What-A-Burger?

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Would you kindly stop mentioning the Frio River? George Strait is great and all, but I can't have that twang in my head for that long!

BTW...What a Burger is deeeelish! (see, I still love meat!)

(36 year old fulltime RVer living la vida loca with a cute-butt husband and a stink-butt dog!)

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Great photos of the clearest river ever...wow!

Mac said...

You're in Whataburger country. They where founded in Corpus Christi with corporate offices there until 2008 when they move headquarters to San Antonio.

You just can't beat a Whataburger and fries.

Mac & Dianna

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Put a Vizio HD Led/Lcd in our 5th wheel bedroom, have never seen a sharper or clearer picture, That's what will go in the living room before we fulltime, Thinking of a 42 in Vizio for there.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

DearMissMermaid said...

Love that river picture. I am frugal with my shopping, I live in a motorhome since my finances went south with the huge hospital bills I pay on each month. Anyhow, I avoid Walmart, mostly, it's not the discount store it used to be. I have found that these four stores are far cheaper, but you have to hunt, some of it's junk, but some of it's really good stuff, far cheaper than Walmart. My favorite budget stores are Dollar General, Big Lots, Dollar Tree and Goodwill. You can't always find what you need right away, but somehow it always turns up eventually. At Goodwill, (charity thrift store) I cruise them often for clothes, I don't need many, but I like nice stuff and this fits my current budget nicely. I can eventually find really nice clothes I like, that cost a fraction of what they did new.I found a designers $600 classic Trench coat for $20. Waterproof and lined for the cold. People always comment nicely when I wear it. It looked new, well cared for, had a dry cleaning tag on it when I bought it. Also, I check out Goodwill's other stuff, you would be surprised what has ended up in my motorhome from Goodwill. For instance I found a box full of assorted kitchen knives for only $2. Several were expensive chef knives, that merely needed a good sharpening. I found a great knife sharpener at Big Lots for a a third of what Walmart wanted. At Big Lots, I found a sturdy folding director's chair for the RV patio for $20, Walmart wants $67 and up. Dollar Tree had $1 doggy sweaters for my small pooch that gets cold below 70 degrees, also found $1 broom with dustpan, been using it almost a year now.

Love your blog and thanks so much for visiting my rambling blog.

Terria Fleming said...

Lovely river photo, and I'm glad your shopping/party went so well and that you had a fun time.
Everyone seems to be thrifty and eco-friendly oriented this Christmas, (or at least all the people I know), so I echo what dearmissmermaid had to say in the previous comment, there are wonderful things to be found in thrift stores, and great bargains in the stores she mentioned.

Susan said...

We were in Texas in 2009 but didn't get to see the Frio. What beautiful pictures.
And did I say I love the title shot of the bridge in the snow.