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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clean, Clean, Clean


We did indeed!!  I washed and wiped everything that was brave enough to get in front of me today.  I had really been slacking for the last few months, so it really needed a good scrubbing.  Tomorrow we will do the windows and the truck, and then we will be all caught up.


Yesterday we took a trip into Uvalde, Texas.  It is 30 miles each way, but the closest town to buy groceries and such.  They have a Wal * Mart and a very large HEB store.  After another bad experience at Wal * Mart yesterday, I think we will be spending our dollars at HEB.  I won’t go into it, but I am sick of being treated like a second class person, just because of my age.


Welcome to my 2 newest followers.  The first is taz.  I haven’t had a chance to read her site yet, but plan on doing so when I get this post done.  Also welcome to Kimbopolo.  The same goes for her site, but I am looking forward to checking both of these sites out.  Hope you enjoy riding along with us.


I talked to Glennis, up in the office, and she tells me that no one goes over to Mexico anymore.  Just too dangerous.  I was planning on buying my eye drops over there, but guess I wouldn’t be able to use them if they cut my head off, so will pay full price for them here.


The RV Park was supposed to have live music today, but a couple of the guys that usually play had to call and cancel.  We did get to talk to a few people though.  Bob, Wayne, and Walt and Linda were all up at the club house, so it was good to get to visit with them.  There is a pot luck tomorrow night, so I am sure we will see more familiar faces then.


I did get out and take a couple of pictures today.  My back is all out of whack again, so I didn’t go very far.

015 Stitch

This is part of Garner State Park, right behind our RV.  Every morning there are 3 of the tiny  Fallow deer in this area.  This morning there was also a little Buck following them.  They are so cute, and yes I will keep trying to get a good picture of them.


As you can see, we have plenty of room.  Everyone here is so friendly it wouldn’t matter if we were right on top of each other.


This is the beautiful Frio River.  I didn’t go very far today, but will get more pictures later.


We also got our bird feeders out.  There is a little fox squirrel that is trying his hardest to get to the cage feeder.  He can get down to it, but then can’t both hold on, and feed.  It’s fun to watch.  We also have Titmouse, Woodpeckers, Gray/Grey Jays and some tiny little birds that look like Sparrows, but I am not certain what they are.


I think I am going to have breakfast for supper tonight.  We have a half pound of bacon that needs using, so I will make scrambled eggs, bacon and fried taters.  German, of course. 


Will get off of here now and get this posted.  Stay safe all you travelers… ;)


Judy and Emma said...

I just thoroughly cleaned my rig on Saturday, but already Emma's hair is beginning to accumulate. Ugh! :)

Gypsy said...

That looks like a beautiful RV site and Park. Don't make me feel so guilty because cleaning is probably one of the last things I get around to, lol.

Roadrunner said...

Looks like a nice RV park. How long are you staying?

Me and My Dog said...

I agree - that DOES look like a nice park. Great views out your windows and lots of animals and birds to watch.

Doesn't it feel good after all that cleaning to just sit down and look around and enjoy it?

Hope your back feels better soon. :)

heyduke50 said...

when i went to high school in San Antonio I practically lived at garner and port a on the weekends...


nice to have all your chores done..now you can sit back and relax!!

Rick and Paulette said...

That's a beautiful looking RV Park. I can see why you're so happy to be staying there.

Paul and Mary said...

Yesterday must have been the day to clean! That was us, too! It looks like you're all settled in a beautiful spot. We're not too far up the road...in Kerrville. We'll be here until mid-February and we'll definitely be out and about in Hill Country. I'll give you a shout if we're heading your way. And, likewise, please!

www.travelwithkevinandruth.com said...

Coming down through Texas in November we went through Kerrville to Ingram and then on down to Utopia where we stayed a night in the Living Waters Church parking lot. We thought the drive from Kerrville to Utopia was so pretty.

The next day we drove right past Garner State Park and continued on to Uvalde. Very pretty area. Your RV park looks very nice. Glad you are enjoying all the wildlife.

Hope the weather stays nice for your stay there this winter.

Kevin and Ruth