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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nice Week-end


The girls, Shannon, Chelsi, and Jeannie got here late on Friday night, so we didn’t do much but watch a little TV and get our sleeping arrangements figured out.  Jeannie slept on the couch and the girls blew up my air mattress.  I bought a large one to put on the hide-a-bed.  We all know how uncomfortable they are, but the girls choose to sleep on it on the floor, and all worked out in the end.


Early yesterday morning we picked up Uncle Boone and all headed for Denny’s for breakfast.  Shannon was shocked at the change in Uncle Boone, in just the few weeks since she was here.  He now is retaining so much fluid that it is hard for him to walk, but because of his bad heart they must be careful how much Lasix he can take.  Please keep him in your prayers.  I hate seeing him suffer so, and pray for some relief for him.



 We all enjoyed a great breakfast at Denny’s, then we took Uncle Boone home to lay down for a while.  Donnie also decided to come home and watch a Western while we were gallivanting around.


Our first stop was at Wal*Mart.  Shannon wanted to see if she could find an electric blanket for uncle Boone.  He gets so cold so easily.  We know it is because his blood count is so low, but we try to do everything we can to make him more comfortable.  We couldn’t find what we were looking for so, we hopped back in the truck and headed for the Greenwood Mall.


We had a ball running in and out of all the stores and of course, trying to dodge all  the people in the kiosks, out in the middle of the mall.  One of them finally snagged my daughter and granddaughter and sold them this magical line remover for their fingernails.  The kit also includes a little thing that makes your nails natural shine show.  And, oil that helps the try skin on your cuticles and hand cream that Shannon really likes.  I must admit the nails look really good when she gets through with them.


We stopped in one little place where Chelsi was trying on hats so, I got a picture of one and a picture of Aunt Shannon talking her into trying a big ole hair thingy.



We couldn’t pass up the Hollister Store, because this is her favorite place and clothes.  The stores are very alluring and they smell so good.  I kind of liked their clothes too, but not their prices.


It really surprised me yesterday that there was no Thanksgiving decorations.  One store, Von Muar, had a tiny little corner decorated for Thanksgiving, but the bigger majority was all Christmas. 


I did get a picture of the girls standing in front of one of the very large Christmas trees in the Mall, but it was so busy in there yesterday, that we left before walking the whole Mall.  They have promised to come back so maybe we can make it the rest of the way around then.  The only thing they bought were some new fuzzy socks and the fingernail kit.  Grandma didn’t get hit-up  for one tiny little item.  I guess after she got her yearbook she didn’t want to push, but Grandma is a pushover, and if she would have asked, she would have gotten a new shirt or something.


After leaving the Mall we got stuck in a traffic jam.  That is the bad part about all the good shopping in Indy.  There are always so many people in all the stores.  So, I did what everyone does while stopped in traffic, I took pictures of Shannon and Chelsi.



Later in the evening we went back and picked up the guys then went to Skyline Chili for supper.  It is Uncle Boone’s favorite and we all enjoy it, so, it was the obvious choice.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is a large plate of spaghetti,  topped with chili sauce, red beans, chopped onions, and about 4” of cheese that melts all down through the dish.  It is delicious and I am sorry I didn’t get a picture, but will get one next time.


A really fun week-end was had by all, and the girls are on their way home now.  I always hate to see them go.  I am doing all the mundane things around here now.  Laundry, running the sweeper, dusting, you know, all the things you have to do to make a house a home.  Hope you all had a great week-end also.  Catch you later…  :)


P.S.   Want to welcome my newest follower, Karen.  I have been reading her site for a while now and really love her style of writing.  If you have a chance give her a look.  I think you will find it interesting too.

Also I forgot to tell you we had snow showers on Friday night… Bummer..  I don’t like that 4 letter word at all.  Stay safe..


meowmomma... said...

Looks like the gals all had a great time!!!

I'm wondering about hydrochlorathyazide for Uncle Boone... it's a lighter dose of fluid reducer than the lasix... usually prescribed for women I think, but Hubster takes it daily to prevent kidney stones. Maybe ask about it?


Gypsy said...

I got snagged at the Asheville Mall several years ago for the very same fingernail buffer thing. It was wonderful, but I lost it somewhere along the way and not anxious to go find another (I'd have to go to a mall to get one, lol).

You're making me hungry for Cincinnati chili!

I take HTCZ mentioned above by meowmamma, although I get 45 tabs at a time and only take a half a tab daily. Cost is about 60 cents for 45!

Rick and Paulette said...

Nothing like an afternoon of mall shopping to get all the ladies happy! That skyline chili sure sounds good!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Some of those pictures will be a lot of fun at a future gathering :)

For some reason and I really feeling like chili for dinner??

Me and My Dog said...

Fun weekend! I haven't been to a real mall in ages - I have to admit I love the Christmas decorations and all the beautiful trees lit up. Glad you had fun with your family.

Sue and Doug said...

nothing like a weekend spent with girls, shopping!!..what fun!!!

Vera said...

I hope your uncle Boone feels better soon. He sure is a trooper. It must be very hard for you all.
I'd love some of that chili.
I love the new picture, great for Thanksgiving.

~~Mike~~ said...

Looks like you gals had a wonderful time, very cool!

Our prayers are with Boone and you all as well.

97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

www.travelwithkevinandruth.com said...

Nothing better than time spent with family. Going out for a meal and then shopping with the girls, gotta love it!

Kevin and Ruth