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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rusty News


Not a whole lot has changed for me.  They did start me on a drug that I have to take before each meal and at bedtime.  It will take a good 2 weeks to see if this treatment will work for me.  My  family doctor and the specialist have conferred and concurred that this is probably what is wrong with me.  They haven’t completely decided  that it is not pancreatitis, but think it probably is a bad case of IBS.  He also put me on an anxiety medicine, so now I play the waiting game to see if it will work.


We took Rusty back to see the Vet. yesterday, and he didn’t like the progress the first shot of Cancer-killing medicine was making.  He had to actually knock Rusty out then put several shots in and around the area on his nose.  It already looks as if it is dying.  The Vet. expects it will just fall off, but if it hasn’t within a week we will have to take him back.  He also clipped his nails while he was out.  He fore-warned us that when he started to come to, he would do a lot of moaning and groaning, but I have never heard this kind of noise coming from a dog before.  It was like a very eerie keening.  We were only home for about an hour, and he was trying to crawl across the floor.  He was finally able to get to his feet, and I’ll be darned if he didn’t go right straight to his food and water bowl and start eating and drinking.

The doctor had told us he would probably sleep for 5 or 6 hours, but not our little bundle of energy.  None of this seems to be bothering his eating or drinking habits, and he is still ready for any walks we decide to give him.

This is just a note to keep you informed about  Rusty. We haven’t really been doing anything since I became ill, and we still are undecided about whether or not we will be doing more traveling.

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Stay safe.