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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Got To See A Good Friend


Joy, a friend I made in 08 when we were here, finally got back this week.  It was really good to see her again, but sad too, because this is the first time we have seen her since her husband, Jack, died here last year.  She has a very large, nice motor home for sale.  It is a 2005, and she is only asking $120,000.00 for it.  If you know anyone interested, I will take some pictures and add them here.

We have been busy again for the past couple of days.  Monday night the gang decided to play games, but didn’t tell everyone till the last minute, so Don and I had pie and a banana for supper.  I know how wrong this is, but since we have started socializing again, we hate missing one minute with our friends.  We had a big laugh when Eva’s back pad slipped out of the back of her chair, it reminded us all of the old fashioned PJ’s that had the flap in the back.


That is what I love about this group, we laugh non-stop when we are all together, and sometimes it is something silly like this.

Yesterday four of us girls, Nancy, Winnie, Joy, and myself went to Uvalde and did some antiquing.  We all love doing this, and it is a way to get out and enjoy each other’s company.  It would make your head spin to listen in on some of our discussions.   We hit 4 or 5 places, then stopped at Applebee’s for lunch.  Winnie and I had the Grilled Shrimp on rice, with  steamed vegetables.  Nancy had some orange chicken on steamed vegetables, and Joy had country fried chicken steak, with mashed taters and vegetables.  It was all very good.  I didn’t get any pictures at lunch, but did get some at the Antique shops.



After lunch we all headed to Wal*Mart to pick up a few things.  We just had one problem.  It was pouring down rain and we were in my truck, so clearly we had a problem.  Nancy, bless her heart, was able to put most of hers in 2 bags and put them on the floor-board in the passenger’s side, and Winnie and Joy put some of theirs in the very back.  Just the stuff that wouldn’t be damaged by the rain.  Mine, yarn, fit in between Nancy and I, in the front seat.  We had a ball and are all going to Sabinal next week.

Thursday night we will all be going to The Red Barn for supper.  They are having some kind of sale on Steak Dinners, and some of the crowd think this is great.  We will probably eat something other than steak, since neither one of us really care for steak, but the main reason for going is the good time.

A day or two ago, when we were headed over to Leakey for something or other, a deer was running along the road, and couldn’t get away from us.  We followed very slowly, so we wouldn’t scare her and cause her to run in front of us.  Eventually there was a break in the fence, and she was able to make her get-away.  We have these kinds of experiences here in Texas a lot.  Have I mentioned how much we love it down here?



Friday evening the RV park will be playing games and everyone is bringing some kind of snack food.  I haven’t decided yet what to take.  We are also having a pot luck dinner on New Year’s Day, and I am taking a desert for that.  Probably a cake.

Want to welcome my newest follower, Gary.  Again, I couldn’t find a site for him, so if you have one, please contact me with it, and I will post it here.  Anyway, welcome aboard, and hope you enjoy the ride.

Going to get off of here and get some computer work done today.  I need to store some more pictures on my external hard drive, and do a few other clean-up things on here.  I cleaned the RV early this morning, so that is out of the way for a few days.  Later :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sorry About The Mix-up


I have no idea what I did wrong, but apparently something.  I tried to add a cartoon to the blog a couple of days ago, and when it didn’t post right, I tried to delete it, but I guess it went out in blog-land before I could remove it.  I don’t know why it wouldn’t publish right, and I don’t know why it didn’t delete the Title, but that is what happened.  So, I am sorry for the mix-up.


We spent Christmas Eve doing a little last minute shopping, for Rusty, of course, and then we thought we would take him for a ride.  He loves riding in the truck, and we want to keep him used to it, because in the spring and summer we will travel a lot.  Two years ago when we were here, we were told about this rancher that keeps Exotic animals, so thought we would take a run out there.  One of the roads we travel is 337; it takes you over a small mountain.  The road is narrow and there is no place to pull over and get any pictures, but if you are ever in this area, take this drive.  It is beautiful, but be warned, there are a lot of curves and sheer drop-offs.  I just wish I could get some pictures to share with you.

 The ranch I am talking about is a bit unusual.  It has a very long concrete fence all around it, and it is about 2 foot wide, with broken bottles on it’s top.  I tried to get some pictures so you could see what I am talking about.  Here are some of the pictures I took.



We didn’t see a whole lot of animals on this trip.  I know they have a lot of different ones, but they were either in their enclosures or in fields off the road, where you couldn’t see them.  I have heard you can actually drive through it, but it has been closed both times we were there.  We may go back though.  What we did see were a Giraffe, way in the background, some kind of exotic deer, and some kangaroos/wallabies.  There were also some Peacocks, but they were also far away.  Here are a couple of pictures I got.


Earlier in the morning we went in to Uvalde and had breakfast at a very nice little restaurant called The Kettle.  We ate here a few times the last time we stayed down here.  Our food was ok, but it would have been better if it were warm.  I never have been able to enjoy cold eggs for breakfast, but we made it through, and probably won’t go back.  It is a very clean little place though.



Want to welcome my newest followers, Bob and Vicky.  They are not full timers, but from what I have read of their blog, they do a lot of traveling, and also spend the winter in Texas.  If you get a chance check out their site.

We are spending today watching football and trying to recover from everything we ate yesterday.  We did manage to watch a few movies, in between walks with Rusty.  We are also finally getting around to cleaning the truck up.  The inside, my job, is as dirty as the outside. It needs it so bad.

I think we will go to the New Years Eve party.  We haven’t really participated in any of the parties here at the park.  I just didn’t feel quite ready for it, but they called us from the Club House last night and wanted us to come play cards, so I promised we would be there on Friday night for the party.  They are a great bunch of people down here, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings for my own selfish reasons.

Going to get out there and do my part on the truck.  You all take care and I will catch you later…    :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Busy Couple Of Days


It seems like we have been making the trip to Uvalde just about every day.  We keep getting suggestions about what we need for Rusty, so off we go again.  We also needed to get some more groceries, and I needed to get stuff to fix for Christmas dinner.  We are going to spend a quiet day at home, probably in our jammies or sweats.  We will have to be decent for our walks with Rusty, but most of the time we three will be watching movies, eating fattening foods, and just being lazy in general.


Something I never realized before; how many times, in a day, you have to wash your hands, when you have a puppy.  I am always doing something with him, or for him and then washing my hands before I do something else.  The training is still coming along pretty good.


A few days ago I had welcomed Jenny as a follower, but didn’t have the address to her site, so Retired Rod was very gracious, and sent it to me.  Thank you Rod.  It is much appreciated.  If you click on her name or Rods, it will take you to their sites.


It has been raining and/or overcast for the last few days here.  It did rain enough to wet the ground, but just.  It has been more like a mist than a rain, and the fog seems to be hanging on the top of the hills, here in Hill Country.  I took a couple of pictures to share with you.  This is a very pretty part of Texas, and we do intend to get out and do some scooting around after the first of the year.  Rusty loves to ride, so we figure we can stop whenever he needs a potty break, so he can go along.





These pictures don’t begin to show the beauty of this place.  I will try and get out and get better ones soon.  I also have another bird I am hoping the “Bird Lady” can help me identify.  My guess would be a Scrub Jay, but not sure.


I think it is a very pretty bird, whatever it is.


Poor little Rusty had to get 3 more shots yesterday.  He certainly didn’t like that, and he really let them know.  I also was amazed that he is now at 8.1 lbs.  He gained almost a whole pound in 1 week.  He also got another heart worm treatment, and flea treatment.  His last treatments of frontline were a month ago, so he was due for another.


At least we have been having lots of warm weather with the clouds and mist.  I don’t think our furnace has run at all for the last few days and nights.  That is a good thing, because the first 2 weeks we were here, we were using a tank of fuel a week.

I need some more advise from you doggy owners out there.  Rusty has a little bit of an odor.  We have bathed him repeatedly, but can’t seem to get rid of the smell.  It is not a strong smell, but it especially bothers me.  Don can’t even smell it, and the Vet said she couldn’t either.  I have always had a very sensitive nose, but don’t want this little problem to keep me from having a good relationship with our new puppy..  Help…….


Just talked to my beautiful daughter, Shannon.  She was on her way home from work and just wanted to chat.  She is having Christmas at her house this year, and I told her how pretty her tree and everything looks.  She had some pictures posted on face book.

We were supposed to have live music again today, but the band canceled.  Can’t say I blame them.  Probably all have families to spend time with this time of the year.  There was also games scheduled for tonight, but the hall is all decorated for another Christmas Party, so guess that is off too.  There will be plenty of that next week and after the Holidays, I am sure.


Going to get off here and see what I can find to fix for supper.  I think it will probably be meatballs and gravy.  We like them that way, as well as with pasta and Marinara sauce. I make mashed taters instead of pasta, to go with the gravy.  Catch you all later.  :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

You Asked For It


I have gotten some emails requesting more pictures of Rusty.  Just remember we are very proud parents, so look out.  I also want to share with you that he weighs in at a whopping 7.2 lbs. and has to go back Wednesday for his booster shots.  We are hoping he has gained a few ounces since he was last weighed.  One thing for sure; he loves his Puppy Chow, and ever since we put him on it, he is eating really well, and glad to report his poopy is nice and firm now.  Some of you have suggested this may be due to shots and so forth, but I think it was the food they were giving him.  We will see Wednesday when he get more shots.  Here are some more pictures of our big boy.2010-12-20

The picture in bottom left corner shows his coloring.  He has black tips on his ears and tail.  The rest of him is a Rusty, orangey color.


He was really getting tired of sitting still, so he made a dash over to chew on my shoelaces; when I told him no, he decided to chew on a piece of bark instead.  One of my friends on face book says he will keep us busy, boy is that an understatement.  He keeps us hopping all day long.  Here is the last set of pictures for today.


He has not pooped in the house for a couple of days now, but we know there will be accidents, and we are prepared to handle them.  He is a good boy, and we know it will all take time.


We went over to the club-house last night and played cards.  Everyone was all abuzz about the announcements at the Christmas Party, from Doug, the owner.  They are going to put electric meters in, and knock the monthly rate back to $290.00 a month, but they haven’t told us what each KW hour will cost.  You use to also get $30.00 deducted for each month you stayed, so if you stay 2 months, your second month would be $340, instead of $370, the next would be $310.00 and so forth.  But, now the deduction monthly will be $20.00.  It will probably all work out to be about the same amount in the end.  I think their biggest concern is everyone using electric heaters, and you can’t blame them for that.  They are already one of the cheapest places we have ever stayed, and they are in it to make money, not lose money.

It is 68* out right now, but forecasted to reach 75* this afternoon.  It already feels hotter than it has since we arrived here.  Still no rain though.  Everything is so dry down here.  Makes you pray there won’t be any wildfires.

Did any of you catch the Colt’s game yesterday.  Collie sustained another injury.  We have had so many bad injuries this year.  It amazes me that we have been able to even be in the running for a wildcard position.  I know Manning is good, but I think he is only as good as the team behind him, or in this case, in front of him. They did win their game, and I think they may have to win the next two to be a wildcard team, not sure though.


Sorry to say Donnie’s team, the Broncos didn’t come out so well.

Want to welcome my newest follower, Jenny J.  I couldn’t find a site for you, so if you have one, please contact me and we will get it posted.  Thanks for coming along on this fantastic journey of ours.


We talked to the kids from Colorado yesterday, and Jay, in Steamboat Springs says it is supposed to snow all week there.  I forget how many feet of snow they already have, but it is a lot.  Jennifer, in Colorado Springs also called to thank us for their gifts.  We will miss being with the kids this Holiday season, but we will all be together in the spring and early summer. Going to get off here.  Donnie just brought in a plate of turkey Italian sausages for lunch and the smell is driving me and Rusty crazy.  Catch you later… :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

He Is Learning Fast


Again, thanks for all your help.  I have read everyone’s comments, advise and good wishes, and then I took all of the common advise and have been applying it to Rusty’s training.  He is actually doing a lot better.  Once we figured out not to be feeding him every hour, his bowels have settled down, and a few times he has even gone to the door to go out to piddle.  Of course we are raving over him when he does this, and gets a small treat for doing it outside.  When he goes in here, we tell him a very firm NO, and sit him outside.  I think in a few weeks he will catch on.  He is so tiny yet.  We neither one think he is going to make it to 40 lbs.  He has tiny little feet, and as my Dad used to say, “they grow up to match their feet'”, so we are thinking he will be smaller than they are saying.


We went Rusty shopping again yesterday.  We had bought him some chew toys the day we got him, but it only took him one day to chew right through these.  Tennis balls didn’t work either.  He can rip into those real easily, and I am afraid he will choke on the nylon or whatever they are made of.  The big knotted rope is working, and the Bully toy is still in one piece, so right now we are going with those.  We did get some poopy bags, dog shampoo, treats for when he is a good boy, and a very nice bed to sleep on.  Of course he thinks his bed is a new chew toy, so we are watching closely when he is in it.  I also got some Resolve cleaner, and am very satisfied with it.


Yesterday we gave him a bath when we got up and were afraid that the shampoo we used would be too strong, so we bought the citrus smelling flea and tick shampoo.  He does have a slight odor, so we are hoping this will help take care of this.  He had a flea treatment at the Vets, but he is scratching, so it may be the shampoo that we used, and I will check with the Vet. again to see if he needs more flea meds.

I am getting caught up with laundry again today.  We have used a lot of extra towels and so forth on the new baby, so need to keep those all clean.

I don’t know what is going on with me.  I haven’t been sleeping, and it is wearing me out.  It was 3:00 am this morning, the last time I looked at the clock, and I was up at 7:00am, so I am thinking I got somewhere between 3 or 4 hours.  That doesn’t work for me.  I have always been an 8 hour person, and I am afraid my mood reflects this.  Poor Donnie; he has been staying outside a lot today, and who can blame him.


The Park Christmas Party is tonight, but we have opted out.  I don’t want to sound all Bah Humbug, but I am just not in the mood for a party yet.  I think after the first of the year we will get back in to the swing of things around here. There are usually a lot of Pot Lucks, and game nights, and that is more what we think we will be ready for.  When I talked to my daughter last Sunday, she said she wasn’t going to her work Christmas Party either.  I guess it will just take us a while to get back in gear.


Sorry, no pictures today.  I am going to get off of here and get all of our lunches ready.  He eats before us, so we can then take him walking after he is through.  It is working pretty well for us, so this is the routine we are in.  Stay safe. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanks For All Your Comments


Thank you all so very much for all of your great comments.  We really love him, but OMG, what have we gotten ourselves into?  We both got up this morning shaking our heads, and wondering if we could go through with this.  He had pooped all over his cage, and piddled where there was a spot left.  He also pooped all over the floor, every time we let him out, he would go right to some area and soil it.  Well, me being who I am, I cleaned, sprayed and decided the best course of action would be to go online and read everything I could read about bringing puppies home.  The first thing I learned was that we were feeding him way too much.  No wonder he was pooping everywhere.  His poor little tummy was emptying out, so he could put more in.  I need to explain, at this time, that the only puppy we have had before was Cujo, our big Red Siberian Husky.  I guess he ruined us, he was so good.  We put him in his crate at night and never heard another peep out of him till in the morning.  He never soiled his crate, and held it all night from day one.   He was an outside dog also, but never once, while we had him, did he soil his own area.  This puppy does not feel this way at all, so today we are giving him puppy sized meals, then we walk him right away.  He is still piddling a little bit in his crate, but it has been cut way down.  We are also dividing  his time between playing out in the RV and being in his crate.  We talked to the lady at the Humane Society, and she suggested we do this.  She says, just like our babies, they need to sleep a lot, and they begin to see the crate as their den.  So far it is working really well, so we will see.  I want to share another picture of this big boy out walking.



If any of you have more tips for us, please share.  We want what is best for him, and as you can probably tell, he is already securely in our hearts.


I discovered Hulu this week.  It is a program that came with my new laptop that allows you to go back and watch TV programs that you may have missed.  They don’t offer a lot of different ones, but enough that you could catch up or watch things you haven’t seen before.  Like the Green Channel.  I never had watched it before, but my sister, Dottie told me she really liked it, so I gave it a shot, and I like it too.


I have 2 new followers.  The first is Hembree.  He writes his blog mostly for his children, but it is a very interesting blog, so if you get a chance, check it out.  The second new member is Pepper.  I couldn’t find a site for them, so if you have one, please let me know, and I will share it with my readers.  Hope you both enjoy the ride.


I am going to make this a short post.  I didn’t get any sleep last night for some strange reason.  Just seems to happen once in a while.  So, I think I will try to grab a nap before I have to begin on supper.  I will catch you all later… :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meet Rusty


We went to the Uvalde Animal Shelter yesterday to look for a dog.  I’m sorry, but as soon as we got out of the truck it almost gagged me.  The stench was horrendous.  We did walk around for a little bit, but only saw one dog that we might have wanted.  It was a wired-haired terrier, but looked to be a really old dog, so we passed on that one.  By that time I had taken all the smell I could stand, so made a dash for the truck.


After we left there I decided to go to Wal * Mart and get a hair cut.  A very nice lady cut my hair, and we were talking about getting a dog, and she suggested that we try the Humane Society, so when she was done with me we drove by there.They were closed, but they had some cages outside with dogs in them, so we went ahead and looked while we were there.  We saw a puppy that we both immediately fell in love with.  He is a little ball of brown fur, and very lively.  He rides in the truck like a trooper, and was even easy to take on a walk, even though he had never been walked before.  He has the prettiest face.  Right now we are trying to decide when he should be walked, fed, and everything else.  He is so full of energy, and when we took him to the vet to be checked, to make sure he is a healthy puppy, she told us to walk him to death .  He is also a big chewer.  He chewed both of Donnie’s hands up on the way home.  We got him chew toys and balls, but he likes our hands best.


I have only been able to get one half-way good picture of him.  He just moves too fast for me, but be warned, there will be lots of pictures to come.014 

He and six of his brothers and sisters were abandoned along the side of a road, so they are guessing he is part Chow, and who knows what else.  They think he is a little over 2 months old.  He is up to date on his shots right now, but needs another series in late December. They think he will be a medium sized dog, about 40 lbs. or so.  Between our donation, and buying the new crate, toys, food and water dishes, and chew toys, we have roughly $200.00 tied up in this new member of our family.  I am sure a puppy from a Pet Store would have been more, and may have come from a puppy mill, which I hate.


He also developed a runny stool this afternoon, and we are wondering if this is caused by nerves or what.  He has been put through a lot today, and even though he acts like he loves us and his new home, I know it is a lot for him to get use to in one day.

He has already discovered the mirror on our closet door, and thinks it is another dog, so we know he can growl and bark.  :)  This wore him out, so he is in his crate taking a puppy nap right now.  This is the first time he has settled down all day.


We were advised by the Vet, and the people at the Humane Society to crate break him right away.  They said puppies can be very destructive, so it doesn’t hurt for them to be in the cage part of the day.  You are just supposed to make sure they get plenty of exercise and walks.


If anyone out there has any tips about the runny stools, please share it with me.  We have him on Puppy Chow now, and we are hoping for the best.  That’s all for today.  Catch you all later…

Monday, December 13, 2010

Game Night


We have been kind of busy the last few days.  Just trying to stay out of trouble. You know how that goes.  Saturday we spent taking walks and I did my Domestic Goddess bit and ran the sweeper, did a little dusting, and got all caught up on laundry again.  The reason I mentioned walking is because my blood pressure is up a bit, and if I want to stay off the dreaded blood pressure medicine, I must do things to help myself.  Along with walking I intend to be more aware of what I stick in my mouth.  I know before, when my blood pressure was up, these 2 things got it back to normal.


Yesterday I talked to my beautiful daughter, Shannon.  It was her Birthday.  Bless her heart, she had her Grandson all day the day before, and got her back out of whack too.  As you can tell, it runs in our family.  Something us big ole tall, Irish people have to put up with.  I have a picture of her and my S-I-L that I want to share with you.


Shannon and Mark with Ho Ho.

Want to welcome my 3 new followers.  The first is Deano.  I think his site is interesting, but very political, so if you are into that kind of thing, this site is for you.  The next is The Good Luck Duck.  I just read a small part of this one, but do intend to read more later.  The third is RV Adventures.  This is a very unique site, so check it out when you get a chance.  Thanks to all of you for riding along.. :)


I also went through my clothes this week end.  I have so many t-shirts that they were beginning to take over, so had to go through and pick out the ones I haven’t worn forever.  I wanted to do this while my little sister was here, but somehow I never got around to it.  I also had some crop pants I never wear.  So look out Dottie, I have a whole trash bag full of stuff for you and Ella to go through next time we are in Paducah.


We did go down to the club house last night and played games with some of the other RVers.  Our table played golf, a card game, but there was another table playing some kind of peg game.  I never caught the name of it.  It sounded like they were having a good time though.  I have a picture I took last night to share with you.


Starting right in front, Al, Donnie, Paul, Carolyn, Dave, Nancy, Jack, Walt, Eva, Wayne, and Linda.  I was in the empty chair.  We just played one game, or 9 hole/deals, then we came back home.  It was lots of fun though, and we will be doing it again.


When we drove up in front of our RV, we saw 2 of the biggest rabbits I have ever seen.  They looked like a small dog.  Donnie said they are Jack Rabbits, which I have always heard about, but never saw till last night.


Here is something that is hard to believe.  The leaves are just now turning down here.  I have proof.  I took a picture.  Not the best picture in the world, but at least you can see what I am talking about.



Isn’t that something? 


We spent the morning in Uvalde today.  We had to buy groceries, and I had some Christmas shopping for the kids to do yet.  We have half way decided to get ourselves a little dog for Christmas.  We will of course go to a shelter or Humane Society to get one, but we will give a  donation. We really miss our pets.  It is something we have been talking about for a while, but decided while my brother was still living, we were just too busy to devote time to a new pet, but now we have the time, and feel like it is time.  We are hoping for a medium sized dog.  I would love to have a big ole fat cat, but my allergies just won’t allow it.  Anyway, wish us luck on our hunt for the new member of our family.  Catch you all later… :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Leakey, Texas


We got up pretty early again this morning and decided to run into Leakey,( pronounced Lakey) to look for someplace to eat breakfast.  The only place we could find is called “Leakey Feed Lot”.  It is a very unique place, right on the Main Street in town.  We were actually the first customers, and the only ones, I might add.  Mary, our waitress, was very loquacious, and kept us entertained the whole time we were there.  She actually sat right down at the table with us to take our order and to chat.  She wanted to know where we were from, and told us all about her family.  I love Texas!!  We have never met a stranger here.  I took some pictures of this place.  I doubt if you have ever seen a place like this, nor will you ever again.



The food was really good.  The best hash browns I have ever eaten, and Mary brought us some special fried biscuits with some of her Mother’s homemade cactus jelly.  You just don’t get treated like this in very many places, none that I have ever been in.  She wants us to be sure and come back for their chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes, so we told her we would.

I hadn’t been back to the house for very long when my phone rang and Winnie wanted to know if I wanted to go out with her and Nancy for a girl’s day out.  It sounded like fun, so off we went back to Leakey.  There are several consignment shops and resale places there, so we hit them all.  We also visited 3 gift shops, and a wood-working shop.  So many beautiful things.  I bought some used crochet magazines for 10 cents a piece, and 3 tops, that are like new, for 50 cents each.  The only splurging I did was to buy a t-shirt that was on sale.  I took a picture of it to share with you.


We decided today that we will have to take another trip over into Uvalde to see how many resale or consignment shops we can find over there.  I pay full price for very few items.  The t-shirt was on sale or I wouldn’t have bought it.


I received a couple of comments about different shops some of my readers go to, and just want to let them know, I have been shopping at these places for years.  I do buy all my appliances at a regular store so I can get the warranties, and extra plans for labor on them, but anything I can buy used, I do.  Thanks girls for sharing your bargain hunting with me.  You ALL are welcome to give me any information on saving money that you may have.  There is nothing I like better.


I think I will mosey on over to the club house and see how the decorating went.  I might take a couple of pictures to share with you tomorrow.  Stay safe.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Magic Chef Party.


There were about 30 of us girls, and 3 or 4 guys that attended the party today.  They are always interesting, and I love some of their products.  I ordered about $40.00 worth of stuff.  Clips, to close bags, a tomato knife, a small cook book, and a mix and chop tool.  I like their stone ware, but it is so heavy, not a good idea for carrying in an RV.


I did get to see some of the girls I hadn’t seen since arriving.  Winnie, Nancy, Sue, Barb, and many more.  I found out that Winnie broke her back last year while here.  She is doing very well, and doesn’t seem to have any lasting affects from it.

It was really chilly this morning.  27* when we crawled out of bed.  It warmed up to the 60’s though, and I think it is supposed to be in the 70’s tomorrow.


We took off for Uvalde again this morning.  Donnie needed to get a haircut, and he went to a guy over there when we were here the last time that he really liked, so back we went.  After getting done with that we headed on over to Wal * Mart.  They had some TV’s on sale, so I went ahead and picked one up.  A 26” Vizio, HDTV.  On sale for $258.00.  Guess that was pretty good, cause I paid almost $400.00 for the one that just went bad.  I was told today that it might be an easy fix, so I may look into that.  The sound in the old one will just go off for a few seconds and then come right back on.  We will see… :)


We stopped at What A Burger for lunch, on the way home.  Those are the biggest hamburgers, but it’s their fries that I love.  We both had a sandwich, fries and medium drink for under $10.00.  You just can’t beat that.


I got a note from the Blog-land Bird Lady, and she tells me the bird I thought was a crazy Jay is actually a Mockingbird, and she says they are really territorial.  Thanks Judy for the great info.


I took a couple more pictures of the beautiful Frio River on the way home today, to share with you.  There is a place where you can drive across it, and I took these from in the middle of the River.



I am going to get off here and get supper on the table.  I will be going over to the club house in the morning to help with Christmas decorations.  Stay safe.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pot Luck Gathering


Tonight is the Pot Luck supper at the club house, but I am going to have to pass on it.  I want to go so bad to see everyone I haven’t seen yet.  My back is not cooperating at all. We did at least get the windows washed this morning, but I would wash a couple of windows, then have to sit back down on the hot pad. I am also taking ibuprofen every 6 hours or so.  Nothing seems to be helping though.  I may have to sleep in the recliner tonight cause I just simply couldn’t get comfortable in bed last night.  Normally it is not this bad, but I haven’t been walking the last few months, like I should, and I think that has a lot to do with it.  I offered to go ahead and make a vegetable dish for Donnie to take, but he has decided not to go without me.


I am getting so many different kinds of birds coming to my feeders.  It’s like Heaven to me.  I am going to post a few pictures of the birds and the squirrel trying to feed from one of the feeders.  I am hoping “The Bird Lady’, of blog-land can tell me what the small Yellow/green bird is.  I only got a shot of the back, so it may be hard for her to tell what it is.  There is also a crazy gray Jay trying to break in to the RV.  He has tried getting in to every window.  I have tried several times to get his picture, but he is just too fast for me.






I have also seen some House Finch, Cardinals and lots of squirrels.  I must have missed the little Deer this morning, but I will keep trying to get a good picture of them.

Want to welcome my 2 new followers.  The first is Jincr.  I couldn’t find a site for you, but if you have one, please contact me and I will post it.  The second is Marion.  She has a very interesting blog.  Check it out; I think you will like it.  Hope you both enjoy riding along with us.  It amazes me that I have 70 followers.  Thank you each and every one.

We heard something hollering last night after dark.  I think it was probably a Screech Owl, but am not sure.  It was a very eerie sound.  I have been hoping to hear some coyotes, but haven’t yet.  Do you think it was Big foot?  I would love to see one of those.  :)

I really got a good surprise yesterday.  The RV Park we stayed at in Indy, Lake Haven Retreat, put money back in our account yesterday.  It clearly said on their rules that there were absolutely no refunds, so even though we had only stayed 1 week of the month we had paid for, I didn’t ask for any money back.  It was our choice to leave early.  Just another reason why we will always stay in this Park when we are in Indy.  Thanks Sarah, it is much appreciated.


Don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I have been trying to post this blog for over 2 hours and haven’t been able to do it.  Hope it works this time.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clean, Clean, Clean


We did indeed!!  I washed and wiped everything that was brave enough to get in front of me today.  I had really been slacking for the last few months, so it really needed a good scrubbing.  Tomorrow we will do the windows and the truck, and then we will be all caught up.


Yesterday we took a trip into Uvalde, Texas.  It is 30 miles each way, but the closest town to buy groceries and such.  They have a Wal * Mart and a very large HEB store.  After another bad experience at Wal * Mart yesterday, I think we will be spending our dollars at HEB.  I won’t go into it, but I am sick of being treated like a second class person, just because of my age.


Welcome to my 2 newest followers.  The first is taz.  I haven’t had a chance to read her site yet, but plan on doing so when I get this post done.  Also welcome to Kimbopolo.  The same goes for her site, but I am looking forward to checking both of these sites out.  Hope you enjoy riding along with us.


I talked to Glennis, up in the office, and she tells me that no one goes over to Mexico anymore.  Just too dangerous.  I was planning on buying my eye drops over there, but guess I wouldn’t be able to use them if they cut my head off, so will pay full price for them here.


The RV Park was supposed to have live music today, but a couple of the guys that usually play had to call and cancel.  We did get to talk to a few people though.  Bob, Wayne, and Walt and Linda were all up at the club house, so it was good to get to visit with them.  There is a pot luck tomorrow night, so I am sure we will see more familiar faces then.


I did get out and take a couple of pictures today.  My back is all out of whack again, so I didn’t go very far.

015 Stitch

This is part of Garner State Park, right behind our RV.  Every morning there are 3 of the tiny  Fallow deer in this area.  This morning there was also a little Buck following them.  They are so cute, and yes I will keep trying to get a good picture of them.


As you can see, we have plenty of room.  Everyone here is so friendly it wouldn’t matter if we were right on top of each other.


This is the beautiful Frio River.  I didn’t go very far today, but will get more pictures later.


We also got our bird feeders out.  There is a little fox squirrel that is trying his hardest to get to the cage feeder.  He can get down to it, but then can’t both hold on, and feed.  It’s fun to watch.  We also have Titmouse, Woodpeckers, Gray/Grey Jays and some tiny little birds that look like Sparrows, but I am not certain what they are.


I think I am going to have breakfast for supper tonight.  We have a half pound of bacon that needs using, so I will make scrambled eggs, bacon and fried taters.  German, of course. 


Will get off of here now and get this posted.  Stay safe all you travelers… ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

We Made It


After 4 days of hard traveling, we finally made it.  We love it down here and are really looking forward to a nice winter stay.  A lot of the group is back here again, although we haven’t talked to anyone yet, Pam, one of the Ladies from the office told me they are all here.  Even Joy, who lost her husband last year, made it back.  I look forward to seeing them all again.


Tomorrow will be spent going to the grocery and trying to get some cleaning done.  I am going to have to pick up a new TV also.  Mine keeps losing it’s audio, and now it won’t pick up all the cable stations.  It is only 3 years old, but I can’t live without my news stations.  They just don’t make them like they use too.  When my kids were little, we had the same TV for 20 years.


This Park is so nice.  We have full hook-ups, free WI-FI, free cable, and all for $370.00 a month, for the first month; then any month you stay after that is $30.00 cheaper.  What a deal.  They also have craft classes, live music, a Christmas party, game nights, and lots of Pot Lucks.  And, the beautiful Frio River is right here.  I will get pictures very soon, so you can see this beautiful River too.

My best buddy, Willie called me Friday evening with some very bad news.  Our friend from North Vernon, Bobby, was found dead in his house.  I think it was probably a diabetic coma, but am not sure.  He was a good friend to our whole family for years, and will be sadly missed.


We really lucked out on fuel in Southern Arkansas.  It was only $2.94 a gallon.  Today when we filled up, here in Texas, it was $3.13 a gallon.  Seems like it should be cheaper down here, but who knows?  I think they just charge whatever they want.


Welcome to my newest followers, N and J.  I have been reading her site for a while.  She has a quirky sense of humor, and I look forward to each of her posts.


Not to rub it in or anything, but it is 64* and sunny here in Texas.  Yes, I’m gonna love it here.  It was in the 80’s here yesterday, but a cold front went through last night.


I have to share a short story about a Trucker that helped me out the other day.  We pulled into a truck-stop to fuel up and somehow or other I got in the wrong lane, and was right in the way of the big truckers, and in danger.  This guy actually pulled his truck in front of mine, to shield me, and then directed me around to get into the right lane.  It was so nice of him, and he didn’t have to do it, but I sure appreciated it, and made sure he knew it.  Some of these guys are so nice.


I’m going to get off of here and get this posted.  I need to figure out something to fix for supper.  Stay safe…. :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Texarkana, Arkansas


I am convinced that we spent the night, last night, in the RV Park from Hell.  We were sitting watching a movie when the electric started causing everything to flicker.  Donnie went out and wiggled it a little bit, and it seemed to be alright.  Then, when we got ready for bed, it started flickering again, so I asked Donnie to just unplug us.  I didn’t want to burn up while we were asleep.  It got pretty cold, but our batteries were strong enough to push the hot air in the furnace, so we didn’t freeze.  This morning we hooked up to the 30 amp. offered for just long enough to make coffee, then we took off.  What a waste of money.


We are in Texarkana, Ark. now.  We are in a park called Sunrise and it is located just north of Texarkana about 8 miles.  A really great Park and everything works really well.  They have cable, very strong Wi-Fi, 50 amps, and all on a very large pull-through site.  Here are a couple of pictures.




Compared to last night, this is like being in Heaven.  They also gave me a Military discount from my Son.  That is so cool.


I am trying to get my laundry caught up again.  I have really fallen behind on my domestic duties.  I am sure once we reach our final destination, I will get back in the swing of things. 


Want to give you Karen’s address that I failed to give you a couple of days ago.  And, to welcome my newest followers, Randy and Pam.  Welcome aboard all of you, and hope you enjoy the ride.  If you click on their names, you can check out their sites.


I will talk to you again tomorrow, if the Wi-Fi is good.  Stay safe… :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

We Are On The Move


We pulled out of Paducah, Kentucky early this morning, and drove for about 300 miles.  We are spending the night in a small little place outside of Brinkley, Ark., just off of Interstate 40.  It is not a place I would recommend.  It is very run-down, and right after we hooked up to the electric, I started smelling something like an electrical fire.  We unplugged everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary.   The smell went away, so hopefully we got it.  This is the Heritage Inn motel and RV Park.  Avoid it at all costs.


Want to thank my newest follower for coming along for the ride.  Thanks Karen; I couldn’t find a site for you, but if you have one, please share it with me and I will post it.


We had a bit of trouble getting the tires put on the truck.  They arrived right when they were supposed to, and I had set up an appointment with Wal * Mart for 7:00 a.m. the next day.  I talked to them twice on the day the tires arrived, explained the size and type of truck, but when Donnie took it in to have the tires put on, they refused to do it.  Luckily my brother-in-law, Mark knew of another place to get it done, and they took us right in.  What a blessing they were.  They also told us that Wal * Mart does big trucks like ours all the time.  He also told us that nobody really likes doing them because they are a pain in the butt, but apparently someone at Wal * Mart just didn’t want to mess with it.  All turned out in the end and the new place charged us the same as Wal * Mart would have.


I hope to be able to blog on the way to Texas, but getting wifi at some of these Parks is a little iffy.


We had a lot of fun at Dot and Mark’s in Paducah, well actually Symsonia, Kentucky.  We stayed in Paducah, but they live in a small town outside of Paducah.  Dottie cooked us lots of good food, and we watched several good Western movies.  Of course we all reminisced about my brother, Boone.  We laughed, we cried; it’s all part of the grieving process.


Tomorrow we will drive to Texarkana, Ark.  It is right on the border to Texas.  I’m sure there is probably a better route to our destination, but we enjoy this route, and we don’t have to be in a hurry.  I think the trip tomorrow is closer to 200 miles, so won’t take as long.  We are both pooped today, and will probably grab something to eat, watch a little TV, then jump in bed.


I will blog again as soon as possible. :)