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Friday, September 30, 2011

Leaves Are Falling, And So Are My Spirits


I don’t have a whole lot of news to report.  I did see the Specialist on the 26th, but he wants a chance to study my records from my hospital stays, and he wants a chance to more thoroughly read all of the Doctor’s notes.  His educated guess is that it may be IBS, a functional bowel syndrome, or non-ulcer dyspepsia. He has suggested trying a couple of different medications on me, but wishes to wait until he gets all information read.  He also made strong suggestions about stress and anxiety, which he feels brings these conditions on. I know since Donnie’s strokes I have had to do all the driving, and at times this has been very stressful.  Also taking care of someone you love ,and watching them die right before your eyes, has been my hardest challenge in my life.

We did get our remodeling finished, and I have a couple of pictures to share with you.  We also replaced our hide-a-bed couch for a double reclining couch, and we love it.  We also had our dinning chairs and stools recovered.  I had the seat part of all of these covered in a very heavy clear plastic.  We are old, and we dribble, so hope this takes care of being able to wipe them down with no damage to the material.  Some of you may think this is a bit fanatical, but it works for us.  The floor is so much easier for us to take care of.  We just run a swiffer over it every day to stay ahead of our Rusty’s fur. I also  bought a corner desk, which gives us a little more room.




I also would like to welcome my newest followers, and apologize for taking so long to do it.  The first are Carolyn, Pamela, and Ralph.  I couldn’t find sites for you, so please, if you have one, share it with me.  The next is Gail, and then Wendy.  I have not felt like reading blogs for a while, but as soon as possible I will check these two out.

I hate that my blog has turned into a health blog, but wanted to share with you that our hearts have been broken.  Our little Rusty has cancer on his face.  We have been taking him to the vet, and he is doing what he can, but Rusty will probably need surgery.  It is on his face, very close to his nostrils.  So far it hasn’t affected his eating or drinking.  He still is the craziest, wound-up dog he has always been.  I would love to hear from any of you that may have gone through any thing like this with your dog.

Hope all of you have a great fall, and we are still undecided about our future travel plans.  It will all depend on what my Doctors do about this illness.

Stay safe out there.  :)