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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting Started


My Doctor’s office called on Friday evening and moved my appointment up from the 12th to the 25th.  We were going to wait till after the 12th to get started on the flooring, but now have decided to go ahead with it.  We know it is going to be a long, drawn out process, but I think we are up for it.

My grand daughter, Chelsi came over on Friday evening & gave me a crash course in Wii.  I now know how to turn it on, turn it off, and how to load the games.  We also got it online, and we loaded some pictures to the photo part of the Wii.  We also bowled a few games, and I played golf with it yesterday.  Please don’t ask for a score, because it is very embarrassing, to say the least.  At least I do know how to play a couple of games and it doesn’t seem so intimidating now.

Chelsi crashed on the couch Friday night and I got a couple of pictures of her gracefully sleeping till noon.  How can they sleep so many hours?  Not long after she got up and had breakfast, she got a call from her Uncle Quinton to go fishing, so off she went.  She has loved to fish since she was old enough to hold a pole, and she catches a lot when she goes.  Thanks again, Chelsi for all your help.


My son, Jon also took our truck and detailed it for us.  He was really upset with us because there were so many bugs on the front of it.  He says they destroy paint and chrome.  Something about the acid in them.  He did a great job, and yes we will try to do better about knocking the bug guts off of it after each trip.  According to him, our windshield was a mess too.  It looks really good now, but I am not holding out much hope that it will stay that way. It is not one of our top priorities.  We do keep the maintenance up on the engine and transmission and so on, but keeping it spotless is almost impossible.

Here is Longdog2’s site.  She did get back to me with an address, and corrected her dashboard so it could be found. I would also like to welcome new follower Phyllis.  Her and her husband, Leonard are full-timers.  She is from New Jersey, and he is from Louisiana.  Check them out.  She writes a very interesting blog. Also welcome to Michael. He is trying to figure out the full-timing life style.  He is a very talented writer and you won’t be sorry you checked him out.

My best Buddy(Willie), and Herbie(my little brother and her husband), brought me a very large zucchini and a head of cabbage.  I love cooked cabbage so fixed it the next evening for part of our supper.  Thursday I tackled the zucchini, and made six small loaves of bread, and a chocolate cake that she gave me the recipe for.  It is all good, and we will be eating on the bread for a couple of weeks.  It freezes very well, so can be kept that way.  Thanks again guys!!

Rusty has been jumping this same poor, little rabbit ever since we moved to this spot.  All I can say is he must enjoy it, or he would find a different spot in the mornings.


I know that isn’t a very good picture, but the little sh-t won’t sit still long enough for a good picture.  I think he has figured out that Rusty can’t get him, and is just teasing Rusty.

We got lots of rain again on Wednesday or Thursday.  This is hard to understand.  The west is begging for rain, and we are getting it by the buckets full.

Later… :)


michael ultra said...

Thank you for the welcome. I have often pondered the sleep of youth question. I slept as late as Dad would let me.(sometimes tii noon) Yes, I heard you didn't need as much sleep as you aged. I believe it now.

Judy and Emma said...

It would be nice to have grandkids old enough to help with electronic things. Their parents' lives are so busy. :)

Kevin and Ruth said...

Love your header picture! The colour is gorgeous. Looking forward to see how your flooring goes. Kevin is still wanting to tackle ours as well.

Kevin and Ruth

Gypsy said...

Try a moistened Bounce sheet to remove the bugs from the front cap of your 5ver, windshields, radiator, etc. It really works, and if you don't get everything off at least you will get most of it.

We are so fortunate to have young people in our lives - who understand technology and aren't afraid to try new things. Especially when they love the old folks enough to share the knowledge with them!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

We also have a Wii -- of course, our kids had to show us how to use it! Thank goodness for grandkids! Be sure & take before and after pics of your floor.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We carry a Wii that our kids gave us,and it is a lot of fun when we use it, but that does not seem to be very often. I guess it is the hassle of setting it up for a few days and then packing it away for a move.

JoJo said...

It is great to have grandkids who know all this stuff. I was going to buy a small ipod but remembered I am to far from home to get their help to download the music.
Good luck with the floor.

Phyllis said...

Gonna have to try what Gypsy recommended about the Bounce sheets. Our Fiver's front is splattered with Love Bug's that are so prevalent from when we were in Louisiana a couple of months ago. Did a quick wash off, but lots still there.

We love fried cabbage. Shred it, saute in olive oil and sprinkle with caraway seed and maybe some Cajun seasoning.

Levonne said...

How does Chelsi like those shots you took? I'm laughing. How can they sleep so much?!