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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hiking Along The Mighty Ohio River


Sunset Park is a small Park on the other side of the flood wall from Tell City.  It is just a nice little park with picnic tables and a small playground for the kids.  This is where the hiking trail starts and runs along side of the Ohio River for a mile or so.  Tell City has finally gotten better at making places for people to walk and stay fit.  There is also a few benches and a small parking area at both ends of the trail.  We really liked it, and there is some History of the city depicted in murals painted by local artists.


This picture shows some of the murals, and the park along the river. Also bottom right is the new Medical Clinic.


The mural in the right top, shows on the left side, the different floods that Tell City has endured.  The flood wall has pretty much kept the river away from Tell City in recent years.

It was really hot when we were down there walking, and Rusty was panting really hard, so we didn’t stay for a long time, but I am sure we will be going back.

Today we are getting lots of rain, but no storms so far.  It is much, much, much cooler also.  At 11:00am it is only 66*.  I bought Donnie the new “True Grit” movie yesterday, so I think that is what we will be doing this afternoon.

Chelsi and I did go out to the relay on Sat., but because of the B-Day party we had to go to, we didn’t stay.  It was raining and the girls were just getting their booth put together.  It doesn’t start till 2:00pm now, and is over early on Sunday morning.  The girls told me today they did manage to do $3,800.00, but they really had to work hard for what they made for the Cancer Foundation.  They said that every year less and less people get involved.  This is just my opinion, and I know we all have one, but I think more and more people are figuring out that more money is going to the people running these foundations, than to the research that everyone hopes its going to. Just sayin…..

We did go to Mason’s Birthday party and we all had a great time.  That kid got so many pool toys.  It will take him all summer to play with them.  And, of course they will all stay at Grandma’s house, cause she has the pool.  We had a really good meal of fried chicken, potato salad,  and a very large selection of fresh fruits.  Fruits were my favorite part.  And, he had a very pretty Mickey Mouse cake, in fact 2 cakes, but I only took a picture of one of them.




A good time was had by all, and especially Rusty.  He loves going out to Shannon and Mark’s house.  They have 3 little dogs and he just runs and plays till he is all tuckered out.  Good for him I think.

The only other news I have is about our floors.  They are supposed to start working on them in a week or so.  I sure hope so, because we are leaving for Colorado on the 30th of this month, and I would like to get it done before we leave.  I have the vinyl picked out that they will lay, so the guy laying it is the only hold up.

Stay safe and cool…. :)


Judy and Emma said...

That pool sure looks inviting. Did you take a dip?

Happytrails said...

What a fun birthday part!! Love that cake!
Your collage of pictures are great. Love the murals....they are such a great way of depicting history!
Take care!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Looks like a great birthday party, Rigg's likes to go anywhere with people or other dogs, makes no difference to him he's a social lion. Glad to see your feeling better and having fun. Sam & Donna....

Carol K said...

That looks like it was one fine birthday party!

Mac said...

Ahhh cool weather with rain. Please send it down here to central TX.

Looks like a lot of fun there and a great sounding park.


Mac & Dianna

Sue and Doug said...

great day for a pool party!!!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great header picture!

Rick and Paulette said...

Great looking party and lots of terrific photos in those collages.

I really like the header photo too - it's pretty awesome!

*The Old Geezer said...

Fun looking party :-)

By the way, I still think the original True Grit with John Wayne is the best.


Great header photo for sure:))