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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Social Butterflies


That is what we felt like this week end.  We went to Herb and Willie’s on Saturday evening and played dominoes for the evening.  We only stopped long enough to eat a bite, and then we were right back at it.  I think all of our butts were numb by the time we got through.  We had a blast though, and we are supposed to go to Leitchfield, Kentucky with them tomorrow.  There is a big yard sale type thing down there every Wednesday morning, and there are a couple of small flea markets to look around in too.

Sunday we spent the day and evening at my daughter Shannon’s house.  All the grandkids and my son and his family were all there.  We had a great cook-out and then played games until late in the evening.  My grand daughter's birthday is tomorrow, but her Mom and Dad are throwing her a sweet sixteen party on the following Saturday at her Aunt Shannon’s house.  She wants to be able to swim with her friends, and Aunt Shannon has a pool.  It is up to me to get all the girls there for the party.  This will be lots of fun, but kids really wear me out lately.  Especially the ones that are old enough to talk back.

I saw another friend at Wal-Mart this morning.  Marilyn has been a friend for 50 years.  She has moved to Kentucky, but was in Tell City doing some shopping.  She has had some health issues for the last few days.  She got ready for bed a few nights ago, sat down on the bed, and for no reason fell to the floor and hit her head.  She didn’t say, but I am assuming she blacked out.  She went to the hospital and they kept her for a couple of days.  They ran all kinds of tests, but still can’t tell her what caused it.  I am praying it is nothing too serious.

Yesterday we were invited out to the Winter home place.  Donnie’s sister in California owns the home place, but, Lois his younger sister lives there right now.  Her and her husband have been separated for over 20 years.  One lives on top of the hill and the other lives down in the valley, past our old place.  It seems to work for them, so more power to them.  Anyway, they had a cook-out for her Husband’s family, and Donnie’s family.  I finally remembered to take my camera yesterday.  I have been forgetting it pretty often.  Got a few pictures of all the kids swimming, and a few of the boys fishing.  They caught several big bass, but I didn’t get a picture of that.  I also got a picture of Rusty enjoying his freedom.  When we take him to the country with us we let him off his leash, and he just runs and runs.  There is also a picture of a fire pit where one of the guys made an up-side-down , pineapple cake.  It was delish.  The house and barns in the background are of Donnie’s  home place where he and all his siblings grew up.



Don’t forget that you can click on the pictures to make them larger.

That’s it for our busy week end.  Hope everyone remembers the reason for this holiday, and said a prayer for our fallen troops as well as the ones still in harms way.

Later…. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog Spot


Can someone tell me what the heck is going on with Blogger?  I have now lost my followers and my recent comments…  I have had trouble with it for over a week now.  Did every thing everyone suggested, but still acting up.  HELP…….

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Stuff


Make sure you say a prayer for all the families in Missouri, Oklahoma, and all other States that have been so devastated with these Spring storms.  We had a scare last night in our neck of the woods, but it ended up being some straight-line winds and lots of rain.  Bloomington and Bedford, Indiana did get some serious damage, but no loss of life.  We are still getting rain today.  Our patio was destroyed.  The plants were all carried out in the yard.  One table I had on the patio was missing, and we didn’t find it till this afternoon on the other side of the park.  Our outside carpet was clear across the yard.  Right now it is pouring again.  My weather radio didn’t shut off, it was just one warning after another till 10:00pm last night.  I for one will be glad when all of this Spring weather is behind us.  I spent part of the evening at my son, Jon’s house.  He has a basement to get into.  The beautiful yellow lily my grandson and his wife got me for Mother’s day was also destroyed.

Here is the site for one of my followers trailer camper.  He has a very interesting site.  Pheba  has also joined us for the ride.  I couldn’t find a site for you.  If you have one, please let me know and I will add it here.  Another follower is ain’t for city gals. This amazing person revamps little RV’s and makes beautiful little homes out of them.  Check it out.  It is really interesting.

Like everyone else, I have been having trouble leaving comments.  I got a couple of tips about how to get around this, and so far it has worked.  Thanks for your tips.  You know who you are!! :)

I won’t bore you with my health situation anymore, but it is very puzzling to me that one day I feel fine and have all kinds of energy, and the next I have to drag this old body around all day.

I did manage to get the fridge defrosted and yesterday we cleaned the whole trailer and caught up all the laundry.  It feels good to have everything all done at once. We also got the windows washed one day last week.

Tuesday evening, Don and I, Herb and Willie, and Joe and Boots all went out to eat at Ponderosa.  We all ate from the buffet and had loads of fun talking and getting caught up with all the family stuff.  We later went back to Joe and Boot’s house to introduce them to Pegs and Jokers.  We had such a great time and now we are planning to do this  once a week.

I ran down to the Goodwill store a little while ago and bought a whole bag of toys for Rusty to destroy.  I got six toys for $1.82.  It won’t take him long to tear them up, but at least my Frugal side won’t hurt as bad, and it looked like they had a pretty big bunch of them.

We took Rusty to the vet’s office this morning and got some Frontline and heart pills for him.  He weighs a whopping 18 pounds now, and the Vet said he doesn’t think he will get much larger.  He thinks he will top out at well under 25 pounds.  He eats pretty good and seems to be healthy.  He is still really wild acting when someone comes to the RV, but were told that is just the puppy in him.

Later… :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hanging In There


Want to welcome my newest follower, Michael.  I didn’t see a site for you.  If you have one please let me know and I will put it up.  Thanks for following along, and hope to hear from you often. 

There is not a whole lot of news.  I had to go back and see the Doctor on Friday and have another test.  My EKG was fine, but I am still having some skipped heart beats.  He wants me to remain on this dosage for another week, and if this doesn’t solve the skipping problem, he will put me on an additional heart med.  The test on my neck didn’t really show anything, just some slight build-up in my right side, but the tech said it was nothing that would require surgery or meds.  A bit of good news for a change.  I am supposed to let my daughter know next Tuesday, she is also my nurse, if I think I need additional meds or if it is ok.  If it is ok, I don’t go back till July 6th.  The blood test for Coumadin will continue for a while though.

Since we know we will be here all summer, we are trying to make our home a little more homey.  I bought a couple of green plants, and Donnie planted a couple of tomatoes in pots today.  Some of you asked for pictures, so I will add this one collage.  Keep in mind that this is a mobile home park, not an RV Park, and from what we have heard around town, she usually only rents spaces for permanent, leased spots, but I talked to her in person, and explained what was going on, and she agreed to let us have a spot. We do feel fortunate, and are very happy just to have a spot.


The pictures above show Donnie planting his baby tomatoes, our patio, a couple of plants I bought, and our surrounding area.  Bottom right, way in the back is the graveyard where Donnie’s parents are buried.  The tomatoes, BTW, are Brandywine, a very old heirloom, Amish variety.  We grew a lot of them at our house in the country.

We also bought a new mattress for our bed.  A pillow-top.  I hope we don’t regret this.  We both have back trouble sometimes and usually sleep on a firm mattress, but have wanted to try one of these for a while, so we shall see. Bless my little brother’s heart.  He and my best Buddy pulled up when we got home with it, and Herbie helped Donnie get the old one out, and the new one in.  We took the old one to my daughter’s house for one of her spare rooms.

We also finally got in contact with the man that is going to lay our new floor.  He is going to find out from his distributor if laminate will work in here, or if we need vinyl.  I really don’t care which, I just want something easy to keep clean and neat.

One other thing I want to see about while we are here, is getting our dinning room chairs recovered, or getting new ones.  There really isn’t anything wrong with the structure part of the chairs, but the material on them has really started to wear.  I had some of my chairs, out in the country redone, and the people that did it are still in business so that is where I will go to get it done.

We also got Donnie’s TV all hooked-up and my internet is lightening speed now.  All of this doesn’t come cheap, but worth it to us.

We ran into my oldest brother, Joe and his wife, Boots today while we were looking for some new dog toys.  They have a little Maltese, so know all about the dog toys.  We have agreed to go to their house on Tuesday evening for dinner and games.  It should be fun.  They love Mexican Train also.

Forgot to mention that the Doctor also told me about something to get for my sinuses.  It is called a Neti Pot.  REALLY??? He says they really work, and he thinks it will help me with my allergies.  He really doesn’t want me on any kind of sinus meds. right now.  I found one of them, but haven’t tried it yet.  I will let you know if it works.


Isn’t that the weirdest thing?  I just crack-up every time I  look at it, but if it works :))))

We did go to Red Lobster for lunch on Friday.  I had a coupon, and I love their shrimp salad and soup lunch.  I had the best potato soup with my salad, and Donnie had chicken.  It was all good, but their garlic biscuits are the best.

I am getting all kinds of birds at my feeders again.  I think this always makes you feel warm and at home.

Later… Stay safe..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Tests


Want to welcome my newest follower, trailercamper.  I will get caught up on his site as soon as I can.  It looks very interesting.  Check it out!!

Not much going on here.  I have been going in every Monday for a blood test, and so far my Coumadin dosage is correct.  Not so lucky with my heart meds.  My Doctor raised my dosage from 80mg to 120mgs, twice a day.  I sure hope this works.  I have to go back in Friday for yet another EKG, and then into the hospital for a Carotid Duplex scan.  Sometimes I am seeing the Doctor twice a week, but I know he is only trying to help me. :)

A big congrats goes out to my nephew, Tony in California.  He has just graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital entertainment and game design.  He and his wife, Dr. Erin Marchand, and their daughter, Leah, and unborn child will be headed for either Japan or England for her internship through the service.  We are all praying for England… :)


Tony, Erin and Leah.

We have been walking again, and here in Tell City they have a fitness walk that we have been taking.  It is a mile long and at the end is the Dog Park, so if Rusty isn’t already worn out, we can turn him loose in the Park and let him romp to his hearts content…  I took a couple of pictures to share with you.


The honey suckle is in full bloom and so are the wild roses.  It all smelled so good on our walk.


The trail is built along Windy Creek, but it has had to be dredged so much that it really isn’t pretty anymore.  It used to create a lot of flooding in different neighborhoods in town, that’s why all the dredging took place.  The dog park is bottom left.

A man is coming today to hook Donnie’s TV up to a digital box, so he can receive all the stations that I am getting.  He is also going to setup my router for me.  We tried, but I don’t think that Comcast is recognizing it or something.

We also have a man looking at the RV today to see if he thinks we can get laminate flooring in here, or if we will need to go with vinyl.  I really don’t care which, I just want something easier to take care of.  Wish us luck.

It is so good to see that Gypsy is back on the road, and I sure hope Judy is doing better by today.  Both of these girls are so brave to do all that they do alone.  I am not sure I would be that strong. 

You all take care and I will catch you later….. :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Little Move


We made a small move to town yesterday.  Only a matter of 10 miles, but now we have full hook-ups at 50amp instead of 30amp at Shannon and Mark’s house.  We loved being out there, but it took forever to dry clothes, and I would have to turn everything off in order to run the air.  My convection oven would only run at full power if everything else was off so, this will be a little better.  I already miss them though.  Mark helped us with the move and backed us right in to our spot.  We are putting up some final things today.  Hope to get some rope lights for around the patio, and maybe a couple of potted plants to make it feel homey.  I am going to get one of the beautiful butterflies that change color at night.  They are solar powered and I will get a picture of it when I get it up and working.

We had a great time yesterday evening.  Herb, my younger brother, and Willie, his wife and my best Buddy, invited us over for supper and games.  We played Mexican Train till we could all tell it was past our bedtime.  She made a wonderful supper of fried chicken, mashed taters, green beans and mac and cheese.  She made the best gravy.  She uses her potato water and makes a rue in the skillet she fried the chicken in.  She pours all or most of the grease off first.  Yum, Yum!!  She also made a cake that I had gotten a recipe for while in Texas, and it was to die for.  Thanks Herb and Willie for a great evening… :)

We are having cable and internet hooked-up today.  We feel like we will probably be here through the summer, and we want to enjoy our time here.  My heart had gotten back in sinus rhythm, but has already jumped out again.  Shannon talked to my Doctor about it, and he told me not to worry, that they would be adjusting my meds to get the best result for me.  Everyone is different and it takes a while to get it right.  Got good news about my eyes on Tuesday.  My pressure is back down and the headaches have let up a lot.  Also the Coumadin level seems to be working for me, but from what I understand, it may need adjusting down the road.  Things are starting to look up for me.

Want to welcome my newest follower, my beautiful daughter, Shannon.  It really does my heart good when my kids take the time to read what I have to say.  It is a great compliment as a Mother.  I am so very proud of both of my kids, and all three of my step-kids.  I love you all!!

I talked to a friend of our family this morning, who also happens to own a floor-laying business.  She is going to send one of her crew around to talk to us about laying some new flooring for us.  This old carpet is wearing me out, and I am so ready for it to be gone.  I am thinking some kind of vinyl would be best with a dog.  I could just run a Swiffer over it every morning, and damp mop when it needs it.  I had it in my dinning room, kitchen and sunroom in the stick house, and it was so easy to take care of.

Gotta run and get some laundry done.  Later… :)

P.S.  Don’t know what is going on with blogger, but I had to repost my blog and lost all of the comments.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thank You All


Thank you all so very much.  We have decided to do what most of you have said we should do.  We have found a spot here in Tell City to park our RV, and we will just ride out the storm.  It is nothing fancy, just a trailer park, but it will do till we can decide about full-timing, or not.  The closest regular RV Park is about 35 or 40 miles away, that’s why we settled for this spot.  It has all the hook-ups, and they pay water, sewage, and trash pick-up.  We pay for our heat and electricity.  Hang on to your hats, it’s $125.00 a month.  A little old lady runs it, and she even says it is too cheap, but hates to raise her rates.  Also, my niece has a fenced in back yard that I can let Rusty run in.   Her house is just a few blocks away from us. There are also paved walking trails that we can walk, and we can take Rusty with us. 

Having my daughter, Shannon, who is also my nurse now, close by will be a blessing.  I will also get to see my son, daughter-in-law, and my beautiful grand daughter, Chelsi a lot.  Me and my best Buddy will get to do more things together.  She is married to my little brother, and I also have another sister and brother here to spend time with.  I am sure the time will go fast.  We played games last Sunday on Shannon’s family day, and hope to be a big part of those days.


Here are Chelsi and her BFF, Jessie.  I had just sent Chelsi back home in Jokers and Pegs.


Shannon and her hubby, Mark.  I think Mark looks way to serious.


Chelsi with her hair down.


Chelsi with her BFF, Jessie.

Going to get off of here.  Have to get ready to go get another EKG.  I have lost count on the number of tests and retests I have had.  Again, thank you all so much for your input, and would still love hearing from more of you about my health situation.  :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trying To Decide


Welcome to my newest follower, trustnoone1018.  I did not see a site for you, but if you have one, please let me know, and I will share it with my readers. Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the ride.

I went back to the Heart Doctor yesterday and found out what is wrong with me.  I have a leak in my Mitral valve and I also have Atrial-Fib.  He immediately put me on Coumadin.  So, this blood thinner requires that for the first few weeks you have blood tests ever so often.  I think he said at least once a week.  After a while they will get me regulated on this med., but I will still have to have a blood test once a month.  We could do this on the road, but if something would be wrong, I would have to hurry and get back to my Doctor, so, this is our dilemma.   He has also put me on Sotalol, 80mg twice a day to help regulate my mitral valve and my a-fib. We are hoping this will do the trick, but are not sure yet.

Another problem with my health has cropped up also.  I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but I have Glaucoma.  I went to see the Optometrist, at my daughter’s urging.  I had developed a really bad floater in my right eye, and it basically left me blind in one eye.  The Doctor did several tests, and discovered that my pressure was way over the top.  So, I have lost part of the sight in my right eye.  A tear in my retina was also mentioned.  Also my cataracts on both eyes have gotten much worse.  I have to go back next Tuesday for another check up.  He put me on stronger drops and wants to see if it is working and he is also going to do a scan of my optic nerve the same day.  I also had to get new glasses, and the Doctor hinted that he wouldn’t be pulling a 38’ 5th wheel with my eye sight.

This is where we are today.  Trying to decide if we give up living full time, and get a house or someplace to live, or do we ride out the storm here at my daughter’s house and decide later.  My nerves are screaming out, “make up your mind”, but my heart is saying, “ I don’t want to quit”.  I must confess, I would be under a lot less stress if I were here with my own Doctors’, and family. We did a lot of traveling before without the RV.  We could still go places and do things, but just not in the RV.

There is one more very large problem I have.  The eye Doctor wants me to limit my time on the computer to just a couple hours a day.  Preferably an hour in the morning and one later in the day.  This is a real bummer… I love computer games.

I know that everyone out there has an opinion, and I would love it if I could hear them all.  Help me decide what I need to do.  Please… :(